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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Giant Rat King

“Hmm, I dont really know how to quantify my strength right now.” Jake tilted his head and grinned. “But I did feel that Im stronger than when I first realized that I have power, though. I can last longer and the effect of these metals spike are much better.”

“These crystals should be able to be absorbed.” Kyle pointed at the crystal he had just collected and handed to Kate to store. “But its not known whether theres any side effect or not.”

Kate, who had just touched the clear crystal, nearly wanted to throw these crystals away when she heard them.

He didnt know whether theres any side effect or not.

But he had been giving these crystals to her from time to time.

Was this not turning her into guinea pig



Kyle rubbed Kates head to soothe her. Having a little cat understand his speech made him feel a bit strange and at the same time, he knew that it was also a good thing. At the very least, he would only feel that there was a little kid in his team now.

Well, the kid is a bit annoying at times, though.


The cat was not convinced and slapped Kyles hand in indignation.

Kate wanted to scold Professor Kyle even more.

“She sure had temper.” Jake laughed when he saw Kyle was being despised by a little cat. It was rare to see Kyle being so helpless like this yet he couldnt really do anything to the little cat.

Tsk, tsk.


Dylan didnt say anything at this moment and used his ability to drown a giant rat that appeared from the tunnel in front of them. The water channel was so big and vast that it was difficult for them to even know how many rats were here.

“Hey, hey, youre not letting us perform at all.” Jake protested.

Kyle glanced at Jake. “Keep the crystals that you can use. The ones we use to submit for the missions shall be the crystals that we cant use.”

“Its good.” Jake nodded.

There were several colors of the crystals. They only have four elements , so the other crystals were not of much use to them. It could be used to submit to the soldiers above.

“I wonder when the nation will begin to analyze the rise in strength and formally introduce the ranking.” Jake was more curious about this as he continued to walk forward.

“It should be soon.”

“Good then. I want to know my rank.” Jake grinned.

Splash! Splash!


They heard scream from the front and quickened their pace. On the other hand, Kate curled up her body inside the pocket with only half of her head peeked out. She was both afraid and curious.

Of course, she will never try to challenge them on her own.

Being only a little cat with no battle power, Kate would only court death if she were to participate in the battle.


They reached an intersection and saw a rat that was bigger than the other rats they found on the way and their eyes widened in surprise.

“This is Giant Rat King.” Kyle frowned. “Prepare for battle.”

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“Got it.”


Dylan immediately took a gun while Jake controlled the metal around him and formed two metal spears.

They were ready for battle.



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