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When the tigress came out, her movements were vigilant and her dangerous and barbaric gaze swept across every student present.

Everyone was so frightened that they kept retreating.

Even the teacher standing in front of Gu Nuoer and talking just now had quietly retreated to a corner.

His legs were trembling as he walked close to the wall.

Jiang Xiaoran hid behind Ye Siming and Gu Nuoer.

His voice trembled.

“This is an adult white tiger.

Are you sure she wont hurt anyone”

Ye Siming was not afraid at all.

He only took half a step forward and hid the child behind him, allowing only half of her face to be revealed.

He said coldly to Jiang Xiaoran, “If youre afraid, hide in a corner.

There are so many people here.

If she wants to eat someone, she wont eat you first.”

Jiang Xiaoran pondered.

That made sense.

If the white tiger pounced over, Ye Siming would definitely not let the tiger hurt the princess.

Moreover, the imperial guards would also protect the princesss safety immediately.

Thinking of this, Gu Nuoers side seemed to be the most reassuring!

Jiang Xiaoran immediately said seriously, “Im not going anywhere! Im determined to cozy up to the princess!”

Ye Siming glanced at him coldly.

Jiang Xiaoran tactfully changed his words.

“I wont cozy up…”

As the white tiger got closer and closer to the crowd, everyone was still a little afraid.

From time to time, they would let out soft gasps.

There were also a few who were afraid of getting hurt and turned to escape.

However, most people still wanted to stay and see who had stolen the little white tiger.

Gu Nuoer said in a soft voice, “Elder Sister Xie Liuhua, I wont say anything next, lest you say that I was the one who asked big meow to pounce on you.

Whether you had stolen little meow or not, let big meow be the one to prove it.”

After saying that, the child turned to the tigress.

“Big meow, quickly go and smell who took little meow away.

Lets not hold back with her!”

The tigress first walked to Yun Linzhous side and carefully sniffed his clothes.

Yun Linzhou was probably not afraid because he was a fool.

Instead, he smiled foolishly.

“Its a big tiger!”

He reached out his hand, wanting to touch the tigresss head.

However, as if he was despised by the female tiger, the latter dodged perfunctorily.

When everyone saw that Yun Linzhou had become the number one person to escape from the tigers mouth, they could not help but be a little surprised.

It turned out that this white tiger looked fierce but was really well-trained.

The tigress didnt even look at the others since the princess didnt allow her to casually hurt others.

At this moment, the tigress slowly approached Xie Liuhua.

Xie Liuhua was so frightened that her lips trembled and her face turned pale.

Xie Liuhua didnt expect Gu Nuoer to have such a move!

This princess was only three years old, but her methods were so ruthless!

This simple and crude method was exactly the same as the emperor!

Xie Liuhua moved her feet as if she wanted to escape.

However, her legs went limp from fear.

There was no one around to help her.

When the tigress came over, she sniffed Xie Liuhuas dress.

Immediately, the big white tigers expression became a little terrifying.

She slowly bared her teeth and lowered her upper body, letting out an aggressive beast roar.

The surrounding students immediately exclaimed—

“This white tiger understands humans! Looks like Xie Liuhua must have carried the little white tiger away!”

Even though the white tiger looked like she was about to attack Xie Liuhua, Gu Nuoer still had her hands behind her back.

Her round and fair face looked calm.

She kept to her words and really didnt say another word.

Jiang Xiaoran broke out in cold sweat.

His Sister Nuo was really strong…

At this moment, the big white tiger suddenly pounced forward and pressed her two paws firmly on Xie Liuhuas shoulders.

She opened her beast mouth and roared deafeningly at Xie Liuhuas face.

The surrounding students all thought that the white tiger was going to eat someone and screamed in fear.

The scene became chaotic.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer said softly, “Big meow~”

When the white tiger heard her young masters call, her action of wanting to bite Xie Liuhuas neck stopped.

She then slowly backed off but kept her tiger gaze on Xie Liuhua.

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