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I will kill myself.


Spring of the second year of high school.

I, Rin Kuromine confessed to my childhood friend, who I have been friends with since I was a child.

Until the lower grades of elementary school we took baths together and vowed to stay like that in the future.

In junior high school and high school, nothing changed, and we still went to and from school together.

We were always together and were often treated as a couple by the people around us.

At this point, who wouldn’t be convinced that it’s a two-way street

At least I was.

That’s why I confessed to my childhood friend.

As I moved up to my second year of high school …

But what about the result


I never saw Rin-chan as a member of the opposite sex.

That! What’s that!

You don’t see me as the opposite sex, what’s that!

I was thinking so much about us!

After dating, we would go to various places, holding hands, where we would play …

While we were both excited, we would have our first time…

Eventually, getting married, living together as a married couple, having children, and so much more!

And yet… it’s awful.

[I don’t see you as the opposite sex.]

Am I an amphibian Do I really have a human body

Gero Gero.

“I can’t really find any worth in living anymore.”

I really liked my childhood friend.

I thought it was mutual.

I thought I was winning the war, but I was not only losing the war, I had lost long before the fight even began.

Yes Seppuku ~ Seppuku ~.

“I don’t care anymore.

My life is **.”

I want to escape this painful feeling.

I decided to commit suicide.

It’s currently 9 pm.

In search of a suicide place that no one could find, I was riding my bicycle towards the mountains.

It’s three hours away from home.

I’m not going home anymore.


Pedaling hard to climb the slope surrounded by trees.

The whole area is dark and there is no way to get a better visibility.

Only the bicycle’s light can be relied on.


“Yeah, I’m thirsty … I’ll die.”

I have been riding my bike like an idiot, and haven’t stopped sweating.

Every single one of my cells want water.

Is there a vending machine somewhere …

Thinking so, as I was riding my bicycle along with a ‘Toro Toro’, I saw a light a little further away.

That is a convenience store.

To think there is a convenience store in such a place.

I feel like I’ve been saved.

It’s like a person lost in the desert discovered an oasis.

I aim for the convenience store in a rush.

No car parked in the parking lot.

There is only one bicycle parked in one corner.

At this time of day, no customers will come to a convenience store in the mountains.

And It’s far from the residential area.

I stop my bicycle and head to the convenience store.

Passing through the automatic door, a pleasant cold air pierced my body.

Kuu, it’s the best!


The girl at the cash register looks at me.

She …… looks kind of plain.

It’s hard to see her face with the big glasses on the messy brown hair.

Moreover, she is hunched over, looking like she is depressing.

Giving a gloomy atmosphere.

“Gut! Uh …!”

How is that possible

Suddenly my stomach hurts like hell!

“I’m sorry.

I need to use the bathroom…!”

“Feel free.”

I refused the clerk and rushed to the bathroom.

It was about to leak.

Huh, it was refreshing.

It was a fierce battle that lasted nearly 20 minutes, but I managed to win.

What am I doing …

I came to the mountain with the intention of suiciding, but I ended up to a convenience store in search of water …

Am I not cycling after being dumped by my childhood friend

Ah, yabe.

I’m feeling the worst.

When I remembered being shaken by my childhood friend, I suddenly want to die.

Somehow, I feel lethargic about everything … my emotions are dying.

Let’s buy a drink and go find a place to die.

It was when I got out of the bathroom, after washing my hands, and going to the drink corner.

“Hey! Give me the money fast! I’ll kill you!”

I heard the hoarse voice of an old man.



I don’t give a damn.

I go to the cash register with a sports drink in my hand.

Then, a fat man wearing a knit cap and a mask was pointing a knife at the cashier girl.

“Come on, give the damn money!”

“Huh … oh, uh … gusu … higu”

The clerk was so terrified that she started trembling and sobbing, desperately manipulating the cash register with her shaking hands and trying to take out the money.

There are only coins in that hand.

“Oh, that … higu … this, this …”

“Ah ⁉︎ Everything! Give me Everything! What are you doing giving me the coins!! Give me the ten thousand bills!”

“Huh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! … Gus …!”

The clerk, who was screamed at by the man, finally fell into tears.

Ah, you poor thing.

I wonder if it will be my turn any time soon.

I’ve been lined up behind the Ossan since a while ago, but what should I do with this

The next moment, the old man turns around and looks at me.

I bow my head reflexively.

“Oh, Hello.”

“Hello … WHHHAAAT⁉︎”

The surprised voice of Ossan spreads throughout the store.

Shut up.

Damn my ears.

“Hey, what are you doing Your voice is loud.”

“My voice is loud ! AAahh ! What are you doing here! Where did you come from!”

“I was in the toilets.

The toilets.”

“Oh the toilet … not! Don’t you get the situation you’re in ⁉︎”

“I know.

Ossan is robbing the convenience store, right”

“So you get It! How are you this calm! Are you a member of the special forces ⁉︎”

“No, I’m a high school boy looking for a place to suicide.”

“So dark!!!”

Somehow, the tension is high.

I’m going to commit suicide from now on, you know

Please be a little more reserved.

The clerk is true to herself and keeps crying, “su… gussu …”.

“Hey, you little **! Are you **ing kidding me⁉︎”


“You think I can’t kill you”

The old man was so pissed off that he ended up pointing the knife at me.

In the past, I would have been so freaked out that I would have pissed, but now that i’ve fallen in a state of limbo, I can’t think of anything other than “Oh, he’s pointing a knife.”

“I’ll kill you!”

“You will”


An Ossan who makes a stupid voice.

“Come on, kill me.

I just told you.

I’m looking for a place to kill myself.”

“No, no, you! That’s too easy.”

“I lost my family in a car accident, and my childhood friend, who was my only source of comfort, dumped me …… I just hate my life.”

“No, kid … Seriously.”

“If you’re going to do this, do it quickly.

And after you kill me, don’t touch the clerk.

If you harm the clerk, I’m going to haunt you, Ossan.”

Helping the clerk is the last good thing I can do.

I stare at the old man’s face.

I stepped forward, the tip of the knife that was stuck to my abdomen.

“Kill me.”

“Ku, oh … oh!”


“Guu … I can’t do it!”

When he shouted, Ossan dropped the knife and ran out of the convenience store.

Come on…… damn it.

I thought I could save myself the trouble of finding a place to die.

A shame, I put a sports drink at the cash register.

“… Gus … Hiku … u-um”

“Scan it please.”

“Y-you … Kuromine … right”


It surprised me! To think the clerk would call out my name!

“… hum, I … in the same class … Hoshimiya, Ayana … but”


Ayana Hoshimiya is a cute gal in the same class as me.

Contrary to her flashy appearance, She is a serious and popular schoolgirl at heart.

I stare at the clerk’s face carefully.

It was hard to tell with the messy brown hair and glasses, but the outline was certainly the same and I could somehow see tell her face.

“… Hum, sorry but… until the store manager comes … can you stay”


“That’s … because it’s a rule … They’re going to ask you a lot of questions.”

“Oh … I understand.”

It’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped.

I can’t bother Hoshimiya.

I nodded reluctantly.




If someone wants to take up the translation, BE MY GUEST !!!

I only did this chapter because i really liked it.


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