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The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate Chapter 30 - Human Trafficking Case

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Chapter 30: Human Trafficking Case

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The stall owner replied nervously, “Sir, no. If we saw someone like that, we would definitely tell you.”

Then, he asked. “Sir, whats going on Is there a human trafficker in Yong County”

The officer nodded. “Since May, three children under the age of two have been kidnapped, and the human trafficker is very skilled and sneaky. Everyone who has children at home, be careful.”

Once the children were taken, the possibility of finding them was very low.

If they could find them, the children might already be a corpse. If they couldnt, they didnt know what it would be like for the children.

Upon hearing this, the stall owners nearby started to worry, because they all had a child at home.

The officer sighed and continued. “As far as I know, the missing children are all girls. I dont know if the human trafficker only kidnaps girls, but its never wrong to be careful.”

The stall owners heaved a sigh of relief. “This is too scary. Sir, you have to catch the human trafficker as soon as possible. People like them deserve to be beheaded right on the spot.”

Women spent ten months carrying a child, but the human trafficker just kidnapped them like that. From then on, the mothers and children would never see each other again. They wouldnt even know if their baby was dead or alive.

The officers hated human traffickers the most. If they caught them, they would be severely punished.

The Imperial Court also hated human traffickers. Once they were caught, they would surely receive capital punishment..

After questioning, the officer left.

Liu Sanniang frowned and could not help but think of the girl who came to get the basket earlier.

She left the stall and without a moment of hesitation, Liu Sanniang went straight to the government office.

She thought that she would never enter the government office again.

But she did not expect to come back so soon.

She told the guard that she had a clue about the human trafficker.

The guard immediately let her in.

When Officer Zhou saw Liu Sanniang, he was a little surprised. “Miss Liu.”

Liu Sanniang was a little embarrassed. “Officer Zhou!”

Officer Zhou smiled. “I was a little rude last time. Im sorry. Miss Liu, please dont mind it.”

At first, Officer Zhou thought of using all kinds of methods to get Liu Sanniang to help him find his daughter. However, later on, he thought it through.

Liu Sanniang was just a girl. She had her own way of doing things and he shouldnt be too selfish.

Liu Sanniang was still a little embarrassed. She looked at Officer Zhou and suddenly frowned. “Officer Zhou, you…”

It had only been a month since they last met, but why was there a strange black aura around Officer Zhou

Liu Sanniang was panicky for a moment before regaining her composure.

Seeing the black aura around Officer Zhou, she immediately understood that she had become stronger.

Liu Sanniang recalled the dream she had a few days ago and wondered if the dream was true.

Buddhist light and scriptures.

At the thought of this, Liu Sanniangs face turned pale.

Officer Zhou was a little anxious. “Miss Liu, are you alright Should we call a doctor”

Liu Sanniang shook her head. “Im fine. I have something to tell Magistrate Wei. Perhaps I can provide him with some clues.”

Officer Zhou was delighted. He quickly led her in without a second thought.

Because of the human trafficking cases, Wei Shilai hadnt been able to sleep for past few days. Under his management, the small town had always been peaceful and never seen anything like this before.

The fire at the mortuary almost caused him to lose his post. Shortly after that happened, these human trafficking cases emerged.

There were already three cases in the town, but what about the other villages

Officer Zhou brought Liu Sanniang into the inner hall. “Sir, someone came to provide clues.”

Wei Shilai rubbed his forehead. “Quick, invite the person in.”

When he raised his head and saw Liu Sanniang, Wei Shilai was delighted. “Miss Liu.”

Liu Sanniang smiled as well. “Greetings, Magistrate Wei.”

Wei Shilai got up from his seat. “Miss Liu, are you here to provide clues This case is really giving me a headache.”

It was unknown if the human trafficker wanted money or was simply taking revenge on the rich, but the targeted families were all rich with powerful backgrounds. If the daughter of a rich family was lost, the family would put pressure on the government to find their missing children.

Liu Sanniang told him about Liu Dalangs blind date. After saying that, she added. “Im not sure if my speculation is true, but she seems suspicious.”

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Wei Shilai smiled gratefully. “Miss Liu, thank you. Were already very grateful that you can give us a hint.”

As long as there was a clue, he knew where to begin.

Moreover, according to Liu Sanniang, the woman holding the child was indeed very suspicious. Although he was not sure, this was the most useful clue at the moment.

Wei Shilai immediately instructed his men to investigate. Then, he smiled apologetically at Liu Sanniang. “Miss Liu, please bring your eldest brother to the government office. He has seen that woman up close. He might have some useful information.”

Liu Sanniang thought for a moment and nodded.

She was sure that the woman was not there for the blind date.

Liu Sanniang left the government office and went home.

However, on the way, she found some notices.

They were posted by the rich families whose children were missing.

This incident created a huge unrest among the commoners.

Families that were considered rich had already hired skilled guards to protect their children.

When Liu Sanniang returned home, Liu Erlang was already back. He asked. “Sanniang, is First Brother alright”

Liu Erlang also saw the woman carrying the basket away with a child and felt strange. His mother probably wouldnt find a girl who already had a child for his eldest brother.

Liu Erlang felt bad for Liu Dalang. He couldnt stand this humiliation, let alone Liu Dalang, who watched the woman put the child in the basket and walked away.

Liu Sanniang said, “There must be something wrong. Well know when Mother comes back.”

Liu Sanniang was also a little worried. Such a thing had never happened in her previous life. Now that it happened, would it ruin her brothers marriage

Just as Liu Erlang was about to agree, the door was pushed open and Liu Dalang came in with a skinny boy.

Liu Dalang carried the boy back to his room and said to Liu Sanniang without looking back, “Sanning, hurry up and get some syrup.”

At this moment, someone ran in and said anxiously, “No need, there is no need.”

Seeing that the boy was taken inside by Liu Dalang, the woman was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Liu Sanniang had already rushed to the kitchen. She put two spoonfuls of sugar into water and came out with it. She smiled and said, “Miss, take a seat first. Dont worry. Its alright.”

Liu Sanniang smiled. Her sincere smile comforted the woman.

Liu Sanniang did not expect her future sister-in-law, Tang An, to come to her house in such a way.



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