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Zhang Fangyuan shouted twice at the top of his voice.

    "It's the first time I come back."

    "I hate this kind of thing the most.

He won't buy it even after I try to introduce it.

Whoever is free will go or watch it with me."

    A few old fritters pushed each other and refused to move.

Cattle and horses were not like selling pork.

You could still afford to buy them if you squeeze yourself.

If you could buy a livestock worth several thousand copper coins, then the business of the cattle and horse dealership would be good.

    The vast majority of people who came here just to look and don’t buy it.

It was a skill to make a decision after running several times.

Even if they only rented it, many people had to go three or five times before paying the deposit.

    It was the first time he came back, and they didn't even bother to talk.

    "How about I go."

    Several people looked at the person who volunteered and laughed: "Okay, Yuan Quan'er has only come here not long ago, so come and try more, and you will know more about our cattle and horse business.”

    After a while, Zhang Fangyuan saw a young cattle and horse dealer running over.

He was a little dissatisfied, but he didn't say much.

    "What's the price of your cattle and horses here"

    "Brother, we have a lot of cattle and horses here, and the price is not fixed.

The price of cattle generally ranges from 8,000 to 20,000 copper coins, and the price of horse is even higher, 10,000 copper coins and more."

    Zhang Fangyuan knew that the price of this breed of horse was appalling, but he was not a high-ranking official, so he didn't need to touch that kind of horse at all.

    The dealer asked politely: "I don't know what kind of errand does the elder brother want for the cattle If you have a lot of land, you can consider buying a cattle.

You can plow the land, transport things with a cart, and borrow for neighbors' envoys.

Money or fodder are good.

If you go out to do business more, horse is better.

First, they run fast, not as procrastinating as cattle, and second, they are smaller.

When you go out to do business, horses poop less than cattle, easy to deal with.”

    Zhang Fangyuan felt that what the dealer said was true, and he had some ideas in his mind: “What is the price of a strong horse

    ” Our horses are in good condition, even the worst ones are very durable."

    After Zhang Fangyuan thought about it, this animal was several times higher than the bride price for his wife, and he really couldn't afford it.

    He bluntly said: "It's expensive."

    This was what many people thought in their hearts, but they didn't say it out of their mouths.

Usually, they expressed this meaning in a lot of twists and turns. Yuan Quan'er felt that this order was useless, but he heard people ask: "Is there the one that I can get with 8,000 copper coins"

Yuan Quan’er couldn't help sighing, since that was the case, he had to save some more money to come and see it.

    The dealer suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly said: "Brother, if you really want to buy it, why not take a look at this horse It's a full-grown horse, but one foot was injured when it was received, and it can't be used immediately after buying it.

It needs to be raised for a while.

You can take it for 8000 copper coins."

    Zhang Fangyuan followed the dealer to the stable in the corner, and he was talking about a black horse.

It looked good, tall and strong, and could pull things up at first glance, but there is a smell of ointment and  the rear left leg was really injured.

    "If it's good, it can sell for 10,000 copper coins or more, and it's only when it's hurt that you sell it cheap."

    "Is the injury serious Can it be healed"


The dealer said, "It's natural to take a good rest.

If it’s useless, we won’t take it here.”

    Zhang Fangyuan moved closer to see the horse’s injured leg, and then started his hand again.

    "Brother, don't worry, if it really have a problem with its muscles and bones, you come and I will refund your money."

    Zhang Fangyuan said: "7500 copper coins, if you can do it, pay it today and take it away."

    "Oh, this..." Yuan Quan'er had never sold cattle or horse before coming here, and he didn't expect that the ball he kicked could be a deal, but it was just that the cut price was worth it to him: "Brother, if it’s 7500 copper coins, the little ones still need to be paid."

    Zhang Fangyuan was not in a hurry, he could take the horse back to raise it, and used it after a year.

If he couldn't, he could go back and save money.

It took a while to make a small business.

    WhenYuan Quan’er saw the customers he could see if he wand to buy it or not, he said in a relaxed tone, "Look, elder brother is an honest man, and he take away the horse for 7800 copper coins.

I don't have any money to take your order.

I'm the only one who came to this livestock shop.

If I don’t sell something, the owner won’t keep anyone.”

    Zhang Fangyuan pondered for a moment: “Okay.”

    He couldn’t help but rubbed his hands and patted the horse’s back.

    A thrifty life began with bargaining.

    As the businessman went to pay the money and made the handover, the horse would be available.

    The other dealers looked at the people and horse going away, and turned his head to look at Yuan Quan'er: "You really got it, so you sell it"

    Yuan Quan'er didn't say much: "I didn't make any money."

    "Tsk , It’s nice to make a deal even without making money.

If I knew that person wanted to buy it, I would go to pick it up.”


It’s the Chinese New Year, and after being out for so long, Zhang Fangyuan didn’t plan to go to other village again, but led the horse back to Jijiu Village, this time not only the money for slaughtering animals was spent, but even the moey for his wife. The silver bracelet was also pawned, but he got acquainted with the owner of the pawn shop and gave some money to the boss to keep the silver bracelet for him.

After the turnover was over, he would redeem it as soon as possible.

    The silver bracelet was not a rare treasure either.

The pawnshop was full of silver ornaments, so he was not in a hurry to sell his things, and the boss agreed.

    It was already late when he returned to the village.

When he reached the valley, he saw someone digging the ground from a distance, and his figure was very familiar.

    Zhang Fangyuan walked briskly, and was about to lead the horse up to say hello, but a young man passed by first, calling out: "He Ge’er."

    -------------- ------

    The author has something to say:

    Zhang Fangyuan: A successful man starts with owning a car.


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