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Chapter 30: Chapter 29: Mind games!

Apparently, the Gyro Kingdom has numerous teleportation points across the kingdom borders which serves many purposes. In war it can be used to move large forces across the battlefield, to corner unsuspecting enemies, and grant them the element of surprise.

The teleportation seals placed around also serve as a means through which Kratos can monitor everything happening across the borders. The orcs must have crossed this teleportation seal for Kratos to have spotted them, so it wasnt shocking he was well aware of their existence.

Luckily, Kratos is unable to hear whats going on around the area, he can only see. If he keeps hearing the sounds coming from hundreds of teleportation seals all at once, he would definitely go crazy. So Damon and the rest can speak without reserve but they dare not show their true power.

Gin was dressed in all blue light armor with the blue great sword hung on his back as they pushed forward without care which left Kratos concerned.

Shouldnt they try to keep a low profile when going up against stronger opponents At first, he was beginning to regret letting them go but after a while, he should change his thought pattern.

How can kids sneak up on Orc scouts The thought of them launching a surprise attack can be considered dumb and a head on confrontation is the only option.

“I guess Im getting old” Kratos laughed as he, Duke Hail, and Pope light watched the kids advance.


They assumed the conversation the kids had back then was them coming up with a plan. Unknown to them, these kids were talking about guardian spirits and cosmic spirits.


“According to the information we were given. The orcs scouts should be camping up that hill. From there they can have a glimpse of whats going on within the smaller towns in the kingdom. I suspect they are planning to invade” Gin said with a frown.

“Yea, Gyro and Strogard Kingdom have always been neighbors but the relationship between the two has always been bad. From what I heard, small scale skirmishes have been taking place recurrently over time and the tension between both kingdoms is rising. War is almost inevitable” Cyrus said and Damon frowned.

He is still in his first year and a war is about to break out How unlucky can he get

Death whispered into his ears.

And who said I plan to increase my death power Using such a method has drawbacks and Im guessing you dont care about my mental health do you Damon responded but death remained silent after he asked the question.

It took most of the day to climb the hill and when they did it was already getting late, with the sun slowly vanishing from the sky.

“What is this” Gin said with an unusual frown as he saw a campfire with roasting meat hung above it but there was no one there.

Everyone assumed the orcs must have gone downhill through another side to fetch something but it was different for Damon.

He could sense the killing intent directed towards them and the source wasnt too far from them. The enemy was already aware of their presence and was hiding within the grass in hopes of launching a surprise attack.

“There are here” Damon said as his body lit up and his mana spread across his body, revealing strange markings as he cast reinforce.

“Come out, I know you are there” Damon said with a stern look as he looked towards the area with long green grass.

His fists were set ablaze as he casually walked toward the area. The other saw this and frowned but they followed him.


Finally, a deep voice could be heard as two orcs emerged from the tall grasses. Each was over 6.4ft tall with green skin and what can be considered overgrown teeth, preventing their mouths from closing properly. They had strange red markings of different designs on each others bodies, with a very buff and fit body.

The only piece of clothing on them was the brown shots they wore which was probably too short to even call a short. Around their waist were dangling hand axes!

Watching the four kids approach, the orcs didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Who would send kids to fight against the orcs Isnt that madness

Even with magic, its still stupid because these kids are just too young and their power is yet to develop to the level where they can actually become threats.

Nevertheless, that did not stop Damon and the rest from walking toward the enemy with a confident look on their faces. The sheer Confidence these kids had made the enemy wary. They couldnt help but look back and forth in hopes of finding a clue. Maybe there are more capable human warriors with them and they are just baiting.

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This made the orc duo reluctant to make a move. They just stood and watched even slightly retreating. Soon one took a step back and the other took a step forward. They both spoke in strange languages before the one ahead shot forward meanwhile the other stayed back with his eyes darting around like that of an eagle.

Archmage Kratos, uke Hail, and Pope Light were stunned by this. They thought these kids did not have a plan but it turns out they had a plan all along. Its just like seeing a child walk toward an adult in a battle confidently. While an inexperienced fighter will take the opportunity and strike, regardless of the outcome. Seasoned fighters would calculate and consider all possibilities!

And thats just what they took advantage of here! They are simply playing mind games with the enemy!

Right now, an orc scout will attempt to deal with the kids meanwhile the other will keep an eye out for hidden threats. Should he find a sign he will alert the others and they can flee. But this also means, that four of these kids would be taking on one orc scout. If they should coordinate well, they can actually win!



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