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Now, with Yun Shishi still unconscious, no one knew what had happened at the time.

He was mature with a rational and logical ability that a child like Little Yichen would not have.

Gong Fan was not stupid.

On the contrary, this personality was more shrewd than Youyou.

Why would he do something that would not benefit himself What could he possibly gain by killing Yun Shishi!

Mu Yazhe couldnt work out the logic, so he told Little Yichen to let it go for now.

Maybe when Gong Fan woke up, the truth would be revealed..

Compared to Little Yichens impulsiveness, Gong Jie was much more rational.

“Impossible.” He frowned, unwilling to believe it.

“No matter what, I wont believe that Gong Fan would hurt Yun Shishi.”

Little Yichen stood up angrily at this.

He was restrained but displeased.

“I saw it with my own eyes.

Gong Fan stabbed Mommy with a knife! I saw it with my own eyes.

How can it be wrong” He used to like Gong Fan very much, but this fondness did not mean that he could tolerate the boy hurting Yun Shishi.

But Gong Jie thought differently.

He knew very well what Yun Shishi represented and meant to Gong Fan.

She was Gong Fans most affectionate obsession in this world.

Yun Shishi was as important to Gong Fan as she was to his siblings.

Her existence was like a beacon to Gong Fan.

How could he hurt this beacon in his life Although Gong Jies heart ached over the injury Yun Shishi had suffered, this matter could not be concluded just by judging what they saw superficially!

Hua Jin immediately tried to reassure the boy.

“Calm down, Little Yichen.

Be rational.”

“Im being very reasonable! If it werent for the fact that its Youyous body, Id break his hand!” Little Yichen gritted his teeth.

It was obvious hed been holding back for a long time.

“Sometimes, what you see might not be true.

So, dont make the final judgment.

Wait until your mommy wakes up to get to the bottom of things!”

Gong Jie turned to his Mu Yazhe.

“Have you told Alice about this”

“No, I havent.” Mu Yazhe shook his head.

There had been no room to breathe since the incident.

They had sent Yun Shishi into the emergency room and returned to make arrangements for Gong Fan.

After that, Yun Shishi had returned from the emergency room.

They had no room to give any thought to Alice.

“Id better tell her about this!”

“Maybe later!” Mu Yazhe made an excuse.

He wanted to keep Alice out of this for now.

At least until Yun Shishi and Gong Fan woke up.

No one could explain what exactly happened at that time, even Little Yichen, who came into the picture only later on.

No one could explain why Gong Fan wanted to stab Yun Shishi.

The doctor and nurse came out a few moments later, and he rose at once to inquire after the situation.

“Nothing serious.

The wound isnt deep.”

After all, no matter how ruthless he was, how strong could a childs hand be Just the fact that he had managed to pierce the knife through her clothes was quite something.

Hence, the wound wasnt very deep.

She had lost blood only because Gong Fan had pulled out the fruit knife, causing a certain amount of bleeding.

However, she had already received an emergency blood transfusion.

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