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Chapter 4377 - 4377 The Other Side 346

4377 The Other Side 346

Romanka turned on the device and instructed, “Lie down.

Ill monitor the personality activity in your mind.”

“I left that world.

So would I still be in the body of that world”


Im not an encyclopedia on the world of multiple personalities.

I dont understand everything.

All I know is that the primary personality doesnt disappear, but even that, I cant say Im 100% sure.” Romanka added, “The next time you fall asleep and enter that world, everything will be revealed.

In fact, my advice is to get a full nights sleep and replenish your mental strength before re-entering that world.”

“Thats not necessary.” Youyou tried to appear tough.

“Im not tired.”


Romanka studied the brain image displayed on the screen, but didnt expose the truth behind those words.

Not tired He was only a child.

How far could he go No one knew.

However, there was no doubt that he was in a poor mental state.

Romanka said nothing more.

The image monitoring was done, but the boy had no idea how to read it.

“What should I do next time I enter that world” he asked curiously.

“I think the level of activity on the surface of your brain is still very high.

It means that the personalities residing in your body have not yet fully emerged.

You can explore that world more while protecting yourself and keeping yourself safe.”

“Explore” Youyou protested, “Thats too risky!”

“Truth always comes with taking risks.”

The boy nodded.

“All right.

I understand.”

After the early evening passed, the boy went to bed early.

Romanka had prescribed a number of medicines for him.

When Alice brought them over, the boy stared miserably at the colorful pills in the box, obviously reluctant.

“We dont have a choice.

This pill is for calming the mind.

This pill is for helping you sleep.

This pill is…”

“…” The boy pursed his lips.

“All right, stop.

Ill take it all.”

“Yes, thats more like it.” Alice smiled.

“One pill at a time.

It helps with absorption.”

Following Alices dosage instructions, the boy had to take the pills one at a time and lie down on the bed.

Alice snuggled closer.

“Would you like me to tell you a bedtime story”


Alice was greatly discouraged.

“Why! Your mommy repeatedly reminded me to insist on telling you bedtime stories!”

“Im not a child anymore.”

“Seriously, do you despise me”

“Thats right.” The boy waved his hand.

“What if I get a nightmare just looking at your face”

Alice almost spat blood.

“What! My beautiful face gives you nightmares!” She was devastated.

The boy finally laughed at her.


Aunt Alice is the most beautiful.

Will that do”

It was rare to hear praise from the boy, and Alice was satisfied.

She tucked him in and said gently, “Sleep early, understand” She bent over and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

“This is a goodnight kiss on behalf of your mommy.

Good boy.”

The boy laughed.

“If Alice ever becomes a mother, shell be a very gentle one, too!”

“Im afraid we wont have that chance.”

“Not necessarily.

In life, anything can happen.”

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