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Chapter 30: Do Gods Bleed Too

At first.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life had only tiny and weak roots and branches.

In everyones eyes,

compared to a god, it was so weak, soft, and harmless.

However, only a second passed.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life seemed to have been injected with hormones, turning into an aberration that grew rapidly!

In just a few breaths,

it was like a demon that had escaped from its cage. It twisted and stretched its branches that seemed to devour all light.

The hideous trunk, which was nearly a thousand meters tall and spread out like a black tide, tearing apart huge ferocious beasts one after another and devoured them in the blink of an eye.

Compared to the sacred and inviolable Beast God, the Kabbalah Tree of Life was more like an heretic god worshiped by the beasts!

“This is...

“The highest level...”

A small shadow was cast from the high-dimensional space. On projection of the Beast God, a combination of the three Beast Kings, surprise appeared on all three heads.

His voice was also no longer as calm and arrogant as before.

From His tone, Lin Sen heard surprise for the first time.


A hint of fear!

Although the fear was fleeting, Lin Sens sharp senses had caught it.

“Do gods also feel fear”

A crazy smile appeared on Lin Sens lips, but he was extremely calm inwardly.

This was the biggest bet he had ever made. Fortunately, it seemed like he had won.

“So tell me–

“Do gods bleed too”


The Kabbalah Tree of Lifes restless black sea of trees began to boil.

Using the strange branches that had colluded with yet separated from each other, they greedily and crazily rushed towards the Beast God projection.


the projection of a god was also extremely tempting to it.

Even if this projection was only at the Black-gold grade with a Legendary bloodline, it was still a rare food.

“Stand down–”

The Beast God projection waved His hand angrily.

The sea of blood, light, and airwaves that filled the sky was like a world-destroying flood.

It spread out from the void to resist the attack of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.


The black branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life twisted as if in extreme pain.

But right after...

more branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life pushed out from behind the damaged ones and approached the Beast God projection step by step.

In the eyes of high-dimensional creatures like them,

humans may be a bunch of worms crawling in the fields.

However, the Kabbalah Tree of Life was a quasi-supreme species. To them, it was clearly a majestic and strong lion.

If the Beast Gods true body descended, He might be able to take it down.

However, with just a projection here, His ability fell short of His wishes.

“Get out of here now!

“The enemy has been restrained, and the blockade of the Two Dimensional Gate has been removed.”

Lin Sen exhaled and quickly turned around to explain to Wang Yanran, Butler Fu Tong, and the others.

Next, he was going to do something even more dangerous.

It was not appropriate to keep them around.

The eight security guards rushed to the Two Dimensional Door as if they had been pardoned, afraid that they would miss the best opportunity to escape.

“What about you, Master Arent you coming with us”

Wang Yanran took two steps forward anxiously. Her face was filled with worry, and her eyes seemed to have become a little wet.

At this moment, the tight black armor on her body could no longer hide her feminine temperament.

“You guys go first.”

However, Lin Sen did not care about these matters of affection. All he could see was the projection of the Beast God that was trying His best to resist the invasion and devouring, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life that was entangled with Him.


“I need to stay behind just in case this Beast King enters the Hundred Thousand Mountains through the Two Dimensional Door.

“Although its possible that a Two Dimensional Door would not allow a ferocious beast of His level to pass through, we cant gamble on such things.”


Wang Yanran still wanted to persuade him.

Butler Fu Tong was one step ahead and stopped her anxiously.

“Miss, now is not the time to be willful. If you stay, Mr. Lin will have to divert his attention to take care of you. You should follow us to the Hundred Thousand Mountains and wait for Mr. Lins news there!”


Wang Yanran bit her lips. She knew that she would only be a burden to Lin Sen if she stayed, so she glanced at Lin Sen one last time.

It was as if she wanted to memorize his entire figure before reluctantly following Fu Tong to the Two Dimensional Door.

“Roar-no one can leave this world!”

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The projection of the Beast God, which was in the middle of a fierce battle with the Kabbalah Tree of Life, snarled.


He waved His right hand.

The majestic light blade slashed all the Silver-grade bodyguards in front of the Two Dimensional Gate who look full of agitation that they had survived a calamity, turning them into ashes.


Butler Futongs eyes widened and turned to Lin Sen for help.


“Control Him well–”


Perhaps it still shared some connection with Lin Sen,

the Kabbalah Tree of Life wrapped around the Beast God projection even more crazily and ferociously. The all-devouring characteristic was immediately triggered, once again tormenting the Beast God projection to the point where it did not have the leisure to look at the nobodies.

“Now is the time! Get out of here!”

Lin Sen shouted.

Butler Fu Tong looked at Lin Sen gratefully and rushed to the Two Dimensional Door with Wang Yanran.

Just as they were about to step into the Two Dimensional Door, Wang Yanran suddenly shouted with a sobbing tone,

“You must come back alive, Lin Sen!”

The two of them entered the Two Dimensional Door and disappeared from the underground palace.

“I must go back alive...”

Lin Sen sighed silently. He looked up at the tug-of-war that would not end anytime soon. He sat on the ground and muttered to himself,

“I hope my plan succeeds.

“Otherwise, I really wont be able to go back...”


There was no concept of time in the underground palace.

After an unknown period of time, perhaps a day, perhaps two,

the battle above Lin Sens head finally ended.

As a Quasi Supreme being, one level above the Mythical level, when the Kabbalah Tree of Life revealed its true form, its combat strength was undoubtedly not something that the Beast God, who had descended from a projection, could compare to.

Even though the Kabbalah Tree of Life had only been born for a few days, its powerful devouring characteristic had eventually devoured the power of the Beast God projection.


“Very good! Little bug, Ill remember you!

“Next time, Ill have you experience the ultimate torture of life!!”

The Beast God projection roared angrily at Lin Sen.

Then, His body, which was made up of the Benevolent Beast King, the Ferocious Beast King and the Loving Beast King, lost its “divinity” and became the three unconscious Beast Kings again.

The Beast God had lost.

A small projection was not a big loss for Him.

However, a lowly insect had destroyed his plan and projection. It was indeed a huge insult.

Therefore, Lin Sen had already been blacklisted by a god.

But for Lin Sen, he currently could not care to think about the future.

After completely devouring the Beast God projection, the dark and sinister branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life transformed into a pair of eyes that looked down indifferently at its “former” master–

Lin Sen.



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