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“Forget it, lets go to Sky City and have a look first.”

Ye Feng decided to let nature take its course.

“Eh Wait!”

Ye Feng suddenly realized that the soil under his feet seemed to contain some kind of spiritual essence, making his skin membrane become much lighter.

This soil seemed to contain extremely dense spiritual essence.

This kind of spiritual essence was something ye Feng had never come into contact with before.

It was very magical.

Taking a breath, Ye Fengs spirit was roused, and he could even clearly feel the enhancement of his body.

“Could this soil be…”

Ye Feng lowered his head to examine it carefully and discovered that the soil was covered with fine lines.

These lines flickered with a faint red luster, and they carried a gentle and soft feeling like jade.

“Could this be the phenomenal transformation of spiritual energy!”

Ye Feng was greatly shocked.

He hurriedly squatted down and examined it carefully.

“As expected, these lines are spiritual energy!”

Spiritual energy was the energy that was born from heaven and earth.

It was a necessity for symbiotic cultivators to cultivate.

This was naturally very important to Ye Feng, and it also had great benefits.

“The soil here should have been deposited over time.

After a long period of nurturing, it produced some special spiritual energy.

After being absorbed by the plants, it formed Spiritual Energy Soil!”

The more Ye Feng looked, the happier he became.

He dug up the Spiritual Energy Soil and put it into his storage bag, preparing to take it with him when he left.

After all, it was a precious resource that could not be wasted.

Just like that, Ye Feng walked along the passage at the top of the mountain.

He did not know how long he walked, but the surrounding environment gradually changed.

The originally lush forest began to wither, and the wilderness became a desert.


Suddenly, Ye Feng stopped.

In front of him was a sea of fire.

The temperature of the space here suddenly dropped, and the bone-chilling cold wind kept blowing, making Ye Fengs hair stand on end.

He vigilantly observed his surroundings.

Once danger approached, he would launch a lightning attack.

The world shrouded in flames was very strange.

It was only about a hundred meters or so, but it seemed endless.

All of this showed that Ye Feng was in danger.

Suddenly, Ye Feng heard the whistling of the wind.

A bone-chilling cold wind came from behind him.

Ye Feng reacted extremely quickly and turned around abruptly.


He punched out, sending out endless shockwaves.

A cloud of white mist gushed out from his palm, drowning the sneak attacker.

“Haha! Youre quite smart, kid.

You know how to use spiritual energy to protect your body!”

A slightly shrill female voice suddenly sounded with a mocking tone.

Ye Fengs expression froze.

The person he had just pushed back was a woman.

Her entire body was wrapped in a cloak, concealing her appearance and body.

However, from her soul-stirring beautiful eyes and her exquisite and curvy body, she was definitely a beauty.

However, this womans voice was very ear-piercing, filled with demonic charm and enchantment.

This made Ye Feng very annoyed.

He did not answer, but stared at the woman, waiting for her to attack again.

Although he was not sure whether this woman was a friend or foe, since she dared to sneak attack him, she must have something to rely on.

The woman giggled.

“Boy, whats your name”

“Ye Feng.”

The woman asked again, “Which family did you come from”

Ye Feng was noncommittal.

“What about you Whats your name”

“Hmph, who do you think you are to know who I am Im just afraid that you dont even know how you died!”

The woman snorted coldly, and then her body shot into the distance, disappearing.

Her speed was extremely fast, and after a few jumps, she was already far away.

Ye Feng could only continue forward, vigilantly observing the changes in his surroundings.

Although he wasnt sure if this woman was an enemy or a friend, she must have barged in from the outside.

Naturally, she was his enemy.


The woman snorted coldly.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and let out a melodious cry.

Following that, the entire sky seemed to be trembling.

At this moment, Ye Feng raised his head to look at the sky, and his pupils constricted violently.

A purplish-black color appeared in the depths of the sky.

The purplish-black clouds churned rapidly, as if endless demonic qi was seeping out from within the clouds, emitting a bone-chilling pressure.

After that, a huge object appeared.

This was a huge object that was similar to a falcon.

Its entire body was covered in scales, and its sharp claws were incomparably sharp.

Its eyes were bloodthirsty and scarlet, incomparably savage.

Ye Fengs heart was immediately filled with shock.

He recognized that this was a terrifying existence that had once appeared in the ancient era in the savage world — the Dragonhawk.

It was rumored that the Dragonhawks strength was comparable to a super A grade expert, and their nature was brutal.

Once they caught their prey, they would recklessly tear it apart and devour it, not allowing any living creature to escape.

At this moment, this Dragonhawk appeared in the air above Ye Fengs head.

Its two eyes looked down at Ye Feng, who was as tiny as an ant, and it let out waves of roars.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

Ye Feng heard that this Dragonhawk was actually provoking him!

How was this possible

Ye Feng was stunned.

In this space and time that he was in, he actually encountered an expert that came from this space and time

He couldnt help but size up the Dragonhawk.

He saw that this Dragonhawks figure was vigorous, its wings were full, and its entire body emitted a fierce and tyrannical aura.

There were even rumors that their ancestor was an Immemorial Dragon Elephant.

It was extremely powerful and could destroy the heavens and earth.

The Dragonhawk was the most terrifying creature in the Immemorial Era.

With a wave of its wings, it was enough to set off a hurricane that could destroy the heavens and earth.

Its destructive power could be said to be heaven-defying.


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The Dragonhawk seemed to have sensed Ye Fengs contempt and let out an angry roar.

Then, it flapped its wings and charged toward Ye Feng.

Ye Fengs eyes and hands were quick.

He grabbed the blade of slime and suddenly slashed out a critical strike!


A blue light flashed out.

Ye Fengs Slime blade had already been practiced to perfection.

Ye Feng could use almost any sword technique with ease.

Moreover, the most powerful thing about Ye Feng using the Slime blade was that he used a knife technique that was completely out of order.

This also caused the enemy to not even know what his next move was.

Because it was simply impossible to predict!

At this moment, the sword ray that was slashed out by the Slime blade was like a blazing sun, dazzling and dazzling!

There was a muffled sound.

The sword ray slashed onto the Dragonhawks wings.

“Hiss!” The Dragonhawk cried out in pain.

Its tough wings were instantly sliced off a large piece of flesh.

Ye Feng took advantage of the victory and continued to attack.

Puchi! Puchi!

More than half of the Dragonhawks wings were sliced off.

Fresh blood dripped down, and a rain of blood flew everywhere.

The Dragonhawk cried out in pain, and its body shook violently.

Ye Feng did not hesitate and immediately used the Slimes recovery skill to heal his injuries.

This kind of battle method was very simple and crude.

Not only could it cause huge damage to the enemy, but it could also speed up his healing efficiency.



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