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Xu Xingxing learned Huai Jing’s meaning of “fast food” only when she got into his car.

The company president’s parking lot was isolated from the rest of the parking lot, circular stone pillars separating it from the other employees’ cars. Right now, with the lights in the president’s parking lot turned off, the only illumination came from a glimmer of light leaking from the other parking lot.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is normally very spacious, but Xu Xingxing felt as if she was about to suffocate.

When the man’s lips touched her neck, she started trembling, and tried to push Huai Jing away with a red face.

“No, I… I’m not done yet.” He didn’t want to stop just yet.

After Huai Jing’s lips brushed over Xu Xingxing’s cheek repeatedly for a while, he raised his head slightly to look at Xu Xingxing, then chuckled and said in a charming and husky voice, “Darling, this is fast food.”

Xu Xingxing felt as if she had just been electrocuted when she heard Huai Jian’s husky and hoarse whisper.

“But, no matter how fast you are…” said Xu Xingxing, her voice shaking.

“Are you complimenting me” asked Huai Jing as he blew hot air ambiguously behind her ear, with a playful smile in his eyes.

Xu Xingxing became embarrassed by Huai Jing’s question, so she bit her lip and replied in an unsteady voice, “No… I really have work that I have to finish quickly.

Otherwise, I will be late going back home, and Mimi will be left hungry.”

In this relationship of theirs, Huai Jing has always shown Xu Xingxing respect, so when he heard her pleading words, he stopped and looked down at her with raised eyebrows.



It’s the name of the cat you gave me.” 

“Oh~” Huai Jing replied lightly.

Inside the car, the interplay of light and shadow divided the man’s face into two sides.

The corners of the lips under the bright light were curved upwards, but the shadowed eyes were as deep as a bottomless cold pool, drowning those who looked into them, endlessly.

Huai Jing, who was now leaning back on his seat, stared at Xu Xingxing and suddenly chuckled.

“Do you know that the word ‘Mimi’ has other meanings”

She didn’t seem to know this, so she looked at him sideways, and asked with a shy face,

“What does it mean”

Huai Jing’s lips opened slightly, before they gradually pursed, then he leaned towards the woman whose body was moving away from his approach back, and whispered into her ear—

“The night before yesterday, I bit them twice.”

As soon as Huai Jing said those words, Xu Xingxing’s head knocked on the car door with a ‘bang’.

She was left stunned in shock for a while, but soon she adjusted her clothes and spoke as she hurriedly got off the car, “I… I really have something to do, I’ll go first.”

As Xu Xingxing was leaving this place with a red face, she heard unbridled laughter come from the man in the car.

So she stopped, turned back and just stood in front of the car door, frowning at the man who was laughing.

“It’s not funny,” she said.

Huai Jing’s body moved down slightly, bringing his whole face into the light, a face so handsome that it made people feel a little dizzy.

Not only was there a smile on his lips, there was also a smile in his eyes this time.


“Why I’ll laugh if I want.” Huai Jing wanted to tease her more.

“You…” Xu Xingxing’s face turned even redder.

“Unless you kiss my mouth, then I won’t be able to laugh.” Huai Jing looked at her with a smile.

Xu Xingxing: “…”

When Huai Jing started to laugh again, Xu Xingxing decided not to care about him.

Without saying another word, she quickly left with a red face.


With Huai Jing’s little episode, it was already half past nine by the time Xu Xingxing reached home.

She took out the key to open the door, and heard a slight meow from the other side.

After the door opened and she walked inside, Mimi came to her feet and called out.

Hearing the soft ‘meow’ echoing through her tiny home, her heart softened, and she turned on the lights before crouching down to pat Mimi’s little head.


While she was petting the cat, she suddenly recalled what Huai Jing had said about the name ‘Mimi’.

When she had named the cat Mimi, she had thought it was very simple, but hadn’t expected that in the end, the cat’s name would be…

Xu Xingxing poured out cat food for Mimi, and sat on the carpet while she watched it eat. ‘Mimi is a cute and clingy cat, why isn’t it close to Huai Jing’

“It’s no wonder he never got close to you.

Actually, he is a little wolf dog who likes to bite people,” she said blushingly.



Huai Jing tried to set up two more meetings between them in the middle of the week, but because Xu Xingxing was busy, she refused them.

The two had agreed that they would meet if they needed each other at the beginning, but after having to cancel two appointments in a row, even without Huai Jing saying anything, Xu Xingxing felt that there was no end.

On Friday, Xu Xingxing was lucky to be done with work somewhat earlier than usual.

It was already eight o’clock by the time she got off the bus.

She looked at the path leading to her home.

The surroundings were quiet, and the lights in the community illuminated everything.

Xu Xingxing then wrapped her coat around her, and just as she was about to head home, a burgundy car that was parked on the side suddenly turned on its headlights.

The dazzling headlights obscured Xu Xingxing’s vision, and she raised her hand to cover her eyes.

The headlights only flashed for a moment before switching off.

After Xu Xingxing’s eyes adjusted to the light, she looked towards the car—

Only to see Huai Jing smiling at her from inside the car.

Xu Xingxing then decisively got into the car.

Huai Jing leaned back on the carseat and looked sideways at Xu Xingxing.

The dome lights were on, illuminating only half of his face, leaving the rest in darkness, making him seem like a sculpture like a sculpture under a spotlight

“Do you want to go back and feed Mimi” Huai Jing asked.

Xu Xingxing was fastening her seat belt when she heard this.

Due to her fingers feeling a little cold, she shrunk her hands into her sleeves before replying, “No need, I put out extra cat food for it in the morning.”

Raising his eyebrows, Huai Jing asked, “Recently, have you been working overtime”

As far as he knew, the company shouldn’t be very busy right now.

“Hmm,” Xu Xingxing replied lightly.

She then lowered her head, her hair bound in a ponytail, but a little looser now.

A lock of hair rested against her cheeks, a small shade of light brown on her fair and pink face.

Huai Jing pursed his lips, started the car and said, “If someone is dissatisfied with you, you can talk to your boss.

But you can’t be direct, be tactful.”

Xu Xingxing turned to look at Huai Jing.

He reached out to turn off the dome lights, and she watched as his slender finger pushed against the light button, the moment that finger was illuminated by the light, and then how the man turned back after turning off the light.

Even though, to her, Huai Jing was just her bed partner, she must not forget that he was also the president of the IO Jewellery Group.

And it was with this status that he was offering her help now.

“Thank you,” said Xu Xingxing.

Huai Jing smiled and replied lightly, “You’re welcome, but I just don’t want the time of yours that originally belongs to me to be wasted on something else.”

Huai Jing drove the car very steadily along the coastal road, driving all the way to the top of the hill behind the coastal villa area before he stopped.

The hills were completely dark, there was music playing in the car, and a slight glow could be seen in front of the window.

Xu Xingxing glanced at Huai Jing, who looked at her with a smile before getting out of the car and opening the door for her.

As soon as Xu Xingxing got out of the car, she was greeted by the cool night mountain breeze, making her hair blow around, pushing those stray strands of hair behind her ear.

She stood by the car door and looked into the distance, her eyes gradually widening.

This was the mountain situated behind Xia City, and standing on the top of the mountain, one could enjoy the amazing view of the whole of Xia City.

Currently, the city was covered in lights, looking quite like the lava inside a volcano, or even more like a starry sky covered in stars.

Climbing high and looking into the distance was the most pleasant experience.

Huai Jing stood in front of the car, his back to her and his hands in his pockets, seemingly observing the night scene.

Under the shadow of the lamp, the silhouette of the man’s back was inlaid with gold edges, making it even more majestic.

The slender legs criss-crossed, his entire posture lazy and casual.

Xu Xingxing’s eyes moved slightly, and a song she liked to listen to, ‘Xuan Wo,’ started playing in the car.

“What are we doing here” Xu Xingxing looked at the man’s back and asked.

“Huh” He chuckled before turning around.

Huai Jing looked at Xu Xingxing, who was standing by the car door, and the corners of his lips hooked slightly as he said with a smile—

“We’re going to eat ‘fast food’.”

Xu Xingxing’s eyes widened as the man walked over.

From inside the car came Peng Ling’s singing voice—.

“Come and sink in my depths…”


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