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The autumn morning sun was more dazzling and brighter than in other seasons, and radiantly shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, making the light and darkness in the room appear much more layered.

Normally, her biological clock worked like usual on weekends, but today, it was eight o’clock by the time Xu Xingxing woke up.

She discovered Huai Jing was still sleeping when she opened her eyes.

He looked different when asleep.

His eyes, surrounded by long curly eyelashes, were tightly closed under his long-thick eyebrows.

This was his true appearance.

Although he appeared colourful and carefree to the outer world, in actuality, he was lazy and a loner.

Thinking like that, Xu Xingxing found it a little funny.

She had come into deep contact with him only two times, so how could she really know him Besides, this so-called deep interaction was actually just physical, nothing else.

As the sunlight brightened and reflected the interior of the room clearly, Xu Xingxing started to feel ashamed.

But yesterday, when she had agreed to Huai Jing’s proposal, she hadn’t had any regrets.

Xu Xingxing moved, and became aware that her waist and legs were very sore.

She then recalled how crazily they had behaved last night, it was no wonder that her body was aching. 

The man next to her really knew how to please a woman—his knowledge in the methods of pleasing could be considered very rich; he had pleasured her beyond her imagination.

Besides, the two of them were originally just sexual partners.

Although this fact made Xu Xingxing feel comfort in her heart, the embarrassment didn’t fade completely, she could still remember every movement of hers under this man last night.

So, she quickly got up from the bed to head towards the bathroom for a shower.

Huai Jing’s bedroom was spacious, with minimal furniture, and the interior decor was much simpler than in her own house.

On the wall behind the large bed hung an oil painting, and there was also a sofa and a stone table in the room.

All this made the whole bedroom look lifeless.

Feeling a slight itch on her neck and collarbone, Xu Xingxing walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she glanced in the mirror, her face turned red as she saw red dots all over her neck and collarbone.

Then she realised that Huai Jing seemed to like to bite when he was doing it.

Recalling that, Xu Xingxing’s face turned even redder.

After taking a shower, she dried her body, put on her skirt from yesterday, and walked out the bedroom door.

Walking out of the bedroom, she was left shocked.

There was a staircase right next to the bedroom, leading to the second floor.

The living room, which was spacious and even emptier than the bedroom, was decorated in a similar fashion, it was likewise plain and modern.

A sofa and table were placed in the middle, with a sizable fireplace located on the other side.

However, what surprised Xu Xingxing was the view outside the living room.

The living room and the balcony were connected by floor-to-ceiling windows, with vine-like greenery spread across the balcony, making it the most lively place in the whole villa.

The balcony was connected to a swimming pool, and further afield was the blue sea.

In addition, this property seemed to have the best view of the shore. 

It seemed the world of the rich was indeed beyond the scope of the poor’s imagination.

Xu Xingxing looked at the curtains covering the floor-to-ceiling windows being blown around by the wind in a daze.

Even though it was an autumn wind, the wind was light and gentle; the beach was unusually calm, and the sound of the sea was much nicer.

Suddenly, a soft sound alarmed Xu Xingxing, so she listened carefully, before realising that it was actually a cat ‘meowing’.

She looked around and soon found a cat sitting on the sofa, prompting her to walk into the living room.

The cat appeared unafraid, for it stared at Xu Xingxing with its pair of round blue eyes without moving at all.

Its fur was long, and patches of light brown highlighted the corners of its eyes and forehead.

“Oh! It’s a ragdoll cat.”

When Xu Xingxing approached the cat, its head lifted slightly as it raised its right front paw, while meowing softly. 

“Oh well!” Xu Xingxing’s gentle voice spread throughout the room.

Xu Xingxing’s heart softened as she watched the cat.

She sat on the sofa, and gently reached to touch the ragdoll cat with a pleasant smile.

“Come here.” 

The cat seemed to understand her words, for it stood up and looked at her, then took elegant and small steps towards her.

Xu Xingxing hesitated for a moment before putting her hand on the top of the cat’s head.

The softness and warmth of its long fur made Xu Xingxing smile even deeper.

She touched it twice, and the cat’s eyes narrowed slightly, after which it simply sat at the corner of the sofa, looking up at Xu Xingxing, as if asking for more touches.

There was nobody around him when Huai Jing awoke.

That reminded him of his first encounter with that woman.

Just like today, last time too, she was gone the next morning. “It seems she is very good at running away,” he thought.  

Last night, under his guidance, she had become a different woman, but it seemed that once the passion faded, she would return to her usual status.

So he dressed in his pyjamas, stood up, and opened the door.

As he made his way up the stairs, Huai Jing’s eyes suddenly caught sight of the scene on the couch below, and it caused his body to heat up.

Compared to the sun in the city, the sunlight by the sea frequently rendered a clearer and brighter view.

Because of numerous obstacles, light and shadow mixed with the salty air to flow through the glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows unevenly.

On the sofa was a woman with slender and straight legs, curled up while sunlight covered her back.

She was bent over, teasing the cat with her hand, wearing a gentle smile, completely unaware of how she looked seductive. 

Huai Jing’s throat moved, and he climbed down the stairs slowly.

Although the man wore cotton slippers, Xu Xingxing still heard his footsteps.

She listened to the incoming footsteps, the smile on her face gradually turning tense.

She turned to look in the direction of the footsteps, only to see Huai Jing walking towards them.

Seeing the man approach her, she didn’t dare move, and soon, the man’s breath surrounded her, the smell of warm sunlight all around her when he came to a stop behind her.

Suddenly, he bent and lifted her skirt, and while Xu Xingxing was still surprised at this action, he rushed in. 

A slight sound escaped her throat. 

As a certain sound spread throughout the living room, Huai Jing paused and glanced at Xu Xingxing.

The woman didn’t move, she only pressed her body down a little more and covered her mouth with one hand, and her other hand, which was on top of the cat’s head, gradually moved down, covering its eyes…

She agreed with his sudden intrusion.


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