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“I refuse!” Xu Xingxing was angry, and her face turned bright red due to anger.

Huai Jing expected this reaction, so he glanced down at the fish in her hand.

“You know how to cook”

She pulled the fish bag to her side, “I can only cook some home-cooked dishes.”

“I haven’t eaten home-cooked dishes for a long time.” He signed and said.

“I….If there is nothing wrong with Mr.

Huai, I will go home first.”  Xu Xingxing whispered.

She wanted to get out of the car immediately, so she bared the pain and opened the door.

“Think about it.” Huai Jing glanced sideways at Xu Xingxing and said, “It’s just a physical support, not a spiritual relationship.”

Xu Xingxing became more angry. Is this man mad I said no.

Can’t he understand that

She looked up at Huai Jing, her face was very ugly.

“I’m not short of money.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Huaijing laughed, making Xu Xingxing angrier.

“But you need to know how to please a man.” Huai Jing’s eyes were full of smiles, not sarcasm, but teasing.

Xu Xingxing was ready to blast out.

When she and Huai Jing spent that night together, she had the courage to drink some wind and told him everything about her and Wang Chunsheng.

She said that she was conservative and boring, so Wang Chunsheng fell in love with a dancer.

“If you think about it in another way, it means that you don’t  need to spend your money to support me, and I can teach you how to please a man.” Huai Jing’s voice grew louder.

Seeing that he raised his voice, Xu Xingxing glanced left and right and quickly returned to stare at his mouth.

Seeing her panicked appearance, the man laughed again.

Without getting angry, Xu Xingxing lowered her temper and thought for a moment. “Why did you choose me”

Huai Jing said, “You’re clean.”

“Because I’m conservative, so I’m clean” Xu Xingxing asked, “Then you can take care of female college students or the new employees in the company…”

Huai Jing chuckled, “It’s too troublesome.

The more innocent people are, the more they want.

I don’t love them, and I don’t want to give them a future.”

What a scumbag.

But anyway I have nothing to do with him. Xu Xingxing thought.

Xu Xingxing shook her head and said, “I don’t agree, and I hope Mr.

Huai won’t bother me again.”

When Xu Xingxing returned home, she put the carp in the refrigerator and began to boil water to put a hot compressor on her feet.

After treating her feet, she thought about Huai Jing’s words.

He wants to support me as a sex partner because I’m clean and honest.


Xu Xingxing’s first impression of Huai Jing was correct.

He was a person who was hot on the outside and cold on the inside. 

After a day’s rest, Chen Wanwan informed Xu Xingxing that she had made an appointment for her to have a blind date at Starbucks in Jia Ting Plaza at 7 p.m.

Chen Wanwan came Xu Xingxing’s house before seven o’clock and dragged her to buy clothes.  After selecting some, Chen Wanwan asked Xu Xingxing to put on a long chiffon skirt in autumn style, bright red.

As soon as she put it on, Xu Xingxing wanted to take it off, but was held back by Chen Wanwan.

“Don’t, don’t, this is what I want.” Chen Wanwan said.

Xu Xingxing looked at the exposed part of her chest in front of the mirror, blushed and said, “This is too… too revealing.”

“Where is it exposed Don’t talk nonsense.” Chen Wanwan scolded her.

Xu Xingxing awkwardly agreed with Chen Wanwan

After paying, Xu Xingxing wore that dress directly and continued shopping with Chen Wanwan awkwardly.

When shopping, Chen Wanwan’s mouth was not idle, she babbled while shopping.

“This time, it’s a young talent.

He is a software salesman.

He can speak well.

Don’t be too old-fashioned.”

 “Chen Wanwan, I came to Xiacheng to avoid  blind dates.

I didn’t expect to have a blind date when I came here.”

Chen Wanwan gave Xu Xingxing a white look, she glared and asked, “If you don’t have a blind date, do you want to die alone ”

Chen Wanwan did all this for her own good, so Xu Xingxing didn’t say anything, just smiled and continued shopping with her.

When she went to Starbucks at night, the person Chen Wanwanyue had arranged was waiting for her.

Seeing Xu Xingxing, the man’s eyes lit up, and after greeting her with a smile, he pulled out the chair for Xu Xingxing.

Xu Xingxing was a little nervous, she bowed her head and said thank you.

 “Hello, my name is Huang Xin.” The man first introduced himself.

 “Hello, my name is Xu Xingxing.” Xu Xingxing said cautiously.

Huang Xin smiled and praised: “Xing Xing, this name is really nice, very artistic.”

Being praised like this, Xu Xing Xing didn’t know how to respond, so she just thanked him.

Huang Xin was wearing a decent suit, which showed that he attached great importance to today’s blind date.

He was average sized, average looking, and speaks well.

He was also quite a gentleman.

Compared with those blind dates that the Xu family forced her to put on, he was much better. After chatting for a while, Xu Xingxing went to the bathroom.

Xu Xingxing felt good about Huang Xin, and looking at Huang Xin’s attitude towards her, he should have a good impression of her.

She went out from the bathroom, and when she was around the corner, she saw Huang Xin making a phone call.

Huang Xin was in a corner, smoking a cigarette and didn’t seem to see her.

Xu Xingxing could hear his voice, so she thought to leave without disturbing him because it was rude to eavesdrop on someone’s phone call. 

Xu Xingxing was about to leave when he heard Huang Xin talking about her.

“Today’s blind date I had three dates today, and I want them all.

The little sister who came in the morning is suitable for taking out, the one at noon is suitable for bed.

In the evening, this is the most suitable for a wife… She looks pretty good, but too old-fashioned.

I can even imagine her lying motionless on the bed.

Hahaha, I will leave her at home to serve my parents.

As for the physical needs, I just go out and find it…”

Shocked, Xu Xingxing went to their table, took her bag and left without informing Huang Xin.

On the way, she thought about what Huang Xin said.

It was not the first time that she had met a man like Huang Xin, and so was her ex-husband Wang Chunsheng. 

Xu Xingxing took the mobile phone, glanced at a phone number that she saved earlier, then dialed it.

A nice male voice came from the other side.


The fingers holding the phone trembled slightly, Xu Xingxing’s throat was sore, she said in a trembling voice, “I…”

Huai Jing could hear her trembling voice, after a while, Huai Jing said: “I’ll pick you up.”

Xu Xingxing looked up at the sky, the starry sky was bright, not as barren as her heart. 


Maybe from the beginning, she was moved by the man’s proposal.

She can’t deny that even though the two of them had only one love experience, she is obsessed with physical intercourse with this man.

Conservative is not a positive personality.

I need to change.

The relationship between me and Huai Jing is not to support each other, but that the two of us are the person each other needs most now.

Standing at the entrance of Huai Jing’s house, listening to the man closing the door, the door lock clicked, locking all Xu Xingxing’s fears and retreats.

The man came over and pinched her chin with warm fingers.

The look in his eyes was still cold, like the moonlight tonight.

The man kissed her, then picked her up, and went into the bedroom.






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