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“No.” Xu Xingxing denied it.

The man beside her chuckled softly, narrowed his eyes, and said:  “It seems that I am not mistaken.”  

Xu Xingxing’s heart began to beat so fast, and she couldn’t think what to tell.

She stared blankly at the rain.

Thus the situation was embarrassing, neither of them talked.

They were just surrounded by the sound of the wind and rain. 

Suddenly, Huai jing’s cell phone rang, and he took out his cell phone and answered the call.


Huai, Director Fynn is still waiting for you.”

“Well, I’ll be there soon.” Huai Jing said.

Although he was on the phone, he didn’t forget to hold the umbrella for her, and Xu Xingxing wanted to leave, but she didn’t dare to do so.

As Huai Jing’s phone call ended, he handed over the umbrella to her.

In addition to that, there was a business card.

“I have something to deal.

This is my personal phone number.

You can contact me through this.” He said.

 Xu Xingxing got frightened and shook her head.

“No….no need.”

 His brows were slightly raised.

“Huh Wh..”

Before Huai Jing finished speaking, the woman ran into the heavy rain with her bag on her back: “I’m sorry.”

She finally got in a taxi and went home.

Xu Xingxing came to Xiacheng a month ago, then with the help of Chen Wanwan, she rented a cozy fully furniture one-bedroom apartment. 

After getting home, she took a shower, made a simple meal and ate.

Before going to bed she took a German-language professional book to read, but her mind was full of thoughts about Huai Jing.

She slowly recalled what happened that unforgettable night, she had never been as happy as that day. 

Although that was just a one night stand between a single man and woman, Xu Xingxing firmly believed that it was inappropriate and shameful for a long time.

In order to avoid meeting him again and avoid blind dates arranged by Xu family, she went from Huaicheng to Xiacheng.

She thought she could bury the incident, but she did not expect to meet him in Xiacheng, and he was her big boss.

Why did he give his private number That kind of person is ruthless, so I will stay away from him in the future.

At work in the next few days, Xu Xingxing never met him again, and her heart gradually calmed down. She was busy, so she didn’t have time to think about him.

Xu Xingxing likes to cook, so she got off work early on Friday.

In order to save time, Xu Xingxing didn’t go home to change her clothes and went directly to the vegetable market near the apartment.

Friday night was the peak time for get off work, and the vegetable market was also full of people.

Xu Xingxing wore an OL suit to work today, which was bought by Chen Wanwan and her.

Chen Wanwan said that clothes she wore were old-fashioned and conservative, and took her to buy several sets.

Even though they were not like her previous clothes, still the skirt grows to the calf.

This is already progress.

Originally, she wanted to buy pants, but was stopped by Chen Wanwan.

Xu Xingxing’s positioning of herself was quite accurate.

She was twenty-eight years old this year, and she just got divorced some time ago, so she was considered an abandoned woman in ancient times.

She just wanted to wear comfortable clothes, no matter how beautiful they are, it was useless.

Moreover, she was not too confident in her physical conditions. As soon as she said this idea, she was scolded by Chen Wanwan.

The vegetable market was large, and fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood can be found every day.

After visiting several times, she was already familiar with this market, so she went directly to the seafood area because she wanted to make braised fish on the weekend.

Xu Xingxing smiled at the fish-seller and said, “I want to buy a crap.”


“Okay, how about this one, it’s quite fat, it’s good to be braised and steamed.”

 “Okay.” Xu Xingxing nodded and said thank you with a smile.

When she was giving money to the fish seller, someone from behind shouted: “Be careful.” When she was looking back, she saw a cart full of seafood rushing to her side, so she moved aside.

But unfortunately, her ankle hit on something, and pain came from her ankle, she squatted down.

“Are you all right” the fish-seller asked.

Even though it was painful, she said, “It’s ok.” When she tried to stand up,  a shadow blocked her and the fish in her hand was taken away, and she was hugged by someone.

She gasped in shock and met a pair of light-brown, deep eyes.

“President, you…”  she struggled and said, “No… Put me down.”

Huai Jing looked at the woman who was struggling to get down, so he hugged her tighter, carried her out of the market and got into his car. 

Xu Xingxing felt that Huai Jing was like a nightmare, and when she was about to forget, he came again.

When Xu Xingxing was in the co-pilot seat, she asked, “Why is Mr.Huai here”

 “I’m following you.” He answered.

Xu Xingxing was shocked, and she didn’t expect him to be this shameless after she rejected his proposal that day at the company.

Huai Jing looked at Xu Xingxing’s swollen ankle and said: “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

 Her heart was beating very fast, her face turned red, and she was frightened.

“No, no… No need to go to the hospital.

I can go home.”

 A chuckle echoed in the car.

“Why, afraid of me” Huai Jing looked at her with a smile on his lips.

 Xu Xingxing finally got the courage to ask, “What do you want from me”

 Huai Jing narrowed his eyes: “I want to take care of you.”


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