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“…I wonder if they ended up dating each other.”

As I went to Chiharu-san’s room, I was confident that Kuromine-kun and Haruka-san would make up.

I did not know the details of their conversation, but I can imagine what Haruka-san was thinking when she was near the apartment.

I knew that Haruka-san was concerned about Kuromine-kun too.

Of course, I also know that Kuromine-kun cares about Haruka-san…

I knew that if I gave the two of them a chance to discuss things, they would get closer.

I knew that, so I left my house.


A mysterious pain struck my chest.

I wonder why.

When I left Kuromine-kun and Haruka-san alone, I had a very bad feeling.

…No, I had begun to see it dimly before.

I was beginning to understand, but somewhere in my head I knew this was a thought that would never come true, so I pretended not to know.


I sighed and looked around Chiharu-san’s room.

I was forced to sit in the corner of the room, sitting on the floor.

Incidentally, Chiharu-san is sleeping soundly on her futon, surrounded by several cans of beer.

“Kuromine-kun and Haruka-san are going out…That’s for the best.

Those two look good together……In the first place, someone like me――”

I remember my life with Kuromine-kun so far.

I was finally getting used to my current life and was just getting started――It was like that.

That, too, will end today.

It was not a good idea to let a guy with a girlfriend stay at my house, no matter how much I’m worried about my stalker.

I clenched my teeth and desperately tried to hold back my tears.

“Uu…uuughh…..this was the right thing to do……”

I guess I can’t cover up my emotions anymore.

――――I also like Kuromine-kun.

As soon as I became aware of my first love, I knew I had lost it.


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