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Time slowly passes as we stare at each other.

From outside we could hear the joyful voices of children.

What should I do in this situation Hoshimiya is pushing me down, and our faces are so close that our breaths collide with each other.

In addition, I am half naked.

I could have moved if Hoshimiya had taken some kind of action, but the girl in front of me was frozen like a stone statue.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore and open my mouth.

“…Hoshimiya Could you move out of the way”


She won’t move!

A girl being on top of me is bad for my heart.

I can’t stop it from pounding.

“Um… Hoshimiya-san”



“Kuromine-kun…Do you still like Haruka-san”



Why are you asking me in this situation

That makes it sound as if Hoshimiya is interested in me————

The next moment, I heard a light ringtone from the phone on the table.

It was Hoshimiya’s phone.


“Don’t you have to answer it”

“U, un….I have to answer it.”

Hoshimiya, who got off my body after some hesitation, picked up her phone and answered the call.

“Ah, Kana”

The other party seemed to be a friend from the same class.

Hoshimiya walked out of the room while continuing the call.


Was…this a save…”

If the call had not come, what would Hoshimiya have said

That serious expression, with the embarrassment stifled, is familiar to me from somewhere.

Yes, it’s a drama.

A youth romance drama.

It looked just like the expression on the face of the naive heroine when she confessed her feelings to the protagonist.

“…N, no~.

There’s no way.”

Hoshimiya for me Haha, that’s ridiculous.

What is it about me that would make you fall in love with me

I did things that would have been a turn-off to a girl, like hugging her out of the blue and holding an erotic book in my hand.

But… There were a few things she did and said that seemed to indicate that she was interested in me…Like wiping my sweat…

No, Hoshimiya is an exceptionally kind girl, and it could be something other than a favour.

“Don’t get it wrong, me.

I already regretted it to death once.”

I warned myself by putting it into words.

I once confessed to my childhood friend and I was convinced it would go well, and not only did I miserably fail, I didn’t even win the game.

Girls are more suggestive than I think.

It’s probably the same for Hoshimiya.



“I’m sorry~.

I had to run an errand today and couldn’t make it…No, no! I don’t have a boyfriend! …Alright, then~”

I had moved to the bathroom, hung up the phone, and stared blankly at the darkened screen of my phone.


Shame runs through my body, I hold my head and utter an inaudible voice.

“…What’s wrong with me Was I the type to do something like that”

Troubled by my racing heart, I slam my forehead against the door.

“It’s impossible….Even Kuromine-kun was very confused…”

That’s right.

He was suddenly wiped clean of sweat and pushed down.

Anyone would have been confused, right I cooled down a little and almost fainted looking back at my actions.

“But…That’s what the owner told me…I mean, Kuromine-kun is really with me… Nnn~~~~~!”

———I can’t control myself.

I was swept up in a mysterious emotion that swirled hotly in my chest.

“…I think I’ll stay here a little longer.

Until I calm down.”


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