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1131 Biased

Then, he frowned and looked at Yu Pingchuan, who was behind him.

“Ah Li has been here for so long, why didnt you even give her a glass of water”

Yu Pingchuan was stunned.

The moment she came in, she already heard him scolding the heavens and earth.

Shen Li coughed.

“Master, Ill help myself from the fridge.

Theres no need to trouble Senior Brother.

Mei Yanqings expression finally relaxed.

“There are some peaches I just bought yesterday.

Ill make juice for you later.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“No need to thank me.

I see that the schedule for your competition in Leland this time was quite tight, right It seemed like there were other racers ganging up against you.”

As he spoke of this, Mei Yanqing was filled with anger.

Yu Pingchuans mouth twitched.

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It was just that one match, how could the schedule be tight

As for those racers, yes, they had used some dirty tricks on her during the race, but it seemed like she was the one who had beat them in the end, right

Of course, these words could not be said out loud.

In Mei Yanqings eyes, Shen Li had been bullied badly in the competition this time.

He had completely ignored his own disciples crazy counterattack in the second half of the battle.

No matter which way he looked at her, his heart ached.

Yu Pingchuan let out a long sigh.

He finally understood that even if his Little Junior Sister had made a huge mistake, it would still be someone elses fault.

Even when Mei Yanqing was so angry over the painting, he would rather tear off all pretense of cordiality and fight to the death with Ronai than say a word to her.

He was jealous, but in the end, he vented all his anger on someone else.

Shen Li followed Mei Yanqing inside and said, “Actually, it wasnt that bad.

They didnt do anything to me, and we won in the end–”

“It was the fact that they dared to do it!”

Mei Yanqing scoffed coldly.

Shen Li wisely stayed quiet.

Forget it, there did not seem to be a point in continuing to communicate…

She changed the topic.

“What would you like to eat Winter melon pork rib soup”

Mei Yanqings attention was finally diverted.

“Alright,” he said.

At the dining table, Mei Yanqing asked her more questions about her time in Leland.

Shen Li decided on a few things to tell him about.

“Actually, I just went to the Victoria Velodrome to train and familiarize myself with the track conditions.”

Of course, she did not dare to say anything about Gambler.

Yu Pingchuan said, “Then, you didnt have any time to have fun during the few days you were there”

Mei Yan coldly snorted.

“There was only one day left after the competition.

Instead of letting you rest, Ronai insisted on taking you to visit his private art gallery.

Whats wrong with him ”

Shen Li stayed quiet.

Yu Pingchuan was flabbergasted.

He really had not meant it that way…

“Actually… I still managed to go to some places.” Shen Li tried her best to salvage the situation.

Then, she suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, right, I also encountered Tao Siwen there.”

“Tao Siwen” Mei Yanqing frowned, his face filled with undisguisable disgust.

“What was he doing there”

“Im not too sure about that.

I just happened to see him.

He probably didnt see me.” Shen Li observed Mei Yanqings expression and asked.

“Master, it doesnt seem like you like him…”

Yu Pingchuan explained, “Ah Li, you might not know this, but Tao Siwen wanted to buy masters painting in the past.

After Master rejected him, he even asked people to come over several times to plead on his behalf.

Thats why Master doesnt like him.”

Shen Li paused, “This…”

This did not seem to warrant such anger, right

After all, there were simply too many people who wanted to collect Mei Yanqings paintings.

Seeming to have guessed what she was thinking, Yu Pingchuan gave Mei Yanqing a careful look before continuing to speak.

“Actually, the main reason was that he saw that there was no hope for for his request to be met so he bought a fake one and kept it in his home.”

“What” Shen Li was stunned.

“It was “Lute.” Although it happened a long time ago, Yu Pingchuan still felt at a loss for words when he thought about it.

“I mean, didnt Master donate it to the National Art Gallery Who wouldve known that Tao Siwen would buy a fake painting for his collection It was when someone went to his house and accidentally saw it that Master found out about it.”

Shen Li frowned.

No wonder.

No one would be happy if this happened to them, especially Mei Yanqing, who was extremely aloof.

Not being able to get his hands on the real one, Tao Siwen had deliberately gotten a fake one made and hung it in his home.

This kind of behavior was really disgusting.

Tao Siwen had not shown any respect for Mei Yanqing and his painting.

It was no wonder that Mei Yanqing had such a reaction when he heard this name.

She thought for a moment and recalled that Tao Siwen had gone to Seventh Street at that time.

She became more and more suspicious.

“Then… whats his relationship with the art association like”

Yu Pingchuan did not know why she suddenly asked this, but he still shook his head.

“Not very good.”

Mei Yanqing was the chairman of the art association, and Tao Siwens actions had really disgusted him.

Many people in the art association knew about this.

Moreover, scholars always had a bit of pride in their bones, so they were naturally unwilling to have too much contact with people like Tao Siwen, who reeked of money and was deliberately artistically attached to the culture, as it would dirty their reputation unnecessarily.

Shen Lis brows furrowed even more when she heard this.

Not very good

However, she had clearly seen Tao Siwen eating with a few people from the art association, and Shi Yang had also been among them.

That gathering really had not looked like a “not-so-good” relationship…

However, this was hard to say.

After all, other people had been there on the same day too, so perhaps it was a gathering that someone else had set up.

Having a meal together did not mean anything.

“Whats wrong Why are you suddenly asking about this” Yu Pingchuan asked.

“Nothing,” Shen Li shook her head.

Mei Yanqing snorted.

“Its really bad luck to meet such a person! In the future, you should stay as far away as possible.”

Shen Li nodded.

“Thank you, Master.

I understand.”

Time passed by slowly, and Shen Lis school life finally returned to normal.

She began her days of going back and forth between school and home.

Because of her new research project, she spent more time in the laboratory than before.

Fortunately, she had already applied for the second round of the course-exemption exam when school started and passed all of them smoothly.

Therefore, she did not have many classes this semester and had plenty of time and freedom.

Physics Department Laboratory 601.

“Its finally settled!”

Tang Yi stopped what he was doing and leaned back in his chair to stretch.

The past few days had made his eyes red.

If it had not been for Shen Lis help, he might have had to suffer for another three days.

He rubbed his neck and asked, “By the way, Little Junior Sister, according to the credits youve received so far, youll be able to meet the graduation requirements after you finish your second year, right”

He had also completed his university studies ahead of time, so he was quite familiar with this process.

Shen Li was flipping through the latest issue of Universe as she nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Tang Yis interest was piqued.

“Ah, then are you planning on coming over to study under our boss for a Ph.D.”

With her current experience, she was definitely qualified.

Shen li paused.


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