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Ch.24 Part 3 – The Cold Pond (III)

The spiritual essence was located on the spring eye at the bottom of the cold pond.

Both the place and quantity was very small.

It took more than one hundred years to gather half a bottle.

Meng Qi once returned to Qingfeng Valley after formed her core in her previous life.

At that time, the place had been raided and looted by demon cultivators, and nothing was left.

Except for this cold pond’s water spring.


After diving into the water for three days, Meng Qi finally found the spring eye location and gathered the spiritual essence into a tiny bottle.

And now, she swam in the direction of her memory.

Cultivators in the Qi Condensation stage could already breathe without relying on air, but the pool water was still so cold, and she didn’t want to stay here for too long.


When Meng Qi approached the spring source, she saw some dark shadows from the front.

The cold pond’s water wasn’t clear.

When diving in the bottom, people often couldn’t see what was ahead.

Meng Qi hesitated.

However, the location of the shadow exactly where the spring was.

And the shadow didn’t look to be dangerous.

They were simply floating and staying in place.

She took out her small medicine knife from the storage bracelet and kept swimming forward.

“Huh This is…” Meng Qi widened her eyes in surprise.

The black shadows group turned out to be one person, wearing a black robe, floating face-down above the spring.

There was a black belt around his waist, with the other end was tied to the spring eye.

It was unclear whether the man tied himself on the spring, or someone else deliberately did it.

Meng Qi swam around the man for a while, but the other party didn’t move at all.

Maybe he was passed out, or already… Meng Qi’s heart jumped.

She quickly swam towards the man and stopped right next to him.

She reached out and gripped his shoulder, carefully turning him sideways.

Meng Qi: “!!!”

The person floating in the bottom of the cold pond was a young man.

His face was pale, with tightly closed eyes.

The young face looked distorted in the water, but even so, couldn’t hide his handsomeness in the slightest.

For a split second, Meng Qi’s brain stopped working.

But the hands on the man’s shoulder, as if having its own consciousness, automatically moved to check his physical condition.

Still alive.

Meng Qi subconsciously sighed in relief.

Her right hand quickly activated a spell near the man’s eyebrows, while her left hand was going to take the medicine inside her storage space.

But her hand that just touched the other person’s forehead suddenly froze in shock.

He is one of them!

Lu Qingran’s ardent suitor!

And also a very powerful one!

This person is even more powerful than Chu Tianfeng and that chattery fox!

Should she save him!

Meng Qi pursed her lips.

Although the man was still alive, she could feel how chaotic his pulse was.

The aura inside his body was in a mess: rampantly charging around and entirely out of his control.

Of course she knew the reason.

This guy already reached the peak of the Golden Core stage.

To be promoted to each small realm, all cultivators from Golden Core and above had to pass a tribulation.

The tribulation thunder between each realm of the Golden Core stage was very weak.

But after reaching the Golden Core peak, the tribulation thunder to break through into the Nascent Soul stage was very big.

When this man was receiving his tribulation, he was stabbed in the back by his former friend, causing Qi deviation, and his spiritual aura lashed back.

Although he managed to escape with his life, he was now weaker to an ordinary Qi Condensation cultivator.

He must use his last strength to tied himself here.

The spiritual essence of a cold pond indeed has the ability to calm the aura that has become chaotic because of his Qi deviation.

But if he relied only on spiritual essence to completely heal himself, it would probably take hundreds of years.

Meng Qi frowned.

She remembered that this man did not show up so early.

He only appeared after they arrived in Fentian City.

So now…

Her eyes flickered.

Save or not

No need!

Meng Qi thought of the events from her previous life and let go of her grip on the man.

Anyway, he wouldn’t die.

So just let him stay here.

She took out a small porcelain bottle from the storage bracelet and prepared to fill it with the spiritual essence of the cold pond.

This thing was very rare, hundreds of years needed just to accumulate a small bottle.

Meng Qi was not sure how deep Xiao Qi’s poison was, or how much spiritual essence he needed.

So she simply took away all the essence that had been accumulated for more than one hundred years in the cold pond’s spring.

If there was leftover, she could sell it.

Because of its rarity, although cold pond’s spiritual essence wasn’t a legendary treasure, it still wasn’t cheap and was sold by drop.

Meng Qi took the last drop and put the porcelain bottle away in satisfaction when the black-robed man suddenly struggled frantically.

“Uh…” He groaned loudly, either because of pain or…

What a blunder! Meng Qi suddenly startled.

She forgot!

This guy chose to recuperate here, first, was because the cold pond could hide his presence, so he wouldn’t easily be found.

Another reason was because of the existence of the spiritual essence.

This thing was particularly useful for qi deviation and had a significant effect on appeasing a chaotic aura.

If she took it away, this man would be in danger!

Save him or not

Countless thoughts flashed in Meng Qi’s mind.


A voice was screaming at her.

This man was also Lu Qingran’s admirer, and most importantly, was very cruel and merciless!

If he died here, then just be it…

Meng Qi’s hand clenched into a fist.

The black-robed man struggled even harder, his limbs started to twitch, and his originally beautiful face became frightening.

When he struggled, the cold water was stirred, splashing Meng Qi’s body.

His face became more and more distorted.

Meng Qi muttered: if he dies, then so be it!

Anyway, he wasn’t a good person.

The most important thing was for herself to be alive…

Damn it!

Meng Qi suddenly stretched out her hand, grabbed the man’s arm, and dragged him towards the water surface.


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