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Ch.5 Part 2 – His Change (II)

 June 9, 2020February 6, 2021By koffeam

“Master …” Watching the two left one after another, Lu Qingran’s eyes reddened once again.

She bit her lower lip and turned to look at Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader: “Is Junior Sister angry at me”

“Even Tianfeng, is he also angry”

“It’s alright.” The Sect Leader lovingly stroke Lu Qingran’s head.

This was her most valued disciple.

She might bring Qingfeng Valley to a higher level in the future, so the Sect Leader had a high expectation for Lu Qingran.

“You just wake up.

Don’t worry too much and take a few days to rest.”


“Yes.” Lu Qingran obediently nodded.

“Junior Sister is really amazing.” She pondered for a while, then added: “The devil beast that we encountered that day was very strong.

Tianfeng was still a Golden Core cultivator and wasn’t the beast’s opponent, yet he stood forward to protect me…” Lu Qingran’s voice gradually became smaller.

A trace of shyness flashed across her face, recalling the scene where the young man protected herself with all his might.

“He was injured and poisoned, and the beast was chasing after us.

I thought at the time that I could never see master again.” Tears once again rolled down Lu Qingran’s face.

The Sect Leader sighed.

She reached out and patted her disciple’s shoulder: “Meng Qi is really only in Qi Condensation stage.

I also asked Elder Yan, her medical cultivation is truly still in the second rank.”

“So how did she…”

“I don’t know.” The Sect Leader shook her head.

“Just…” Talking about Meng Qi gave her a headache.

“She asked for spirit stones as the payment of curing Fellow Daoist Chu’s poison.”

“Ah “Lu Qingran opened her eyes in astonishment.

“I don’t know what’s in her mind.” The Sect Leader didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“If she could cure a poison way above her cultivation level and save the life of Fellow Daoist Chu, such accomplishment cannot be calculated by a mere spirit stone.

Yet she still demanded those payments.”

“That… Junior Sister she …” Lu Qingran blinked, “Does she lack money”

“I don’t know.” The Sect Leader could only smile bitterly, “Even you… You have been unconscious for several days, and our sect’s Heart Cleansing pill was completely useless.

It was Meng Qi’s pill that woke you up.”

Lu Qingran was even more surprised.

“It’s okay.

You just wake up.

These things can be discussed later.” The Sect Leader patted her head again.

“But Meng Qi saved Chu Tianfeng and also saved you.

Later you shouldn’t say anything that may be regarded as doubting her.”

“Yes.” Lu Qingran nodded.

“This disciple won’t be rude to her again.”

“I can’t blame you.” The Sect Leader smiled softly, “You were too concerned about Daoist Chu’s safety, and your worry made you panic.”

“Master……” With a coquettish voice, Lu Qingran fell into her master’s arms.

Her star-like eyes shined, and the tall figure of a black-robed young man who stood forward to protect her seemed to have appeared before her once again.

Compared with all other male disciples in Qingfeng Valley, he was the most handsome man she ever saw in her whole life.

And he was so strong, yet very carefully took care of her.

Protected by his arms, although they were facing a frightening devil beast, Lu Qingran felt more bashfulness and excitement rather than fear.


Lu Qingran’s eyes flashed slightly.

Although Junior Sister Meng Qi was always looking cold, many male disciples had a crush on her.

And now she was so talented that she could even detoxify Chu Tianfeng.

Would Tianfeng felt grateful, and thus would also be caring towards her

Meng Qi was unaware of Lu Qingran’s worry.

After she left the courtyard, she walked towards the cold pond at the mountain peak without uttering a single word.

Although Qingfeng Valley was small, it was still a cultivational sect.

Counting all disciples and elders, it had a hundred or so members.

The disciples she met along the way already heard the rumors about this Junior Sister Meng Qi that spread around these days.

So at this time, when they saw Meng Qi has been back and then openly coming out from Lu Qingran’s room, many people couldn’t help looking at her curiously.

But they immediately saw the Fentian Palace’s Young Master followed behind.

Those who are curious and want to see gossip closely watched the two people.

The first to confront them wasn’t Meng Qi, but Chu Tianfeng, who walked behind her.

The black-robed young man’s cold eyes arrogantly swept around the people nearby.

No disciples in Qingfeng Valley dared to keep staring at them.

Although he was injured and poisoned, and even his cultivation was also suppressed, but after all, he was still the young master of Fentian Palace.

At his young age, he wasn’t necessarily weaker than their own sect leader.

Everyone who wanted to watch a good show was forced to retreat by Chu Tianfeng.

In an instant, their surrounding became quiet.

Without slowing her pace, Meng Qi took another small bamboo slip from her bracelet-shaped storage space.

This was the sect’s 《Local Herbs Record》 she borrowed from Elder Yan before she went to gather medicinal plants.

Meng Qi also studied this book in her previous life.

The bamboo slip recorded the medical properties of various medicinal plants and herbs, written by generations of Qingfeng Valley’s disciples.

After she left Qingfeng Valley in her previous life, Meng Qi met her Master.

She learned a lot from that man.

Thanks to him, she gradually had the understanding that anything in this world didn’t need to be so strictly divided by grades.

So Meng Qi started to pay more attention to low-level medical spells and pills.

When she read this book in the past, she ignored many parts.

After rebirth, her contribution score to the sect temporarily wasn’t enough for her to borrow it.

Finally, she had enough score, so before she went to collect herbs, Meng Qi checked this book out from the library pavilion and was ready to do more research.

Meng Qi was so immersed that she did not notice the attitude of those other disciples.

She didn’t even know that after they left, the disciples who were intimidated by Chu Tianfeng were looking at each other with an astonished face.

Why did they feel that the situation was a bit wrong ah

Why did they feel that Fentian Palace’s Young Master acted like Meng Qi’s guard!

They must be daydreaming!

The two people’s walk to the edge of the cold pond was filled with silence.

After arriving, Meng Qi put back the《Local Herbs Record》and turned around at Chu Tianfeng: “Take off your clothes.”

Meng Qi still remembered that when she gave him the same instruction yesterday, the man acted very haughtily.

He sneered and looked at her with sarcasm and disdain, plus some inexplicable rumination.

But now, when she gave a similar sentence, Chu Tianfeng’s face instantly turned red.

Turning away his eyes, he raised his hands to hold his belt: “Ca-can I keep my clothes on”

Meng Qi: “”

This isn’t the first time, why do you look so shy!



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