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"Uh, hh…… hhhh… !”

All he could do was make a weak scream.

Caught by the branches of the World Tree, his body was rapidly decreasing in size.

Then, after he was the size of a small ball, he couldn't be sucked in anymore.

What had been sucked in so far was nothing but water without the energy or mana that could be felt inside his body, and what was left now seemed to be his main body.

“Is this his true form”

“Ugh … .”

As I grabbed it in my hand and lifted it up, a small human being wriggled and made a sound as if it were in pain.



Are you okay"

When I answered that I was okay to the two people who approached me, Jin Ye-Seul snatched him from my hand.

Then she began to squeeze his body, and each time she did, his body swelled strangely like a water balloon.

“How does this bastard dare… !”

“That, argh… !”

"Die! Die! Explode and die!”

“Argh… !”

Horie Yuzuki murmured after staring at it for a moment.

“This is a big harvest.

Captivating a member of the Red Case...… .”

Then she put him in a glass bottle she had brought from somewhere.

She closed the mouth of the glass bottle tightly, muttering quietly, but as if relieved.

"Thank God…… Still, that person won't be in much trouble...… .”

“So what should we do now Should we find that person and bring him first"

I answered Jin Ye-Seul as I rubbed my right arm, which had become stiff from using the brunch of the World Tree forcibly.

“Red Case’s watering team is basically a three-person team.

It's normal to assume that there's at least one person left somewhere.”

"First of all, I'll go outside and contact the guild master.

Since we can't contact the outside world here...… And if he doesn't answer right away, I'll just summarize the situation and text him., and We'll start...… .”

It was when we were sharing opinions like that.

Suddenly, we heard a breathing sound coming from the speakers.

― Damn it, it's finally back to normal.

Hey, Acclair! what happened!

An irritated woman's voice resounded through the square.

Jin Ye-Seul, who was looking around quickly, noticed that there was a microphone next to the tightly closed door and pointed silently.

“Uh, uh… !”

The man trapped inside the glass bottle, Acclair, tapped the glass bottle with a weak gesture.

Then, Horie Yuzuki shook the glass bottle hard, as if to tell him to stay still.

She gave a small snort at the sight of him stumbling as if in pain as he bumped the glass bottle here and there.

― Whaat, Why aren't you answering Are you dead Hey! Acclair!

The woman over the speaker was stretching her words and screaming, full of annoyance.

What should I do

Meanwhile, Jin Ye-Seul looked at me and smiled, and stepped towards the speaker.

Then she put her fingers on her neck and opened her mouth.


I just needed to catch my breath."

Surprisingly, a man's voice came out of her mouth.

It was the voice of the man in a glass bottle.

Horie Yuzuki and the man inside the glass bottle looked at her in surprise, and I looked at her Jin Ye-Seul in a different sense of surprise.

I didn't expect her to learn it in less than two days.

― What...… I was surprised.

How did it go

“Lee Myung-Joon has been removed as we planned, and I've killed all three people who came in with him."

— … Really You've killed them all


Come on over and help me out.

It's hard to move properly because the wounds I've received from them are quite large."

— Oh, yeah Help.

Don't worry.  I'll be right down.

Then, Jin Ye-Seul looked at me and moved her head from right to left as if she wanted me to praise her.

I nodded my head as if to say well done to her.

If the three of us make a surprise attack when she comes down from hiding....… .

— You.

When I was thinking like that.

Suddenly, another stream of water burst out of the sprinkler.

— Who are you

The water started to fill the room once more, but we couldn't move.

Beyond the speaker, the woman's low laughter was heard.

— He never uses the word killed to me.

He always says he took care of it.

I don't know who you are, but you're doing a cute thing.

Along with the words, there was a sign of movement beyond the speaker.

It sounded like she was getting up from her seat.

― I guess you can't answer now.

I don't know if you're dead or alive, but if possible, but I hope the scattered water will help you if possible, Acclair.

And you guys just stay there and wait.

She made a threatening sound like a beast.

― I'll be right there.

After those words, communication was cut off.

Jin Ye-Seul, whose face immediately became deadly pale, approached me, and she began to gibberish.

“Sor, sorry.

I, I just...


"It's okay.

It was unavoidable.”

"Bu, but… ! Sorry, I really wanted to do well...


“It’s not your fault.”

It really wasn't.

Rather, Jin Ye-Seul, who tried to lure the enemy without panic in that situation, was amazing.

I patted her on the shoulder a few times as if to reassure her.

“Uh, uh!”

“Stay still!”

When he struggled to see the pouring water from the glass bottle, Horie Yuzuki shook the glass bottle vigorously once more.

Looking at that, I just pulled out both the Yado's daggers and grabbed them.

“I know it's obvious, but you must never let him go, Horie-ssi.”

“Don’t worry, Ji-Hyuk.”

With those words, she held the chain in one hand and the glass bottle in another hand.

I thought it might break, but seeing her muttering something touching the glass bottle, I thought she must have used some kind of spell.

The three of us immediately took up a position.

It was a simple yet standard formation with Horie Yuzuki taking the front, Jin Ye-Seul taking the right-wing and me taking the left-wing, respectively, facing the hallway in three directions.

From over there, I could hear stomping footsteps. 

At that sound, I had the branches of the World Tree and Henir's Shadow ready to use at any moment.

The footsteps that I heard stopped.

And each of us took a posture so that we could attack at any moment.

As soon as the door opens, we pounce immediately.

I was thinking like that.



With a sudden sound of something violently hitting, Horie Yuzuki flew away with a scream.

The momentum was so strong that she rolled on the ground and hit the wall on the other side, barely stopping.

“Now, what… ”

As I muttered to myself at the incomprehensible situation, the door finally opened.

On the other side of the door, there was a woman in a fist bump position.

A sharp look in her eyes with a well-trained body.

With her skin tanned in a copper glow due to the sunlight, it was like looking at a feline beast. 

"You got funny, Acclair."

Looking at the man in the glass bottle, she muttered quietly.

Then she slowly loosened her posture and said.

"Don't worry.

I'll have you out in no time."

“Kill her!”

At my cry, Jin Ye-Seul rushed at her with her eyes shining like a beast.

Then, matching the pace, I also rushed in with the intention of supporting her with all my might.


But somehow, she was one step faster than us.

Suddenly, she crossed her fists and raised them upward, and then she slammed them down on this side.

And Jin Ye-Seul and I were hit almost simultaneously and flew away.

I didn't even have time to figure out what I was attacked by.

I didn't know what had happened to Jin Ye-Seul, but at least I knew that I had been hit in the jaw.

I couldn't do anything because my head was ringing.

When I came to my senses, I was on both knees and vomiting.

“What, why couldn't I break it"

Then, I heard a woman's curious voice.

Then, seeing Horie Yuzuki coughing in pain, she muttered as if she understood.

“Horie Yuzuki.

That's right, a warp and space-related ability.

You've made a useless move."

With those words, she muttered as if she had come to a conclusion.

“If I break your skull, it'll be solved, right”

Then, she quickly pulled her head back.

A thin needle whizzed past where her head had been a moment ago.

She faced Jin Ye-Seul, who was holding her stomach and glaring at her as if she was going to kill her.

Jin Ye-Seul let out a rough breath and rushed at her.

When the woman hit the air, another drum-like sound erupted, but it did not cause any damage to Jin Ye-Seul.

Flowing Snake.

She looked surprised for a moment at her footwork and began to punch the air with her fist, as if it was just that.

However, to her surprise, Jin Ye-Seul was dodging all of her invisible attacks.

“… What, you dodged them"

"You can see it once you see it."

Jin Ye-Seul said with a fishy smile, but she was just dodging them.

And both sides knew the fact well.

“Then keep looking and dodging, let's see how long you can.”

With those words, she continued to press Jin Ye-Seul.

Jin Ye-Seul continued to dodge her attacks, occasionally clenching her teeth whenever an attack grazed past by.

'What the hell...… .'

The invisible attacks are diverse.

And because it was so diverse, there were many things that had to be predicted.

If I misunderstood the enemy's ability, I could literally be in deep **.

I bit the inside of my mouth, trying to shake my still ringing head.

I felt like I was coming out of it with the aching pain.

I had to focus.

What exactly is the enemy's ability

Telekinesis Space series Or wind

Meanwhile, I could see strange ripples spreading on the surface of the water, riding on her ankles every time she attacked.


Yes, that was it.

“Jin Ye-Seul!”

I clenched my teeth and shouted loudly.

“It’s wave! She hits the air and attacks with shock waves!"

As soon as I said that, she waved her arm furiously, as if she were telling me to shut my mouth.

I quickly blocked it with Henir's Shadow, but the shock drove me far away.

“Ji-Hyuk! You are… !”

"You're kind of annoying.”

I think my bones are broken.

As I was somehow raising my body while clutching my stomach, I heard a loud sound of metal and something smashed.

When I came to my senses, I saw Jin Ye-Seul flying helplessly towards me.

I hurriedly caught her with the branches of the World Tree, but thanks to that, I fell back once more.




As if she had been hit in the stomach, Jin Ye-Seul retched and threw up.

The problem was that I was underneath her, and what she threw up fell on my shoulder.

And Jin Ye-Seul, who noticed the fact, was surprised and scooped out the water with both hands, sprinkling water with a splashing sound, and wiped my clothes.

“I, I’m sorry! I'm really sorry, I'll buy you a new one later!"

“It’s okay, just get up…… .”


Jin Ye-Seul quickly got up and straightened her posture.

Then she helped me quickly, so I somehow managed to get up.

Before I knew it, the woman with a gauntlet-like weapon in her hands was looking this way with a grin.

It was that thing that made that noise.

I glanced and saw that the blade that had popped out of Jin Ye-Seul's shoe had been shattered.

“What about the other weapons”

“Everything is smashed.”

It would be nice if I could hand her the Yado's daggers, but I lost it while flying around getting hit earlier, so I don't know where I dropped it.

Meanwhile, I was able to suddenly recall some facts as she looked at this side and clanked her gauntlets as if threatening.

Originally, Henir's Shadow was Jin Ye-Seul's skill.

And the fact that she wore it like armor and engaged in close combat.

“Hey, um.


“Shut up and wait.”

I just put my hand on her back.

Jin Ye-Seul muttered as if embarrassed, but now was not the time to worry about such things.

“… Huh"

Immediately, according to my will, Henir's Shadow began to cover Jin Ye-Seul's body.

She had Henir's Shadow all over her body as if she had put on armor.

And as soon as Jin Ye-Seul realized that, she suddenly burst into tears.

“Euk… !”

“Wha, what, what's wrong with you"

When I asked, surprised, she said in a nasal voice, with tears in her eyes.

“No, I just love it…… I'm so touched.… I have no regrets even if I die now.”

“…… .”

I didn't say anything about it.

I just grabbed Banshee's necklace and weakened the woman looking at us.

“Ug, what kind of trick… !”

“That woman is weaker than before, and you are stronger than before.”

While she staggered at the sensation of pressing on her body, I gently placed my hand on Jin Ye-Seul's shoulder, who was still in boundless emotion.

“Then what should you do now”

Instead of answering my words, Jin Ye-Seul immediately threw himself towards her.

It was much faster than before, and the momentum was threatening.

“Ugh…… .”

As soon as Jin Ye-Seul disappeared, my expression collapsed.

Not joking, it was hard to breathe as if my ribs were broken.

It was not a pleasant experience, but I was able to roughly gauge it because I broke it when I was young.

I can't move.

As I was thinking this, my eyes fell on the bracelet on my arm.

Oak Chieftain's bracelet.

With that, I immediately used the skills that fit me the most in the current situation.

[The skill 'Fortitude' was used.]

[The will begins to spring up again in the body and mind that is collapsing!]

“Cough, cough…… .”

While Jin Ye-Seul was buying time, I hurried my legs and approached Yuzuki Horie, who was lying down.

Fortunately, she was still breathing, but she still couldn't move properly because of where she was hit.

I grabbed her from behind and dragged her to the safest place I could.

It was because if she stayed in such a visible place, there was a good possibility that she would be hit by a blind attack.

Despite all this, she was still holding the glass bottle tightly.

I looked it up just in case, but I didn't see any cracks or broken parts.

Though that might not have been good news for the man trapped inside.

"I'm sorry, I can't…… do anything.”

"It's okay, so get some rest."

Saying that, I turned my head and looked at the two of them fighting.

Jin Ye-Seul, who was covered in Henir's Shadow, was obviously stronger than before, but she was still only barely equal to the opponent.

In the first place, Jin Ye-Seul's compatibility with an opponent, who had the means to attack her from a distance was the worst.

That was why her method was to close her distance faster than anyone else and finish them off in close combat, but if the opponent was able to attack regardless of distance with punches like that, it was natural that it would be difficult for her to deal with her, no matter how much she was. 

And it wasn't that the opponent was weak in close combat. 

I sent the branches of the world tree to the ground to assist Jin Ye-Seul.

The water was filled to the ankles and was cloudy with dust and debris, so it would be hard to notice at first glance.

It was when I stretched a branch right next to the two of them and aimed at her ankle and instantly swung it.

“Don’t screw with me, you cowardly bastard!”

“Kkeueuk… !”

As if she knew it from the beginning, she blew away all the branches of the world tree by rolling her foot once in a big way, and then thrust her fist deeply towards me.

I instantly raised my arm to avoid a direct hit, but in return my arm was broken in a spectacular way that anyone could see.

She seemed to be sensing the opponent's movement like a radar by scattering minute vibrations and waves around her.

I checked to be sure, and it was as I expected.

In return, breaking your arm was an unexpected loss, but...….

‘Anyone other than Jin Ye-Seul can't deal with her.’

She could sense all of her opponent's movements, her reflexes were fast, and each strike she fires was heavy.

Above all, the fact that she could attack regardless of distance was the most threatening.

It meant that in order to fight her head-on, Jin Ye-Seul's physical ability and combat sense were needed.


This time, I opened the portal with Henir's Shadow and stretched out the branches of the World Tree.

However, this time again, she dodged all the branches flying from her blind spot by a slight margin.

“You little parasite!”


In the meantime, I was hit one more time, and was thrown in the direction of Horie Yuzuki.

“Kkeueuk…… .”

Struggling in pain, I was able to draw a conclusion.

I have to attack at a high speed.

I had to attack as fast as I could, at least comparable to a gun.

Even if she could sense it, it would be useless if she couldn't avoid it.

But there's no way I have that kind of attack...… .


As I tried to stand up with my hands on the ground, I saw the branch of the World Tree manifesting its will from my right arm.

That's right.

The branch of the World Tree is originally used as a bow to exert its true power.

And in preparation for that time, I learned archery skills from Professor Grossman, and even received guidance from Lee Ye-Eun.

But even so, my ability was still just a baby.

Although I could shoot a bow, I was not good enough to hit an opponent like that.

Meanwhile, the branch of the World Tree, which had escaped from the right arm arbitrarily, took the form of a bow.

As if he would not lose to him, Henir's Shadow also revealed his presence.

Only then could I know what the two wanted to say to me.

“Keuk… !”

One arm was broken, so I couldn't properly pull the string with my hand.

I had no choice but to press the bow with my foot and pull the string with the other hand powefully.

I needed an arrow.

And I instinctively used Nidhogg's fang as the arrowhead and the branch of the World Tree as the arrowbody, tying the two together.

It was an ironic arrow with each other at opposite ends.

I leaned against the wall and drew the bow to the full.

Horie Yuzuki was looking at me puzzledly as I drew the bow from behind the cover so that she could not see it.

But I didn't hesitate at all.

In front of me, Henir's Shadow opened a portal in the direction the arrow would fly.

The condition for using Henir's Shadow is that there must be a shadow at the entrance and exit.

And what can be moved is limited to possessions that are in contact with the owner's body.

Since the branch of the World Tree is parasitic on me, it is judged as if it were my body.

It meant that everything was ready.

“Jin Ye-Seul!”

I shouted her name, who was out of my sight.

I couldn't see her, but I could be sure she heard me.

“Trust me, rush in!”

Simultaneously with those words, I let go of the string.

At the same time, I could instinctively feel that the portal on the other side was opened from the tip of Jin Ye-Seul's fist.

[Mana has been depleted.]

[You have overexerted yourself for a while with a weakened body.

All physical stats will drop for a period of time.]

[Skill 'Fortitude' has been released.

The shock that was halved for the duration will be restored to its original state.]

The notification windows instantly come to mind.

And someone's scream.

That was the last thing I heard before I passed out.


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