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“Oh, that.

Isn't that Ye-Seul"


At the middle-aged woman's question, a woman with characteristic dark hair turned her head indifferently.

Wearing glasses, she looked for a moment and nodded slightly.


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Who is next to her Which family is he from”


"I don't know."


“Let’s go, Ye-Jeong, hurry up and follow me!”


The woman let out a small sigh as she urged her.

They soon approached where Jin Ye-Seul was dancing with a boy who appeared to be her classmate, smiling broadly.


And the fact that Jin Ye-Seul could smile like that made her older sister and the youngest professor at Urea, Jin Ye-Jeong, move her eyebrows as if a little surprised.

And the same went for her younger brother Jin Ye-Jun, who had a good relationship with Jin Ye-Seul.

However, the middle-aged woman looked unhappy with the situation.

She tried to fix her expression and drew the most elegant smile she could think of.




When Jin Ye-Seul spotted her, her expression instantly hardened, as if asking when she had smiled like that, and stared at her with inorganic eyes like glass beads.


When she met that gaze, she flinched slightly, but then tried to crack a smile.


“Oh my.

If you see an adult, you should say hello.”


“…… .”


At her appearance, Jin Ye-Seul stopped moving, and naturally her dancing partner also stopped moving.

At that short moment, she quickly moved her eyes to see her partner, and thought quietly.


The clothes aren't cheap, but they aren't good either.

His appearance is okay, but she doesn't like… the 'polite and sincere type'.

His sharp eyes look rebellious like Jin Ye-Seul.

Above all, it was the first time she saw him.


She was also well aware of the fact that the man who felt a commotion behind him and turned his head, Ivan Hunt, was the suddenly appearing young owner of the fallen Hunt family.


In short, the background of the man she couldn't remember would be terrible.


“Will you not even introduce me to who he is"


“… Why”


Jin Ye-Seul quietly stepped forward and asked.

The woman felt her anger rising at her words, as if she really didn't know why.


“This child, you still haven’t fixed your grumbling habit”


But as if refusing to acknowledge the fact that she was heated up by Jin-Ye-Seul, who was merely her daughter, she looked at the man with a gentle smile.


“It’s my first time seeing you.

I'm Park Hee-Sun, Ye-Seul's mother.”




Then the man immediately bowed his head and greeted her.


“Nice to meet you, I'm Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Ye-Seul and I are in the same class, and we are close friends.”


“Hmm, friends… .”


Jin Ye-Seul's eyes trembled softly at the tone of her words that said, it's hard to believe that you're friends with a kid like her.

She quickly walked forward, hiding Yoo Ji-Hyuk behind her.


"If you're here to pick a fight, why don't you just go and drink your favorite wine"




Jin Ye-Seul muttered with a small laugh.


“Though for someone who likes to drink that, you can't even read the logo properly."


"This… !”


Meanwhile, a woman sneaked forward.

She was Jin Ye-Jeong, her older sister.

Jin Ye-Seul frowned as the person she hated second most appeared in front of her eyes.


“You're appearing one after another.

Is that person here, too”


“Father was busy, so he couldn’t come.”


Unlike Jin Ye-Seul, Jin Ye-Jeong answered in a quiet voice.


“That’s very fortunate.”


“… You look healthier than before.”


Jin Ye-Seul snorted.


“What, are you pretending to care about me because you're in front of people It's disgusting, so stop."


As she said this, people gradually began to look at them.


The middle-aged woman, noticing it, gently moved her finger, and the wine glass placed on the table right next to Jin Ye-Seul spilled over to her side and wet her dress.

It should have been that way.


“… Huh."


Han Soo-Young, who was hiding behind Choi Hyun-Woo, snorted and moved her finger quickly.

Then, the wine that should have spilled toward Jin Ye-Seul, spilled toward her.




At the high-pitched scream, people's attention was immediately drawn.

Her dress was soaked with wine, and she fumbled to wipe it off, but to no avail.


"This… !”


Then suddenly, the woman slapped Jin Ye-Seul on the cheek with a fierce touch.

With a slapping sound, Jin Ye-Seul's head turned to the side.


At that moment, silence flowed, and Yoo Ji-Hyuk's eyes narrowed like a snake's.


“…… .”


Jin-Ye-Seul, who stopped his hand that was about to move by roughly grasping it, shook her head slightly.

Then she turned her head slowly and stared at the woman who slapped her on the cheek.


“How would it hurt me if you hit me like that"


"This, this… !”


It was when she was so angered that she didn't know what to do.

A middle-aged man thumped in as if he had been waiting.


“What's the fuss about"


“Ah, representative director.”


The middle-aged woman who immediately recognized that he was Na Il-Seong of the Naseong group, quickly let out a groan.

At that moment, Jin Ye-Jeong shook her head slightly.


“No, you see… This kid...



She narrated her words as if Jin Ye-Seul had poured her wine on her.

Hearing that, he said 'I got it.' and looked at Jin Ye-Seul, or more precisely, Yoo Ji-Hyuk.


“What are you standing there staring at right now Hurry up, apologize to the Mrs! No matter how rude you are, even in places like this...



He was famous for never forgetting a grudge, and he had not forgotten the fact that his only son, Na Il-Jun, had been humiliated and even been unconscious for a while because of Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

This was when Yoo Ji-Hyeok opened his mouth, laughing a little at his attitude.


“Is it okay to persecute young students so unjustly”


It was a beautiful voice.

When he looked to the side, he saw a young woman looking coldly at Na Il-Seong and Park Hee-Sun.

She was such a young woman that he thought she had just turned twenty.


‘Silver hair’


Yoo Ji-Hyuk looked at her in confusion.

There was only one silver hair he knew in this world.

However, it belonged to a man if it were to be judged by gender.

And he didn't even have such an unreasonably beautiful appearance.


“… Um, who are you, miss”


“Does it matter who I am”


She asked back to Na Il-Seong, who was speechless for a moment, in a nonchalant voice.

Then, looking around, she opened her mouth as if to be heard by the people who had gathered as if to watch.


“I happened to see it from a distance, but no matter how I looked at it, I couldn't make sense of it, so I interrupted.”


“… Then you'd better leave, miss.

As you can see, this is a personal family matter."


“Aren't you also an outsider, director”


At her question, Na Il-Seong shut his mouth.

Seeing her somehow overwhelm the others, Yoo Ji-Hyuk nodded slightly as if he understood now.


White hair that looks like silver hair.

Youthful appearance.

And she looks like half Choi Hyun-Woo and half Han Soo-Young.

It was clear that she was Nam Hyun-Hwa who become younger using her unique skill, metamorphosis.

… But why the hell is she here


While I was thinking quietly, another person appeared.

It was Ahn Joo-Hyuk.


"Oh… ! Director Ahn Joo-hyuk!”


At Ahn Joo-Hyuk's appearance, Na Il-Seong showed a triumphant expression.

It was the typical appearance of a person who thinks of others' power as his own.

Ahn Joo-Hyuk, who gently held out his hand to stop him as he approached happily, bowed his head slightly.


"Long time no see, representative director.”


After a brief greeting, he immediately looked at Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Then he approached him in a very friendly manner and talked to him.


“Hey, it’s been a really long time.

You haven't forgotten about me, have you"


Yoo Ji-Hyuk smiled as if he understood the meaning of the very welcoming voice.



I haven't seen you since that day."


"That's what I'm saying.

Myung-Joon really coverts you...

Do you know how much he's watching us in case our guild takes you away from him"


"Haha… .”


At that sight, Na Il-Seong seemed to be a bit perplexed.

He asked carefully.


"Um… Do you know each other”


“Ah, yes.

That's right.

He's a friend that I covet, but...

Lee Myung-Joon, that guy marked him first.

It's really unfortunate."


When Lee Myung-Joon's name came out, Na Il-Seong nodded with a subtle expression.

At a time when even Ahn Joo-Hyuk was too much to handle, a big name like Lee Myung-Joon came out.


“By the way, I saw you guys earlier and… It seems that there was a misunderstanding on both sides.

How about we just let it go There's no need to be so loud on a good day, right"


Ahn Joo-Hyuk smiled like that and stared at Na Il-Seong.


“And children learn by watching adults.

I think it's better to show a degree of maturity as an adult in these situations, but what do you think, director”


"That… .”


Na Il-Seong, who was openly humiliated, trembled his lips with anger and shame.

Then he spat out 'I'm sorry' as if tossing it, and immediately walked away with a thumping footstep.


“What about you, Mrs”


At Ahn Joo-Hyuk's words, Park Hee-Sun also closed her mouth.


“Are you siding with them"


"No way, I'm trying to save your face, Mrs."


Park Hee-Sun looked at the three alternately as if she was offended, then turned back and walked away.

Then, Jin Ye-Jeong bowed her head to the people around her, saying that she was sorry for causing a commotion, and quietly followed her. 


“…… .”


Jin Ye-Seul finally let go of Yoo Ji-Hyuk's wrist, which she had been holding tightly.

He tried to take a handkerchief from his inner pocket, but when he realized it was stained with blood, he carefully reached out his hand.


“… Are you okay”



It doesn’t hurt at all.”


When Yoo Ji-Hyuk carefully touched her cheek, Jin Ye-Seul smiled sweetly.


"It's swollen bright red, but what about… .”


As he muttered like that, he bowed his head towards Ahn Joo-Hyuk and young Nam Hyun-Hwa.


"Thank you for your help."


"What do you mean thank you I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner.”


Ahn Joo-Hyuk said so and extended his hand towards Jin Ye-Seul's cheek.

His hand seemed to shine for a moment, and before she knew it, her cheek was back to normal.


“Then see you later.”


With those words, he waved his hand and went away.

Meanwhile, Lee Yu-Na touched Jin Ye-Seul's cheek as if she was worried, and Han Soo-Young reached out and fixed the torn part of Jin Ye-Seul's dress to its original state.


"Hmm… .”


And Nam Hyun-Hwa nodded slightly, alternately looking at Han Soo-Young wearing the necklace she had given her, and at Yoo Ji-Hyuk and their strange-looking atmosphere.


"Then I'll get going, too.

Please enjoy yourselves."


As she left, the attention of the crowd gradually faded.

Jin Ye-Seul said quietly.


“Sorry, I ruined the mood.”


"I know.

What the hell was that all about"


Han Soo-Young replied like that and pushed Jin Ye-Seul and Yoo Ji-Hyuk's shoulders.


“Then go ahead and finish the dance.”




Pushing again on Jin Ye-Seul's shoulder, who seemed surprised at that moment, Han Soo-Young whispered to her.


“If you quit like this, won't you tell me later that I'm not fair"


Han Soo-Young smiled a little.


“This way, I'll feel comfortable taking him from you again."


At that, Jin Ye-Seul smiled as well.

And she soon held Yoo Ji-Hyuk's hand and led him back to the center of the hall, telling her not to regret it later.


“…… .”


Lee Yu-Na, who saw that right next to her, thought that it was fortunate that Jin Ye-Seul had regained her energy. 


* * *




After dancing with Han Soo-Young, Yoo Ji-Hyuk came out to the terrace to catch his breath for a while.


He knew that Jin Ye-Seul wasn't on good terms with her family, but knowing and seeing it in person were still two different things.

At that moment, when she slapped her, memories of the past came to mind and he almost rushed in without realizing it.

Maybe he really would have if Jin Ye-Seul hadn't caught him.




Meanwhile, Yoo Ji-Hyuk sniffed.

It smelled like alcohol.

He turned his head, wondering where in the world it was coming from, and was immediately startled.






The source of the smell was none other than Lee Ye-Eun.

She was sitting on a chair on the terrace, staring at him with her eyes wide open as if she had fallen asleep.


“… Ji-Hyuk”


When she asked in a dazed voice, Yoo Ji-Hyuk quickly tapped and touched his inner pocket.

Then, with skilled movements, Mandragora in his inner pocket slipped into his clothes, and he took off his coat and covered her cold body.


“You'll catch a cold if you sleep here.

But why on earth are you here...



"Oh, oh.

umm… I was being ugly."


Lee Ye-Eun, who immediately came to her senses, shook her head and woke up.

But she frowned as if her focus was still blurred.


“Should I bring you some water”


“No, it’s okay.”


Lee Ye-Eun muttered like that.

At that moment, she was a little surprised to find herself covered with Yoo Ji-Hyuk's coat, but it was ambiguous to return it now, so she squeezed it tightly.


It smelled like an air freshener, not perfume.

But somehow it seemed like him, and she involuntarily embraced it, burying her face in it.


“How much did you drink If you drink like that already...



“I, I didn't drink much! Just two drinks...

! I was just a little tired today from something that's been bothering me...



Obviously, Yoo Ji-Hyuk said it out of concern, but Lee Ye-Eun seemed to think she was pathetic.

Realizing that her current appearance was far from the ideal and perfect image of an older sister, she raised her voice as if making excuses.


“Wh, why is it like that, junior”


“Like what”


“The tie, tie! It’s crooked.”


Lee Ye-Eun, who quickly found Yoo Ji-Hyuk's disheveled appearance, thought, this is it.


A chance to show him what a dependable big sister looks like...!

She struggled to get up from her chair and stretched out her shaking hand.


“Okay, I’ll fix the tie for you.”


"It's okay, I can do it… .”




Lee Ye-Eun who made a sound as if she were a fretting puppy, grabbed his tie.

She thought it was worth practicing over and over again while watching videos, just in case.


But for some reason, instead of being properly tightened, the tie became more and more messy.

Yoo Ji-Hyuk even groaned unconsciously, as if he was strangled on the way.


“Uh, uh… This isn't it...


When I practiced, I definitely tied it nicely.

I practiced a lot because maybe, just maybe, I would tie it for my younger brother.

It definitely was good at the time...



“Aaaa… Why, why can't I do this...


Lee Ye-Eun muttered in a teary voice without realizing it.

She always wanted to be helpful and dependable, but in reality, she always like this.


She can't even tie a tie properly.

Once again, she felt that she was too pathetic. 


“Shi… .”


As Lee Ye-Eun muttered in a tearful voice, Yoo Ji-Hyuk carefully held her hand.

Then, holding her hand, he began to move it slowly.


“Come on, you can do it this way."


"Ah… .”


Seeing the tie neatly fastened in a flash, Lee Ye-Eun bit her lips.



Again I was not helpful to him.

No, rather, I'm just a hindrance.


"Uh… .”


She didn't know if this was because of the alcohol that still remained, or if it was an outburst of the emotions that had been accumulating up to this point.


What was certain was that his actions just now had become a trigger for the overflow of the cup that had filled to the brim.

And as a result, tears began to form in her eyes.


"Why, why… .”


“Senior, wait… Are you crying now”


“I, I’m not crying… why would I… .”


Tears rolled down Lee Ye-Eun's eyes as she answered while sobbing.

She didn't want to show her weakness to Yoo Ji-Hyuk.


But this was already the second time.

And the second was more violent than the first.


“Uh, huh… what's going on...


Why do the tears keep coming...



She pretended not to panic, wiping away her tears with a calm look.

But even after she wiped it, her tears did not stop flowing.


“Uh, This… this is strange.

Why, why won't they stop... Why do they keep...



Yoo Ji-Hyuk carefully grabbed her hand, as she began to wipe her tears.

Then he looked at her as if to say calm down, and said.


"Are you okay"


"Yes, yes.

But… .”




Yoo Ji-Hyuk was looking at her as if he was really worried.

In the midst of this, she thought that his eyes were kind unlike her own.



Are you really okay”




At those words, Lee Ye-Eun stopped talking without even realizing it.

Then she stared blankly at Yoo Ji-Hyuk.


“I'm, I'm okay… .”


She began to choke up.

She tried to run away again, but she couldn't.

Behind her was a cliff, and they were alone on the terrace.


If she stepped back, she would fall, so now she had no choice but to move forward and embrace him.


“I'm, not… .”


Her lips began to tremble.

The emotions that had been accumulating so far began to shake her inside as they were. 

Without realizing it, she spoke in a pained voice.


“I'm not okay… .”


Lee Ye-Eun muttered like that and looked at Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Her tears were already flowing like crazy, and she couldn't see properly.


“I can’t be okay.”


Does he know


She was watching him dance with Jin Ye-Seul from afar.

When she came to his senses, her fingernails were digging into her palms, and she glanced at herself, her face cold and downcast.

She was surprised when she realized what emotions she was holding, and continued to drink alcohol that she had never even put in her mouth.


And above all else.

When she realized she couldn't stand in their place no matter what she did.

What on earth was she thinking when she realized this


If he finds out the truth, if he does.

If even the slightest remaining possibility disappears.


"No… .”


She had to give up.

She shouldn't have lingering feelings anymore.

She had to hide the fact that she even had a heart like this.


Those who violate the moral law will literally receive heavenly punishment.

That's what she repeated to herself to know the subject and to control herself.


"No… .”


If she had known it would be so painful.



“It would've been better not to know.”


That was the last word.

While hugging him, Lee Ye-Eun began to cry, literally like her child.


It was the sobbing of a person who experienced both their late first love and a broken heart at the same time.


* * *


"Well, of course."


Lee Jae-Joon smiled brightly.

Enjoying the festival, with food in one hand, he mumbled as he gazed at the building where the party was being held.


“Shall we go to burn the World Tree”


Standing up from his seat with a heup, he muttered.


“It's about time, Svengali.”


A crackling sound was heard.

He nodded quietly.


"Yes, it's now."


A crackling sound.


“Let's release the Surt now.”


He began to move, uttering the name of the giant who had burned the World Tree in the distant past.


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