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1471 – Commanding Stars

“Tiankui Star! As the lord of Ziwei Star, I command you to form a contract with this girl!”

Yang Feng pointed at Sun Tiantian and barked at the sky.

The Tiankui Star glimmered, and a beam dropped from the sky and flowed into Sun Tiantian’s body.

Illuminated by the Tiankui Star’s light, Sun Tiantian’s aura rose steadily and kept making breakthroughs until she reached the Great Star Master realm.

“Ziwei Star can control many stars and can command the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars and Seventy Two Disha Stars to form contracts with people! This legend is actually true!”

“There have been people before who awakened the Ziwei Star, but they could only command the Seventy Two Disha Stars.

How can he command the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars”

“That’s the Tiankui Star of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars! It actually obeyed his order! That’s incredible!”

“He is an innate human emperor and naturally can command the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars!”

“Natural human emperors have such incredible power! No wonder they were able to lead the human race to defeat the star beasts and star devils!”


In the Heavenly Star Hall, the gazes of the officials filled with a scorching shade fell on Yang Feng.

In the World of Stars, a star can form a contract with many humans and become their life-bound star.

As an innate human emperor, Yang’s Feng’s avatar Li Zhen can command the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars and the Seventy Two Disha Stars and have them become life-bound stars of cultivators.

This ability is simply outrageous.

It should be mentioned that even within the imperial clan, which has abundant resources and is full of powerhouses, only the crown prince and the fourth prince have formed a contract with stars at the level of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars or higher.

The rest of the youngsters of the imperial clan formed a contract with the Seventy Two Disha Stars at most.

But more people have only formed a contract with first-class or second-class stars.

If Yang Feng is given 16 years, he can create a large number of elites.

In ancient times, human emperors relied on this ability to cultivate a large number of powerhouses.

Only then was the human race able to contend against the tyrannical star beasts and star devils.

On the square, the youngsters of the imperial clan and aristocratic clans stared at Yang Feng with expectation, wishing that he would order a star to form a contract with them, as well.

Whether it’s the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars or the Seventy Two Disha Stars, they are all stars that these youngsters yearn for even in their dreams.

After he ordered a star to form a contract with Sun Tiantian, Yang Feng stood still on the square, not saying a word.

In the sky, the Three Great Star glimmered and disappeared.

The myriad of stars suppressed by the Three Great Stars emerged, and starlight dropped down from the sky and fell on the youngsters, allowing them to have a breakthrough and advance to the Star Warrior realm.

“No! How can this be A third-class star! How can this be But I have a top Starbringer Ring! How come I have contract a third-class star! No! I don’t want it!”

Heart-wrenching screams sounded on the square abruptly.

With a fierce expression on his face, Li Chun’s roared madly, spat out a large mouthful of blood, and fell on the floor.


Upon seeing this scene, Consort Zhen’s pretty face surged with a vicious shade, and she unleashed a heartrending roar.

Li Chun is a most beloved son of Consort Zhen.

Now that he contracted a third-class star, his future is ruined.

In addition, due to his outburst on the square, he suffered a star force backlash and became disabled.

In the future, he can only struggle as an ordinary person.

This naturally pained Consort Zhen to no end.

Two guards came forward and carried Li Chun away.

“What a cruel method! So this is an innate human emperor!”

“A kind word will send you to heaven, a venomous thought will condemn you straight to hell! An innate human emperor is really incredible!”

“No wonder the ancient humans respected the human emperors.

If such a monster were an enemy, things would become hopeless!”


Upon seeing this scene, the spectating officials felt a slight chill in their hearts.

Li Chun is a prince and has the best cultivation methods, the best teachers, the best cultivation resources, the best sacrificial ceremony, and the best Starbringer Ring.

Under such circumstances, even if Li Chun can’t contract a star of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars, it should be a piece of cake to contract a first-class star.

Yet now he was forced to contract a third-class star.

This is surely Yang Feng’s doing.

When the empress saw this scene, her eyes shrank slightly: “How cruel.

This boy must not remain.”

Starlight fell on the square, and most of the youngsters contracted a first-class star.

Only a small number of pampered young master contracted second-class or third-class stars.

After the awakening ceremony concluded, the myriad stars disappeared and the sky regained its calm.

Sun Tiantian’s beautiful eyes flashed with gratitude, and she smiled sweetly and said: “Seventh prince, I want to thank you for helping me get the Tiankui Star as my life-bound star!”

Yang Feng replied placidly, “It was nothing much!”  

With his strength, if it were not for the fact that he is wary of the Eternal Sovereign of this world, Yang Feng would have made the Three Tian Stars and the Three Xiong Stars appear at the same time, sign a contract with them, and bath in their star force to cleanse the body’s impurities and undergo a transformation.

To him summoning the Tiankui Star is as easy as lifting a finger.

Sun Tiantian hesitated for a moment and warned him: “Three stars illuminate the world! Innate human emperor! If it were the ancient times, it would be a great thing.

But now it’s different.

You should be careful.

Not only should you be careful of assassins from other states, but also from our state.”

It’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off.

As an innate human emperor, Yang Feng has blocked the way and aroused the envy of who knows how many people.

In addition, he is not the crown prince, but just a poor prince without a strong maternal clan.

He will definitely become a thorn in the side of many people.

Yang Feng nodded and strode away.

“Be careful of his majesty!”

When he was about to leave the square, Sun Tiantian sent Yang Feng a voice transmission.

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered: “Be careful of his majesty! In other words, the talent I displayed made the emperor of the state of Zhao wary of me”

There is no affection in the imperial clan.

In fact it is quite common for an emperor of a state to be wary of the crown prince for fear that his power will be taken away.

As an innate human emperor, Yang Feng is a far greater threat than the crown prince.

As long as Yang Feng is given a certain amount of time, he’ll be able to bribe the large clans in the imperial capital.

After all, they all hope to produce geniuses who can contract the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars and the Seventy Two Disha Stars.

After the awakening ceremony concluded, many aristocratic clans of the imperial capital sent invitations to Yang Feng, inviting him to attend various banquets.

In the imperial palace, no one dared to deliberately make things difficult for Yang Feng’s avatar the seventh prince.

Instead people viewed him as a prince of the same rank as the crown prince and the fourth prince.

Li Xingchen bestowed Yang Feng all kinds of precious resources needed for a Star Spirit realm powerhouse to practice cultivation.

After Yang Feng obtained the resources, he secluded himself to cultivate and comprehend the mysteries of this world, and his cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds.

“According to the will of the heavens, the emperor has ordered that the seventh prince, who awakened Three Great Stars and possesses both talent and integrity, is specially appointed as the General who Conquers the South and leads the Star Snake Camp to the Red Star Fortress for support!”

An eunuch came to the residence where Yang Feng has been staying and read the imperial edict.

“Thank you for this great kindness, your highness!”

Yang Feng got up from the ground and took the imperial edict.

The eunuch spoke icily, a gloomy look on his face, “His majesty has ordered you to leave within three days and proceed to the Red Star Fortress! You must arrive within one month without fail!”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “I understand!”

The eunuch waited for a while.

Seeing that there are no gifts [1], he gave a cold snort and left directly.

Yang Feng sneered: “The Red Star Fortress is located at the border between the states of Zhao and Wei.

The fighting between the states of Wei and Zhao is most intense.

The Red Star Fortress is attacked practically every year.

The marshal of the Red Star Fortress is someone of the crown prince’s camp.

It seems like Li Xingchen cannot help but want me to die.”

The battlefield is a place full of danger, where anything can happen.

In ancient times, the seven human emperors of the human race died while fighting star beasts or star devils.

It’s inconvenient for Li Xingchen to kill the innate human emperor Yang Feng in the open.

But once Yang Feng reaches the Red Star Fortress, so long as the marshal of the Red Star Fortress issues a couple of extremely dangerous missions, Yang Feng can only obediently throw away his life.

Otherwise, if he’s charged with the crime of disobeying military orders, Yang Feng can be killed directly.

Yang Feng went immediately to the Star Snake Camp.

“The deputy commander of the Star Snake Camp Wang Tiannan greets the General who Conquers the South!”

When he entered the Star Snake Camp a valiant young general wearing silver armor came over and saluted Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at Wang Tiannan and saw through the other party’s underlying strength, “A pinnacle Star Spirit realm expert! Not bad!”

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “Perform your battle arrays!”


Wang Tiannan quickly assembled 500 soldiers of the Star Snake Camp and began to perform their battle arrays.

Each one of the 500 soldiers in a Star Warrior who has awakened a life-bound star.

After they formed a large formation, with Wang Tiannan as the core, countless strands of star force resonated, and a 100-meter-long star snake emanating pinnacle Star Elder realm aura appeared in the void.

After the elite soldiers of the World of Stars formed an array, they can quell top powerhouses.

When 100,000 most elite soldiers form a star array, they can quell even a Star Holy realm powerhouse.

The imperial capital of the state of Zhao has 300,000 most elite imperial guards.

Among the 300,000 elite imperial guards, the most ordinary soldiers are at the Great Star Master realm.

100,000 imperial guards can quell a Star Holy realm powerhouse.

It is precisely because of this that Star Holy realm powerhouses rarely go to the imperial capital of another state to assassinate its emperor.

At the borders between the three states, each state has its own trump cards that can resist Star Holy realm powerhouses.

If a Star Holy realm powerhouse goes off to assassinate the emperor of a state by himself, he will be very likely killed.

After watching the Star Snake Camp perform their battle arrays, Yang Feng ordered: “Set out!”


Wang Tiannan responded respectfully and led the 500 soldiers of the Star Snake Camp to depart.


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