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He silently endured.

Licking the fangs that had uncontrollably come out, he raised his hand to cover his fearsome face that felt hot.

The feeling of being wronged spread in his heart.

It felt bitter and numb.

Yuan Jue moved his tail and immediately noticed something on his tail.

His furry wolf tail slowly moved, curling around a smooth object.

An egg

Yuan Jue checked the sensation again and confirmed his tail was wrapped around an egg.

Why was there an egg Did Ruan Qiuqiu put it there

Why did she put an egg on his tail Was it because she had noticed his tail was missing some fur, so she rubbed an egg on it to promote fur growth

As soon as that thought occurred, Yuan Jue chuckled.

That was unlikely.

Curious, he drew out a little bit of demon energy and quickly determined that it was a moa egg.

It had abundant spiritual energy and tasted delicious.

(T/N: Moa is an extinct flightless bird.

They look like giant ostriches.)


But why did she put this on his tail


Gray Wolf couldnt figure it out, but he was still cautious and didnt dare to shake his tail.

He kept his tail curved around the egg and perked up his ears to listen to the movement outside the bedroom.

The sound of her taking a bath wasnt too loud or too quiet.

Yuan Jue had excellent hearing, and the tips of his ears tinged pink as he continued to listen.

He curled and uncurled his tail around the egg.

The egg wasnt as cold as before.

An idea suddenly popped up in his mind, and his face flushed red.

Qiuqiu, she wasnt testing the softness of his tail and how good his tail was at keeping something warm, right

He had been the chief before.

It wasnt like he didnt know anything.

He had heard male demons saying that human women were very mercurial.

In the summer, those women liked demons that didnt have fur.

In the winter, they preferred furry demons.

For a furry male demon that wanted to be liked by a human woman, a tail was even more important.


So she was testing how good his tail was at keeping something warm Yuan Jue thought he had figured it out.


He sneered.

He would never let Ruan Qiuqiu discover that his tail was much softer and much better at keeping something warm than gray wolf Tianluos tail.

Although Yuan Jue had those thoughts, his tail was very honest.

He didnt dare to move his tail too much and kept his breathing light.

Later on, while trying to suppress the fiend energy in his body, he didnt move from that awkward position.

While “incubating” the egg and enduring the pain from the fiend energy, he started trying to repair his demon core.

Yuan Jue tried doing what he had done in the past by absorbing the spiritual energy in the air first.

However, each time he successfully absorbed the spiritual energy, the fiend energy would surge up and instantly swarm around it and frantically gobble it up.

Yuan Jue tried two more times.

Not only did he fail to increase the demon energy in his body, the fiend energy had grown.

He didnt dare to try again.

As he desperately tried to control the fiend energy that was gushing out from his meridians using his demon consciousness, he tasted blood from his throat.

The fragmented demon core seemed even more thoroughly broken than before.

Yuan Jue vaguely realized a cruel truth.

Maybe, he wont be able to get better.

Maybe, he wasnt a pure-blooded gray wolf.

Why else would the fiend energy come from his meridians

The blood of dirty fiends flowed in his body, so no matter how much spiritual energy Ruan Qiuqiu gave him, it couldnt get rid of the fiend energy in his body.

As soon as he thought of that possibility, Yuan Jue guessed the reason why he seemed to swallow the life force of the surrounding creatures.

It was the fiend energy at work.

At the thought of that, Yuan Jue found himself disgusting.

Gritting his teeth and with his fretfulness and shame at its maximum, he had a violent urge to smash the stone bed into pieces with his tail.

However, as soon as he slightly moved, his tail touched the round egg.

It was the egg that Ruan Qiuqiu had put on his tail.

It wasnt as cold as before.

He swallowed down the bitter depression and frustration.

His red eyes returned to normal as he slowly returned to his senses.

He didnt dare to move and just quietly waited.

One second, two seconds… one minute, two minutes… five minutes… ten minutes…

There was finally the sound of footsteps outside the bedroom.


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