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Her footsteps gradually grew faint.

And yet, Yuan Jues face warmed up.

He raised his hand and tried to push down that strange heat.

Ashamed and annoyed, he thought; once again, that human revealed that she thought of him as a back up food source.

In that humans eyes, did his existence only serve as a food reserve and wolf jerky

Yuan Jue inexplicably felt resentment at having been unfairly treated.

Clearly, they had already reached a relationship milestone of sleeping together on the same stone bed.

As Ruan Qiuqiu stepped foot out of the bedroom, she regretted it.

The bedroom and the rest of the cave was only separated by animal skin.

So why was it so much colder outside!

She rubbed her face that felt as if it had instantly turned into ice.

Turning around the corner, she saw that it was still snowing outside.

She was lucky that Mr.

Gray Wolf had chosen a cave with a good location.

It was on a small slope.

The topography was relatively high.

Otherwise, with how long it had been snowing, the entrance to the cave would have been blocked by the snow.

Ruan Qiuqiu went out and got some snow.

She didnt go back to the bedroom.

Instead, she went to the storage room.

She had built a small stone stove there yesterday.

She pulled out another small stone pot from the corner, made a fire using the special firewood, and waited for the snow to turn into water.

She didnt want to waste resources, but she would find it too embarrassing to wash up in front of Mr.

Gray Wolf.

Ruan Qiuqiu had to go outside several times to fetch more snow, but she finally felt clean all over.

Carrying a basin of warm water, she returned to the bedroom.


Gray Wolf might be addicted to pretending.

She could see that his hand was moving, but he continued to stubbornly pretend to be unconscious.

Ruan Qiuqiu easily cleaned up Mr.

Gray Wolf, who was semi-cooperative.

Then, she boiled more water to cook something.

She wanted to eat something with salt, but boiling the salt so that it could be used would take a long time and it would be troublesome too.

She looked at a block of salt.

It was too hard for her to break up that block and she didnt want to cook the entire block of salt.

She glanced again at Mr.

Gray Wolf, who was lying on the bed.

Ruan Qiuqi took out a block of salt and placed it on the table.

Speaking as if she was having a hard time, she probingly and expectantly said, “Its so hard to break this block of salt.

I guess we wont be able to add salt to our food today… If only Mr.

Tianluo… If only Tianluo the Gray Wolf would help me.”

After Ruan Qiuqiu finished speaking, she glanced at Mr.

Gray Wolf, who seemed as if he hadnt heard anything.

She felt that “Tianluo the Gray Wolf” might need some space to act, so she picked up the dirty animal skins and the two wooden basins and left the bedroom.

There was no sign that the snowfall was going to get smaller.

Thick clouds had accumulated in the sky, which looked very oppressive.

Ruan Qiuqiu recalled the amount of firewood she had used last night and guessed that it was around 2 to 3 PM.

She hadnt thought she would sleep for so long, but fortunately, her physical state had recovered a lot.

Although she felt sore, she was in a much better condition than yesterday when she couldnt get up from the snow.

Ruan Qiuqiu scooped up snow with a wooden basin and went back to the storage room.

While Mr.

Gray Wolf was working, she would wash the animal skins that had gotten dirty yesterday.

She didnt know how many days the blizzard would last.

At the speed that Mr.

Gray Wolf was using the animal skins, if she didnt start washing them earlier rather than later, they might soon fall into the awkward situation of not having any clean animal skins available.


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