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He immediately noticed there was something unusual about his physical condition.

He didnt know why, but there was more spiritual energy circulating in his body, which alleviated part of his pain.

This spiritual energy was very compatible with him, and he quickly absorbed it.

Even his damaged demon core was able to produce some demon power because of this extra bit of spiritual energy.

However, it seemed as if his damaged demon core had turned slightly black because of that spiritual energy.

It was so minor that he thought he might be imagining it.

In addition, there were itchy sensations coming from his serious and minor injuries instead of the usual pain.

He no longer felt as if his horrifying stump, which even he didnt want to look at, was being chewed by ants.

That painful feeling had subsided.

He was covered with a soft animal skin that blocked the cold wind from touching his body.

His nose was very acute, and he immediately recognized the smells in the air.

There was the burning smell from the special firewood that he had previously gathered and the faint scent of blood and crushed herbs.

In addition to those smells, there was also a trace of a familiar and unfamiliar scent.

It was the scent of that human woman.

She actually….

didnt leave

Yuan Jue slightly clenched his hands underneath the animal skin.

The sour feeling of shame rose in his heart.

“Im going to get some more snow and cook some food to eat…” A slightly hoarse voice traveled to his ear.

Yuan Jue wasnt able to control his demon consciousness from showing him the situation in the cave.

His little wife hadnt wasted any resources.

What he saw with his demon consciousness confirmed what he had pictured.

A small stone stove was set up in a spot that was sheltered from the wind, and there was fire inside of it.

The fire illuminated his cave, which had been empty and solitary for the past several days, with a warm glow.

(T/N: Below is a picture of a small stone stove.)

The human woman had a gentle appearance.

She was carefully packing up five herbs that could only be meant for him.

By her feet, there were two basins of dirty and stinky water.

He “saw” that her fingers were dirty.

It must have been from cleaning his stump.

The wolfs fingers trembled a bit.

He could no longer convince himself that Ruan Qiuqius actions were only for the sake of making him into food reserves.

He had thought he would slowly pass away on a cold winter night with no one around him.

However, not only did she not leave, she had also helped him out by treating his injuries including his ugly stump.

Yuan Jue couldnt resist releasing a trace of demon consciousness to follow Ruan Qiuqiu around.

He saw her taking the bloody water and the rotten flesh outside and carefully burying it outside of the cave.

It took her a few trips to do this, and her hands were shaking.

It was almost completely dark outside.

In this boundless darkness and cold, the only trace of light and warmth came from the cave behind her.

Ruan Qiuqiu almost couldnt bear it anymore.

She felt like her body had turned into an icicle, and her lips were starting to change color.

Yuan Jue “watched” as she crouched down and falteringly used the snow to clean her hands and the wooden basin.

Then, little by little, she filled up the wooden basin with fresh snow.

Ruan Qiuqius vision started to go dark.

She comforted herself that this would be her last trip to the icy and snowy outside for today.

Once she went back inside and boiled this snow, she would be able to cook and have something warm to eat.

However, this time, she tried and failed several times to stand up.

Ruan Qiuqius field of vision was blacking out, and her right calf was starting to cramp.

The cold wind burrowed its way into her clothes.

She pressed her lips together as her eyes slowly turned red.

Get up, quickly get up.

Stand up and go back into the cave, and youll feel better soon.

Get up!

Ruan Qiuqiu held the wood basin in one hand and supported herself by placing her other hand on the ground.

She wanted to hurry back to the warm cave, but she pitifully fell back onto the ground when she tried to get up again.

This time, both of her legs were cramping.

Ruan Qiuqiu somewhat desperately thought; was she going to freeze to death on this snowy night


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