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Chapter 179 - "Aowuwu~" (Don't mess around.

I'm on guard.) (2)

He had already lost his ability to clearly think and didn't even know that his condition was bad enough that he couldn't communicate to her.

But, he was able to tell that she had been gone from the cave for a long time.

She had never been this late in coming home.

Even though he was in an unbearably painful period of fiend transformation, he came out looking for her, not knowing his mental state.

When he smelled the fiend energy on Qing Ruyi, he instinctively regarded her as a terrible enemy that had bullied his wife.

Qing Ruyi, who had witnessed Yuan Jue "kidnapping" Ruan Qiuqiu from her while almost being unable to maintain his half-shifted form, was utterly speechless at the ludicrous "hero saving beauty" scene.

Seeing that Yuan Jue was protectively standing in front of Ruan Qiuqiu and trying to use his demon energy to attack her despite barely being able to keep himself from falling over, Qing Ruyi felt very complicated.

While defending herself against the weak, but dangerous fiend energy, she quickly observed Yuan Jue.

It didn't take long for her to make a judgement.

If His Majesty hadn't worked together with a level 6 fiend to attack Yuan Jue during the beast tide attack, she probably wouldn't be Yuan Jue's opponent right now.

Even now, while he was in the middle of the fiend transformation period and wasn't clear-headed, he was still very strong.

However, if they continued to face off, she would be fine, but this wolf pup would probably be in danger.

Yuan Jue instinctively wanted to protect Ruan Qiuqiu.

Every second, his body was under tremendous pressure and pain as he maintained his tense defensive stance.

Once he stopped, he wouldn't be able to move again.

Qing Ruyi could only pretend to be hit by him.

While she was pretending to flee, she shouted to Ruan Qiuqiu, who had finally pulled off the willow branch, "Qiuqiu, get your wolf pup to calm down.

Grandma will come back in ten minutes!"

Ruan Qiuqiu, who couldn't see anything in the pitch-black darkness, "...


Everything had happened so suddenly.

She hadn't figured out what was going on yet.

Why did Mr.

Gray Wolf come here Was it because he lost control of the fiend energy in his body Or was it because… he was worried about her

The thought quickly passed through her mind, and heat instantly rose from the tips of her ears.

Ruan Qiuqiu didn't have time to think anymore.

She drew out spiritual energy from her body and walked forward, trying to catch the gray wolf named Yuan Jue with the spiritual energy.

She stretched her hand out in the dark to search out the wolf and quickly touched something furry.

Based on the tactile sensation, it seemed to be the red robe she had made for Yuan Jue.

She was able to detect his fluctuation with the spiritual energy.

She sighed in relief and gently called out, "...


His sharp ears flickered, but he didn't look back.

In what he thought was a very domineering tone, he replied, "Aowuwu~" (Don't mess around.

I'm on guard.)

Ruan Qiuqiu: "...


She tugged Yuan Jue's sleeve.

As she thought that he had come out because he was worried about her, her heart inexplicably beat faster.

She tentatively said, "Husband, that woman is Grandma Ruyi.

I mentioned her to you before.

Although she's half-fiend and half-demon, she won't hurt us."


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