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Even though Tian Xiu was surprised about Little Flowers gender, he still naively assumed that a male demon called Little Flower should look comparatively more delicate and pretty than other male demons.

Xiong Gungun pulled him by his sleeve to a cave near the Winter Bear Tribes border.

Upon arriving at the cave, Tian Xiu finally realized the shallowness of his knowledge.

Not only was Little Flower a male demon, he was a tall, burly black bear demon.

Tian Xiu: “…” He had originally thought his own name was lacking the demeanor of a male demon by having the character “Xiu” in it, but seeing Little Flowers injured burly figure, he suddenly felt his name wasnt that bad.

(T/N: The xiu in his name means refined, elegant, graceful.)

“Little Flower.” Xiong Gungun obviously had a good relationship with the big black bear demon.

As soon as he saw Little Flowers injury, he started crying again.

Next to Little Flower, there were a few older bears.

Tian Xiu somewhat couldnt bear to look at those bear demons, who were riddled with scars and almost couldnt move.

He gave them the herbs that he had picked on his way here without much effort.

Tian Xiu asked the oldest-looking and most clear-headed bear demon, “Does your tribe not have a shaman”

That bear shook his head.


Older Brother Xiong Yuan knows the most, but he went to trade for herbs, and he hasnt come back yet.”

Tian Xiu: “…”

Those two bear demons havent come back yet.

Had that lion demon tricked them into escorting him back to the Wind Lion Tribe

Tian Xiu was worried again.

He touched his nose.

Looking at the seriously injured bear demons, he thought about the herbs that he had given Yuan Jue and sighed.

Herbs were precious in winter.

In fact, he had only given that wolf ten herbs.

His visit to Yuan Jue had been short, but he had noticed that the wolfs cave smelled strongly of blood.

That wolf was probably seriously injured.

He wouldnt feel right to inconvenience Yuan Jue by asking for those herbs back for the sake of these bear demons.

Tian Xiu lightly pushed Xiong Gungun away from his leg and said to him, “Ill go look around to see if there are any herbs nearby.”

He had let his wife know that he would be gone for half a month.

It would only take him five days to fly back if he rushed.

He still had seven days left, so he can help out the Winter Bear Tribe before going back.

If he hadnt met Xiong Duoudo and Xiong Yuan previously, Tian Xiu might have left now.

He wasnt a warm-hearted person.

He could even be described as a cold person.

If he hadnt been saved by Yuan Jue once, he might have never changed.

Yuan Jues arrogant, but gentle and soft teenager self had left behind a lasting impression on him.

In Tian Xius impression, Yuan Jue was a cool wolf that was insufferably arrogant.

But after that wolf had snuck kisses from his wife in a manner that was neither cool nor confident, he was immersed in daydreaming.

After thinking deeply about a series of philosophical questions such as “How should he be responsible” and “They really needed to have a grand ceremony after getting married” to finally “What should he do if he and Qiuqius future children inherited fiend energy from him”, Mr.

Gray Wolf clenched his hands in determination.

His heart was burning with hope and expectations.

He had already considered everything thoroughly.

As long as she was willing, he would take her away from the Fire Wolf Tribes territory once he recovered.

They could go anywhere.

If he could break through to level 6, he would be able to dig out a cave even in the mermaids territory, so if Qiuqiu wanted to live at the bottom of the sea, they could do that too.

Far away from here, there was the Sand Tribe and the Underground Tribe.

He had wandered there before.

So if she got tired of the sea, they could change to a different place.

They could travel the continent.

He obviously hadnt even confessed his feelings yet or learned how to kiss, but he was already daydreaming about their sweet married life.


Gray Wolf knew that although there were many romantic spots on this continent, it was also very dangerous.

In order to surpass that mysterious gray wolf Tianluo, he had to work harder.

Yuan Jue licked his lips that had touched the corner of Qiuqius lips.

His eyelashes trembled.

With the healing droplets that she fed him every day, he was 70% confident that he would accomplish his goal of getting his demon power and the fiend energy to coexist by the end of five days.


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