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Chapter 115 – The gentleman wolf was too shy to even take off her shoes (1)

Yuan Jue very carefully put his wife down on the bed.

The two fingers that had been pressing against her soft waist while he carried her over were flushed red with heat.

After confirming that Ruan Qiuqiu was lying well on the bed, the gentleman wolf stretched two fingers out.

Using demon energy, he turned Ruan Qiuqiu over twice so that she was in the inner part of the stone bed.

Resisting that fantastic tactile sensation he felt from touching her skin, he took a step back.

Pinching the animal skin blanket that she had folded and left by the side of the bed, he carefully spread it open and covered her with it.

In fact, there was no need for him to be so careful.

Ruan Qiuqiu was dirty too.

If she was awake, she would never allow herself to lie on the stone bed without washing up and changing her clothes.

However, the gentleman wolf was too shy to even take off her shoes.

After Yuan Jue carefully tucked the blanket around her, his large hands hung down by his sides.

The fingers that he had recently used to touch her were slightly trembling.

His handsome face felt hot.

He could still clearly remember the tactile sensation when he had inadvertently touched her skin.

Her skin was warm, soft, and exquisite.

It felt completely different than the feeling of his wolf skin.

His long, black eyelashes trembled.

Yuan Jues eyes were slightly red.

His eyes clearly couldnt see her, but those narrow eyes gradually calmed down and were filled with glittering stars.

His demon consciousness slid over Ruan Qiuqius pitiful-looking cheeks that had been scratched by stones.

Yuan Jue instinctively stretched out his deathly pale hand towards her, but he quickly dropped it.

His hands were covered with fiend blood that hadnt dried yet.

It would dirty her face if he touched her.

Helplessly smiling, Yuan Jue gently lifted up the animal skin covering his side of the bed.

Shifting the nails on his right hand into claws, while enduring the pain coming from his meridens, he carved everything that had happened today.

That fat lion wasnt important.

The important thing was that he had talked to his little wife today and touched her too…

Yuan Jues face got redder as he carved out the pictures.

By the time he was done recording, the tips of his ears were almost pinks.

He carefully brushed off the stone particles from the bed, and then he covered it back up with the animal skin.

He swept over the room with his demon consciousness to see.

To his embarrassment, he discovered that he had accidentally dirtied the floor with blood dripping from his stump.

Yuan Jue pursed his deathly pale lips in embarrassment.

He shook his intact triangular ear, carefully put away his big tail, and used demon power to help him walk.

He walked to the storage room, brought back firewood, and put them into the stone stove.

Since that old lion had suddenly come to make trouble, he had almost forgotten there wasnt enough firewood in the cave.

The wood he used for firewood was special.

It grew deep in the forest.

If he changed into his wolf form, it would take a few hours for a round trip.

If he left now, he would be back by the time she woke up.

Yuan Jue held the stone wall for support, exerting a slight force with his fingertips.

Thanks to that fat lion, although his meridians and internal injuries were greatly injured by the overuse of fiend energy, he had gained a lot of demon power.

Although that demon power wasnt enough to heal all of his internal injuries, it was enough to suppress the constant pain that made him feel like he was being used as a pincushion.

After his demon power was used up and before his meridians healed, he might not be able to freely move around like he can today.

Even if he used fiend energy later, it might only get him a burst of power and fighting strength.

And after that, the residual effects might not be as simple as his meridians rupturing and his fur changing color.

Yuan Jue gulped and licked his blood-thirsty fangs.

He had been lucky this time.

The fiend energy hadnt swallowed up his rationality or his important memories.

Before he knew how to control the fiend energy in his blood, he wouldnt rashly use it again.

His current physical situation wasnt optimistic.

For him to get better, he needed to rest now, absorb spiritual energy, and eat sufficient food for the next few days.

However, looking at this bad weather that was on the verge of heralding gales and blizzards, if he didnt go out now to get firewood, Ruan Qiuqiu might freeze to death within a few days.

He already couldnt give her a good life.

Keeping her from freezing was his bottom line as a male demon.

He knew that he wasnt a very good partner to Ruan Qiuqiu.

In reality, they werent a married couple.

They hadnt made a binding agreement to share their lifespan, so strictly speaking, they werent a real couple.

She had other options, but he was very selfish.

He wasnt willing to think about his rivals such as gray wolf Tianluo or that fat lion.

He just wanted her to stay a little bit longer using the fact that she was his nominal wife.

Yuan Jue felt he was being despicable as he entertained the thought of pretending to be exhausted by falling at the entrance of the cave when he came back with the firewood.

When she saw the scars on his fallen body, would she be happy to see him and also feel bad for him and hug him or stroke his tail Or maybe, she would kiss him…

A suspicious blush appeared on his cheeks.

Yuan Jue rubbed his lips that had started feeling strange just because he had those thoughts.

His tail silently curled.

He lightly took in a breath of air and looked at Ruan Qiuqiu one more time with his demon consciousness before reluctantly changing into his wolf form and heading out.


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