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The next day was a break from work, so first, everyone began the preparation of the equipment.

It wasnt…leather armor, but I gave the leather clothes to Ilya-chan, my younger sister, and the girl who planned on becoming an adventurer and asked them to check the laundry for any frayed areas.

I asked Cruz-kun and the boys to perform maintenance on the swords and shields. 

It was still impossible for the swords, but there were enough shields for each person, so they will take care of their own.

After showing them my sword model, I used earth magic to create stone knives and arrowheads and had them practice with the whetstone.

For the children under ten years old, I asked them to dismantle the Big Frogs.

Unlike the usual Horned Rabbits, only the legs could be removed, so it was simple.

If they dismantled this many, they could probably obtain a skill as well.

There were a large amount of Big Frogs, so I had them dismantle them in turns.

Dismantling required a large amount of water, but I used magic to produce it, so its no problem.

Before the matter of my magic was exposed, we had been drawing water from the well, but after creating it using magic, it had become much easier.

After my magic was exposed, I did not stop practicing it.

The lamps at night, fire for cooking, water, and keeping at it for a bit, I was able to make hot water.

Still, Im also trying to create warm and cool air.

This was such a world, so it would be the correct choice to study magic, but considering the circumstances of the orphanage and the conveniences of my previous life, theres nothing that could be done.

After that, each person went about their own work; dismantling, wood-chopping, taking care of the familiars, managing the garden, etc. 

I also took care of the familiars, but there was other work as well, and the children liked the familiars, so I asked them to do it.

We continued growing the plants we brought back from Dragon Forest.

We found seeds for new spices, so I would be grateful if they could be used.

I mass-produced the arrowheads and stone knives and made chairs, tables, shelves, etc.

from the trees with a few children.

Also, I used earth magic to make stone cups, plates, water jugs, and other jars and put them into my Item Box.

As evening approached, the children were glancing at me, and could not calm down.

Un, it was that, they were expecting the usual meal.

I put down my work after reaching a good place to stop, collected that leg meat of the already dismantled Big Frogs, and headed to where Char-chan was.

The other parts of the frogs were put into the large jars that I had created earlier, so I took those as well.

I needed to dispose of them somewhere.

Arriving at Char-chans kitchen, she had already made the preparations for karaage.

「As expected, you came.」

「That many, if its seen by everyone….」

「It is the same as that time when you picked fruits.」

「Maa, its good that theyre easy to understand….」

「Then, lets live up to everyones expectations and do our best!!」

At Char-chans enthusiastic shout, we began making the karaage.

Though I said that, I just took the snake meat out of my Item Box though….

「Oh yeah, Char-chan, today, lets use these as well」

I took out the leg meat of the Big Frogs that I had everyone dismantle just now, and the leg meat of the Poison Frogs that had been dismantled yesterday out of my Item Box.

「Is this the meat of the Big Frog」

「Un, its the meat of the Big Frogs and the Poison Frogs.」


「Aah, I confirmed with Ojii-san that there is no poison in the meat, so its fine.

I was thinking that perhaps it could replace the snake meat and hunted them, so we need to sample it.」

「Is that so, then, Ill put all my skills into it and do my best!!」

Char-chan did as she said and skillfully prepared the food.

And so, in one hour, snake meat, Big Frogs, and Poison Frogs, salt and herb and spicy, three varieties×two flavors totaling up to six items were completed.

As expected, freshly made karaage was delicious, so I put them into my Item Box.

I set aside some of the Big Frog and Poison Frog karaage for Ojii-san and the others.

It was time for dinner and the children gathered around.

The number of children had increased and the dining room had become quite cramped, but everyone lined up properly.

However, when I took the karaage out of my Item Box and set the table, everyones stomachs started growling.

We said our greetings before we ate, and when the meal began, the war erupted.

TN: the greeting before the meal would beitadakimasu and after finishing your food, it would begochisousama.

Both of them are expressions of gratitude to those who prepared the food, for example, the farmer who grew the vegetables, the fisherman who caught the fish, or your parents who cooked the food.

However, though they were eating with earth-shattering momentum, I was relieved to see that the older children were distributing the meat equally so as to be fair.

It seems that both the Big Frogs and the Poison Frogs were delicious.


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