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Our goal was to defeat them, so we were able to take the five ants down without wasting any time.

The ants strength was such that even our Miu and the Horned Rabbits could defeat them one-on-one.

It seems that their compatibility with Queen and the others who could only bite and attack with their claws was not good, but even so, they wouldnt lose.

According to Ojii-san, it seems that the formic acid and hard carapace were the characteristics of the ants, and there was also an issue with the number of ants that came.

However, since we had the means to defeat them, we would earn a lot of experience as they would come one after another.

We tidied up the ants bodies, and readied ourselves for the next battle.

I adjusted the mana for Cruz-kun and the others as I casted the enchantment magic, and when tentatively used the『Strengthened Penetration』on the Horned Rabbits horns, it seemed to be effective.

If thats the case, then I wanted to try using enchantment magic on Queen and the others too.

I didnt know what kind of enchantment would suit their bite, soI tried『Increased Sharpness』.

I made it long-lasting for Queen by using more mana, and the amount of mana I used for the wolf cubs were small, medium, and large (small being the standard), so Ill ask them for their opinions later.

After I finished casting the magic, we decided on the locations (landmark), and working in the same groups we were previously in, we went to attack the ants that approached.

The ants did not come all at once and there were several of them in each group, so we were surrounded by a large number of ants.

It goes without saying, we defeated them splendidly.

If the ants bodies were left as is, then it wouldnt be easy to move around, so I went around collecting the bodies of the ants defeated by the Queen group and the wolf cubs group.

In the middle of the battle, the Queen groups and the wolf cubs groups enchantment wore off, so I went over to them several times to cast the magic for them again, and after the number of ants that we collected surpassed a hundred, Ojii-san put up a monster repelling barrier.

「Lets end it here for today.」

「Aah~, Im not tired just fighting this much.

Even though theyre not strong, their carapaces are hard, so it cant be helped….」

「Yes, if we didnt have Shuus enchantment magic, then itll probably take a lot more time.」

We started to dismantle the collected ants as we talked about such things.

It seems that he thought that it would take a lot of time to process them since there were a lot of them, so he ended the battle a little earlier today.

Certainly, there were no edible parts, so theres no use in setting some aside.

After removing the part that was the proof of subjugation, the demon nucleus (core), and the carapace that was the material, we threw the rest into the hole that I opened up using earth magic.

There, Sakuya-chan used fire magic to burn the ants.

From the impressions of Cruz-kun and the others and the familiars, as expected, it seems that when more mana was used, the enchantment magic lasted longer and was more effective than when it was casted normally, 

The mana adjustments were only the current ones, so there were no configurations for high power for a short period of time or low power for long periods of time.

Hence, when theres too much mana, you would have a lot of power for a long time, so we needed to be more careful.

There were around thirty ants that were in good condition remaining and after finishing up the dismantling, we decided to go back.

There wasnt really a reason as to why there were thirty of them remaining, but I thought that we might be able to use them for something.

On our way back, we went to the flower field, and turned several Rainbow Caterpillars into my familiars.

It was because the thread of the Rainbow Caterpillar at the orphanage was of a higher quality than I expected.

Of course, I plan to leave some for Obaa-san as well.

After returning to the location designated for the hut, Sakuya-chan received the honey and was running to where Obaa-san was.

Perhaps she will ask for honey bread or something

We followed after Sakuya-chan, and left the Rainbow Caterpillars to Obaa-san.

That was because in terms of feed, the forest was better than that of the orphanages.

Do your best and spin threads for me!!

We said our goodbyes to Ojii-san and the others, and prepared to go back home.

I was dumbfounded when I saw the children lining up to receive the honey at the entrance of the orphanage.


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