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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day was Ojii-sans place.

The construction of the hut, sword practice, needlework, etc.

were done in the morning.

During that time, I asked Ojii-san various questions.

「Can Cruz-kuns longsword be enchanted with something like an increase in its sharpness」

「Like the broken sword」


「Ah~, no way.

That was done during the production process.

I can teach you when you make one, but theres no point now.」

「Is that so….

Then, what about enveloping it in mana like how you taught me before!」

「The person himself needs to do that, so thats not possible for the wolf boy.」

「Then, theres no way to strengthen the long sword….」

「No, normally, you can use enchantment magic.


「Like I said, normally, you could use enchantment magic.」

「Ehh Theres enchantment magic」

「Of course there is.

To begin with, enchantment magic had been cast on that broken sword.」

「Ah~~, I see.

If you think about it, that seems to be the case….

Then, can I use it」

「Boy, if its you, then you can use it, without a doubt.

Baa-san would know more about this, so it would be better to ask her about it later.」

「I understand.」

And so, I discussed with him the strengthening methods as I worked on the hut construction.

After that, I treated Ojii-san and the others to snake karaage.

It seems that the snake karaage was much more popular than expected, with Ojii-san preferring the spicy ones and Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan preferring the salt and herb ones.

Ojii-san asked me for the recipe and I taught Obaa-san.

Only, Obaa-san and the others knew nothing about fried foods, so well make it together next time.

When I took the opportunity to ask if there were any spices growing in the forest, he said that he seemed to have seen several kinds in the forest.

It seems that he didnt remember where they were, but he knew that they were there, so lets try searching for them next time.

I also asked him if hes seen eggs in the forest.

A lot of the birds that Pii-chan hunted werent monsters, so they shouldve been hatched from eggs.

So, I was wondering if I could get some.

「Fumu, the eggs of wild birds, huh….

Its not worth it considering the effort you would put in to get them.

If you want eggs, it would be better to rear monsters and then collect their eggs.」

「There are monsters that lay eggs」


There are chicken monsters and their eggs are delicious and could be sold in town at a high price.」

「Is that so Then, it would be great if I could turn those monsters into my familiars!!」

「What do you need the eggs for Dont those in the orphanage also eat them」

「No, we got honey, so if I had milk and eggs, I was thinking of making sweets….」


Three females responded to what I said.

And, Ojii-san said,

「Sakuya, you want to eat sweets」

「I want to eat it…!!」

「Alright, Ojii-chan will get the eggs and milk, so lets have him make it~!!」

his voice filled with pampering.

「So, boy, next time, I will prepare the monsters that produce eggs and milk, so turn them into familiars.」

「Ah~~, got it.」

The number of familiars had increased, but if I could obtain eggs and milk, then I will be grateful, so lets make them my familiars.

And so, we finished our lunch and then went out for hunting-cum-training.


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