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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

I finished eating lunch, and started thinking about reinforcing our weapons.

Firstly, Cruz-kuns weapon.

If we paid money, we could buy a weapon made from high grade materials, but thats not possible.

I thought of the sword that had been granted an increase in its sharpness.

If I use that, then the weapon would be a weapon thats several times better, even if it was cheap.

ly, I had learned how to envelop weapons with my mana from Ojii-san.

I usually used this, so its effect had been verified.

If Cruz-kun, or if I used Cruz-kuns sword, then it would be perfect.

Lets confirm this with Ojii-san and Obaa-san as well.

was Ilya-chan.

For now, I have improved the arrows.

In that case, what about the bow The bow was a short bow, so it was of a normal size.

Or make it a longbow …that might be difficult.

Theres Ilya-chans physique as well, but if its inside the forest, then it would not be easy to use the bow.

So…Ill try making a bow gun I didnt know how to make it, but I roughly knew the appearance of it.

Its trial and error, huh.

Or rather, were there no bow guns in this world

With regards to my younger sister, right now, its wait-and-see It would probably be best to consider the course of action a little more. 

I didnt learn new magic.

I could think of the image myself and use the magic, but it would be easier to learn the original magic and then improve upon it. 

Besides, it would be a waste of time if the magic created from the image already existed.

After deciding the next plan of action, I went to go see the new familiar, the Rainbow Caterpillar.

Perhaps the Rainbow Caterpillar had gotten used to life in the orphanage, as it had started producing thread yesterday.

The children collected the thread, so the red thread gradually accumulated. 

After things were a bit more settled, I might turn Rainbow Caterpillars of other colors into my familiars.

In the future, Id like to weave cloth.

Silk was made by silkworms, so perhaps even Rainbow Caterpillars could do so.

No, maybe there were monsters that could produce other threads.

It was almost dusk and I was in the kitchen with Char-chan.

We had obtained the meat of the Big Snake and the King Snake, so there was a dish that I wanted to try making.

「So, what dish are you making」

「Um, its called『karaage』and it seems to be a dish where you fry the meat in oil.」

「Fry Seems to be」

「I also just heard it from an adventurer, so I dont know too much about it, but it seems that its delicious.

Thats why, I want to try and make it with Char-chans help.」

「Is that so.

Then, lets do our best!!」

Saying that I heard it from an adventurer was a lie.

As one would expect, they would think that Im crazy if I said that I was reborn and retained my memory from my previous life, so I wanted to make food from the world of my previous life.

Therefore, I kept it vague by saying that I heard about it from an adventurer.

It was true that I wanted Char-chan to help me.

My memory was not accurate either, and the seasonings were insufficient, so I had expectations of Char-chans cooking skill.

First, I put the fatty meat from a boar into a deep saucepan, lit the fire, and made cooking oil.

I created the fire using magic, so I could easily adjust the heat level, and there was no need for firewood either.

If you couldnt use magic, then it seems it would take both time and money to make oil.

While the cooking oil was being produced, I prepared the snake meat.

It was cut into bite-sized pieces, and we will make salt and herb karaage and spicy karaage.

I left the balance of flavors to Char-chan.

And, I threw the meat into the hot oil.

There was the sound of splattering oil and a fragrant smell.

It was animal oil, so it seems a bit viscous, but it was within acceptable limits.

The meat was soon cooked and taking it out, the『karaage』was completed!!

From the corners of my eyes,I could see the children, who were seduced by the smell, peeking into the kitchen.

Then, its time for everyone to taste-test!!


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