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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After that, there were individual differences, but we defeated ten Big Snakes that were around ten meters long.

During that time, Cruz-kun wielded the longsword and the wooden sword in comparison.

Neither of them were effective on the snakes, but there was a difference in weight between iron and wood, so they were somewhat difficult to use.

However, taking into consideration the big picture, the longsword was better, but continuing to use it was extremely exhausting, so it was hard to choose.

Ilya-chan practiced her aim.

It seemed difficult since different monsters moved differently. 

My younger sister tied a largish stone that was created using earth magic to a string, and somewhat like the hammer throw, she threw the stone. 

TN: hammer throw is a sport that is a part of track and field where one holds on to a steel wire thats attached to a metal ball

Centrifugal force magnification of the stone would result in quite the impact.

But, as expected, its weakness would be that one would be dizzy if used excessively, huh….

I tested out various magic.

As expected, magic had a lot of power, but it was hard to control, and in the forest, water magic and earth magic were easy to use. 

And, just as it was about time to return, Ojii-san brought the last one over. 

It was snake that was over twenty meters long, a『King Snake』.

「Naa, Shuu, do we need to defeat the strongest one last every time」

「Ah~, perhaps its the finishing touch~.

Rather, the last one could only be defeated with wind magic, right….」

「I will do my best as the decoy as well.

Alright!! Everyone, lets go!!」


First, they fired the arrows and stones as a preemptive strike.

The arrows and stones struck the snakes head, but it seems that they were ineffective.

Cruz-kun held up his shield as he went out to the font, and Ilya-chan and my younger sister ran out to the left and the right.

We were going to freeze a part of its body just like when we fought with the Big Snake, but because the King Snake was too big, it would be able to immediately escape even if it was frozen over. 

I entrusted the snake to Cruz-kun and the others, and thought of a way to defeat it. 

And, a method came to mind and I implemented it. 

I created a pitfall just like usual.

This time, it was shallow and wide.

And, I filled it up with water.

I adjusted the temperature of the water to be just above the freezing point. 

I told Cruz-kun about the pitfall, and asked him to guide it over.

However, the pitfall was wide, so if left as is, Cruz-kun would fall into the pitfall as well. 

So I called Ilya-chan and my younger sister over and we went to the opposite side of the pitfall.

Although Ilya-chans aim was rough, I had her fire several arrows and my younger sister threw a slightly large boulder.

I also fired stones and boulders made of ice.

It seems that the snake didnt take any damage, but there were a lot of them and it seemed gloomy, as it headed towards us.

At that time, I had Cruz-kun run the side. 

The snake splashed into the pitfall…though it was shallow. 

I hurriedly shot ice at it as I poured my magic into it in order to freeze the water.

The water chilled, and the snake gradually froze over.

The snake tried to escape from the pitfall, but the freezing speed was faster, and we were somehow able to turn it into a chunk of ice. 

「Shuu, it seems that it went well.」

「Un, somehow or another, it was frozen.

If it could still act violently, then that would be scary, so Cruz-kun, attack it first!」

「Got it!!」

Cruz-kun wielded the sword imbued with increased sharpness, approached the snake, and slashed at the area near the head.

As expected, its cutting ability was superb and it was even able to injure the King Snake.

After that, he handed the sword to Ilya-chan and my younger sister and they wounded the King Snake respectively. 

The three people fell behind me, and I decapitated it with a blade of wind. 


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