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Happy Monday!

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The next days harvesting was with the last adventurers, a boy-girl pair.

Similar to the previous boy-girl pair, the boy had a short sword, and the girl was given a short bow.

Also like the previous pair, we moved leisurely.

We took a proper number of breaks as we reached the harvesting points, the fruit trees, and harvested in a laid-back manner as we explained things to the two people.

The battles as well, we only had them fight Horned Rabbits.

We learned that we should be the ones to fight the Fanged Boars and the like.

Just as we were harvesting, something thats never happened before occurred. 

In the middle of our harvest, we met a goblin.

Before coming to the forest, Char-chan told me that they would appear, but this was the first time weve met them other than the ones that were brought over by Ojii-san, so I was quite surprised.

Of course, the familiars had detected the goblin earlier, and we carefully dealt with it while having the two people learn by watching us.

It was the first time we met a goblin, so should I confirm it with Ojii-san the next time I see him

After that, we harvested, hunted, and were able to return to the orphanage without any problems.

It seems that the two people who planned on becoming adventurers were exhausted.

Of course, their levels did not surpass level 10.

The next day, under the pretense of hunting, we set out to Ojii-sans place.

While I still remembered the matter, I immediately asked about the goblin from yesterday.

「You met one of them Then its not an issue.

If you came across multiple goblins, then there would be a group of a certain size, and there may be a nest if not handled properly.」

「You mean that if there was a group of goblins, then the matter would require special attention」

「Thats right.

Since goblins and Orcs target humans and attack them.」

「The other monsters attack humans as well though」

「Aah, to put it accurately, its the human women.」


Is the nest that Ojii-san discovered fine」

「I put up a simple barrier, so it should be alright.

Since theyre you kids practice partners.」

Hearing that, I was a bit weary.

Today too, we departed to go hunting (), training() after finishing the work in the morning.

Ojii-san suggested going to get honey, but we had just gotten some the day before yesterday, so we asked him to have some patience.

Instead, we went to greet the Queen Honey Bee and asked her to share some honey with us next time. 

「So, what are we doing today Goblins again」

「No, lets challenge new monsters today as well.」

「New monsters」

「Thats right, boy.

Do you remember asking about the materials that could be sold at the guild」

Um, if Im not mistaken, they were Orc materials, bird materials, and snake materials, right」

「Yes, and, you have already defeated the Orc.

For the birds, you have hunted the Eagle.

And so」


「Umu, today, were going to go take down snakes!!」

「Snakes, you mean the Poison Snake that we have」

「Well hunt those too, but the ones to become materials are other snakes.」


「Shuu, even if youre worried, its unavoidable!!」

In order to encourage me, who was uneasy, Cruz-kun gave me a pep talk.

「Thats true, but….」

「Come on, you will soon arrive at the place where the snakes are!!」

「Yes, everyone prepare for battle!!」


Hearing Ilya-chans voice, everyone readied their weapons and began keeping a close eye on our surroundings.

As usual, Ojii-san went searching for monsters somewhere.

The familiars were spread out in the vicinity and were keeping vigilant. 

After a while, they chased the Poison Snakes and Monitor Lizards out, so we cooperated to defeat them.

TN: Monitor Lizards are large lizards that have long necks, powerful tails and claws, and well-developed limbs.

It may sound like a made-up monster, but these reptiles are real.

The opponents were different from usual, and they crawled on the ground and on the trees, so defeating them was a bit difficult.

In terms on level, their levels were not that high, so if we fought carefully, we would be able to defeat them without getting injured. 

After fighting several battles, Ojii-san brought over the snake that was our objective.

It was the Big Snake, a snake that was up to ten meters long.


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