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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Noticing our return to the location designated for the hut, Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan came over.

As Ojii-san approached Sakuya-chan, he was in such a good mood that it seemed like he was going to skip over.

「Sakuya, I have a present for you~.」


「Its this.」

Ojii-san took out a jar using space magic and showed Sakuya-chan the contents inside.


A bright smile spread across Sakuya-chans face.

「My, my, you brought back honey」

「Aah, I had the boy make the Queen Honey Bee a familiar and we obtained honey.

From now on, we can eat honey whenever we want!!」

「Really! Im happy….」

Sakuya-chan showed an even brighter smile.

…towards me.

In the beginning, she was smiling at Ojii-san, but when he talked about the Queen Honey Bee becoming a familiar, her gaze started turning towards me.

Ojii-san noticed that, and then he looked as if the world was ending.

As usual, hes someone who wasnt compensated for his efforts….

After that, everyone ate bread and fruits with honey during snack time.

The female camp and the familiars were eating it as if it was delicious.

Speaking of honey, I wanted to eat hot cakes, but eggs and milk were expensive, so I didnt know if I could make it or not.

TN: hot cakes are the Japanese equivalent of pancakes.

Right now, I would be happy if there were monsters that could provide me eggs and mlk.

After finishing the honey snacks, we loaded the Fanged Boar that we received from Ojii-san onto the wolf cart and returned to the orphanage.

Arriving at the orphanage, I gave Director-sensei and Char-chan honey, keeping it a secret from the children.

Not just Char-chan, Director-sensei was also delighted with the honey.

How rare.

It was kept a secret so that the children wouldnt fight because there was not a lot, although there was enough for everyone.

Of course, I told Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and my younger sister to keep it a secret as well.

Also, I told the two people that the number of familiars increased by(・) two(・).

TN: the dots should be used for emphasis.

Im not sure, but it was in the raws, so I kept it in

Thats right, two.

One of them was the Queen Honey Bee.

the other was a Rainbow Caterpillar.

It spits out thread that was of fine quality, and it was a monster that was completely harmless, so there was no reason not to make it my familiar.

Incidentally, I chose a red Rainbow Caterpillar.

We put a red scarf on our familiars, so it was necessary to have red thread and cloth.

Maa, one Rainbow Caterpillar probably wouldnt be enough to be able to weave cloth though….

Regarding the Rainbow Caterpillars feed, the flowers from the flower field were a matter of course and it seems that in terms of greens, it could eat weeds or something, so I picked some from the forest. 

The children and those under ten years old were taking care of the familiars.

The familiars were intelligent in their own way, so I left them in their care without any worries.

The children also understood that the familiars bring back meat and fruits, and above all else, it seems that they were happy to work and were joyfully taking care of them.

One of these days, the agricultural, woodworking, and needlework jobs may increase.

And, after eating dinner that day, Director-sensei and Char-chan put fruits covered in honey in front of us.

The children, particularly the girls, were extremely excited.

At the end of dinner, Director-sensei turned towards the children 

「If everyone is well-behaved, you might be able to eat honey again.

Everyone, you are good children, right」


and brought an end to the meal with these words.


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