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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Blood gushed out from the Orcs neck and when it fell over, Cruz-kun laid down on the ground with his arms and legs spread out.

「Cruz, are you alright」

「Aah, Im fine.

Maa, I was just surprised by that monster strength.」

「Certainly, it was incredible.」

「Cruz-kun fell down!!」

Cruz-kun scratched his head as if embarrassed as he sat up.

「Ojii-san, are Orcs strong monsters」

「Theyre not that strong, but if its one-on-one, then it would be a bit difficult for novice adventurers.

To begin with, Orcs move in groups like the goblins, so its difficult to make a judgement….」

「That means that theyre about the same as a Fanged Boar」

「Aah, thats right.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so you can tell which one is stronger.

So, how was the fight」

「Ah~, I could see the Orcs movements, and if evaded, then that monster strength is of no concern, so we can fight against it, but it seems that it would take time to defeat it.」

「Thats true, our arrow and stones were not effective and without Shuu, it wouldve been troublesome.」

「It would be natural for you to not be able to defeat it!! Since youre still children.

Right now is the time for you to learn skills and build up your strength.」

「「「「Yes!! (Aye!!)」」」」

We drained the Orcs blood, put it in my Item Box, and returned to the location designated for the hut.

Returning to that place, Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan greeted us, and saying that it wouldnt be good for us to be injured, the two people made ointments and all kinds of abnormal status recovery potions, magic potions, etc. 

We gratefully received all kinds of medicine, and then we returned to the orphanage.

The next day was harvesting day.

Unlike the day before yesterday, it had been arranged for both a boy and a girl to go together today.

Perhaps it was because they saw that the boys who went with us the day before yesterday were exhausted after returning, as they were quite tense.

ly, we had set ourselves as the standard, making it a bit impossible, so this time, lets do it more leisurely.

This time, we had the boy equip themself with a short sword and a short bow and arrows for the girl.

The short bow was given by Ilya-chan.

It would practically be unused when hunting, but it was to let her be accustomed to carrying it around.

 Because we took many breaks, even when we arrived at Dragon Forest, the two people were still energetic.

And, we walked around the periphery of the forest while taking proper breaks and headed for the harvesting point.

We arrived at the harvesting point just before noon and splitting up into groups, we began harvesting.

As expected, perhaps this kind of work was the forte of girls, as she harvested more than the boy from today and those from the day before yesterday. 

This was the first point, so after doing some light harvesting, we took a lunch break. 

Actually, were going hunting after this, so it would be dangerous if theres food in our stomachs, but if we didnt eat, then we wouldnt have any strength, so lets have some self-control.

Maa, normally, everyone will help with the dismantling, so it should be fine…. 

The lunch break came to an end, and I asked the familiars to search for enemies in the vicinity.

Due to the previous failure, I asked them to search for Horned Rabbits or an animal like a deer.

Even if its by mistake, do not bring something like a Fanged Boar!!

As a precaution, I prepared a casting net just in case.

If its a Horned Rabbit or a deer, then this would be sufficiently useful.

A little while later, Queen and the wolves returned with Horned Rabbits in their mouths.

Each of them were biting down on their necks, but it seems that the Horned Rabbits were still alive. 

I had the two people finish them off.

As one would expect, they had dismantled Horned Rabbits many times before, so the two people gained experience in draining the blood.

Still, in Mius case, it chased a Horned Rabbit all the way here, and we caught it with a casting net.

As expected, it seems that they were a bit nervous about killing a monster that was obviously still alive, unlike the time when Queen and the others were on the verge of death.

After that, we went around the various harvesting points, hunted, and then we decided to return to the orphanage.

This time, the pace was somewhat slower and we didnt fight a Fanged Boar, so the two people did not level up past level 10, but theres no need to be impatient, so lets do our best to put safety first!!


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