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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy/

After handing over the luggage to Ojii-san upon arriving at the location designated for the hut, we once again received a boar as a souvenir from Ojii-san and then we returned to the orphanage. 

After returning, I left the processing of the boar to Cruz-kun and the others, and began making arrangements for tomorrows harvesting.

Firstly, the preparation of the swords.

I sharpened Cruz-kuns longsword, short sword, and the sword with the sharpness increase.

Tomorrow, two boys will be going with us, but I gave them a short sword and a wooden sword for them to use as weapons.

I gave them a wooden sword because they didnt have any weapons, but it was also because animals, Horned Rabbits, Grey Wolves, and sometimes Fanged Boars appear in the places where we harvest food, so they should be able to manage it somehow or another even though its just a wooden sword.

It might be difficult to deal with a Fanged Boar with a wooden sword, but we will trap it in the pitfall, so they should be able to manage it if they exchanged swords at that time.

Also, I made shields as defensive armament.

At first, I thought of completing them as wooden shields, but there was boar hide left over, so I reinforced the wooden shields with them.

Cheap swords werent a match for boars, so it was sufficient in serving its purpose.

In addition, although we had the wolf cart, being empty-handed was sacrilegious, so I also made several wooden racks. 

I also wanted something like a basket, but there was no time, so lets try it next time.

The next day, we promptly departed.

Arriving at the gate, 

「Ou, kiddos, theres a lot of people today, whats going on」

「Good morning.

Um, today….」

I told the soldier who we usually met about how were going harvesting so that the children from the orphanage will get accustomed to Dragon Forest because they will become adventurers.

I let him know that they will go two at a time  from now on.

「Ah~, thats right, if I remember correctly, the children at the orphanage all have trouble finding employment….」

「Thats why, they wanted to practice ahead of time.

Besides, we are here, and them too!!」

I said that as I petted Miu.

「Certainly, the familiars, you usually wouldnt have such fighting strength.

However, do not be negligent and be careful!!」

「Un, thanks.

Then, were going!!」

No monsters appeared on the way to Dragon Forest and we arrived safely.

However, the two new peoples levels were still in the single digits and its their first trip here, so it seems that they were worn out due to nervousness. 

The ones who came today were two older children, and those two were like this, then next time, we will take more breaks, and it might be better to travel at a slower pace.

time, there will be a girl as well.

It was a bit early, but we took a lunch break, ate bread and fruits, and began our harvesting.

Harvesting itself was just going around the harvest points, so it was simple, but as before, it was their first time walking through the forest, so the two people were stiff with nervousness and were restlessly looking around their surroundings.

The familiars were surveilling our surroundings, but according to my mana detection and Cruz-kun and the others five senses, there was no danger, so I wanted them to do their best as practice on being alert.

When we were harvesting at the first fruit tree, it seems that Miu found a Horned Rabbit.

We let the people observe how we hunt so that they could learn how to do it.

This time, Cruz-kun single-handedly hunted the Horned Rabbit.

He protected himself from Horned Rabbits horn with the wooden shield, and cut off its head with the sword.

As expected, it would be impossible for them to do the same thing, so the next time we find some, lets try using pitfalls that I have been using up until now.

As I was thinking such things, Queen and the others all went hunting for prey.

As usual, they were quick.

They raised their levels as well and there might not be anything around here that was a match for them.

Maa, be on your guard.

The harvesting was completed here, and we headed to the next point. 

At the next point, Pii-chan told through telepathy that it found a Fanged Boar as we were harvesting. 

Were fighting the Fanged Boar before the Horned Rabbit, but this was perfect for raising the two peoples levels, so lets challenge it at once!!


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