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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

I headed towards the place where they sold secondhand goods, and there were all kinds of weapons displayed there.

From the looks of it, the beautiful items were arranged so that they were easy to see, and it seems that the others were crudely put in wooden boxes and barrels and sold at a uniform price.

It was easy to use Appraisal on the displayed items, but it seems that there were only ordinary weapons. 

Looking carefully, there were also ones that looked good, but were in bad condition, and there were also problematic items as well, so I was especially cautious.

, I looked through the barrel containing the swords. 

I was going to look through them so that it wouldnt be exposed that I was using Appraisal, but was it just me who thought that it was strange for a child from the orphanage to be looking at weapons

When I was quickly looking through them while using Appraisal, I found something that seemed to be a treasure. 

The first thing that I found was a single-edged sword that had『Increased Sharpness』.

It seemed like it would be expensive since it had such an enchantment, but for some reason, it was here.

I pulled the sword out of the barrel and I immediately understood why.

It was because it was broken off in the middle and was a half-broken sword. 

I tried asking the shop assistant.

「Excuse m~e!! This is also an item you sell」

「Yes! Aah, that item, huh.

The performance of that item is somewhat lacking among those that were obtained from adventurers from when they replaced their weapons.

That being the case, it would be great if it was sold, and if it wasnt, then it would be turned into scrap iron.

Therefore, it is priced like this and complaints about the returned goods are not allowed.」

「Is that so….」

「And yet, there are occasionally newbie adventurers who buy it, so it is also an essential item.」

「I understand.

Thank you very much.」

「Feel free to take your time.」

I see.

The goods here were truly the odds and ends, huh.

It was here because the blade was broken even though it had『Increased Sharpness』, so I didnt even use Appraisal.

Ordinary adventurers wouldnt be able to use it, but if its me, it could be used for dismantling, so I will buy this.

I wouldnt know if I didnt ask Ojii-san, but perhaps I might be able to make a knife from it.

The next thing I found was a cursed knife that had three bad statuses:『Decreased Strength』,『Decreased Stamina』, and『Decreased Speed』. 

What should I do with such a cursed item For now, Ill go ask Ojii-san.

「(Ojii-san, can a cursed item be used)」

「What Why are you whispering.」

「(No, rather than say that its a treasure, I had found a cursed knife, but Im not sure if it is valuable.

If it is, then it wouldnt be good if it were purchased by someone.)」

「So thats the reason.

Fumu, it should be possible to dispel the curse on the knife with light magic or holy magic.

Can you use it」

「Um, if its light magic, then I have the skill.」

「Maa, the clergy should be the only ones who can use holy magic.

Then, it would be fine if you dispelled the curse using light magic.

There should be a transformation in the items that have been dispelled.」

「Thats amazing.」

「Also, the stronger the curse, the more powerful it will be after its been dispelled.」

「Then, it would be better to buy it.

If I can get rid of the curse, then I would have made a profit.」

「Thats right, everything is an experience.」

And so, I had decided to purchase the cursed knife as well.


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