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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Afterwards, we continued to alternate between harvesting in Dragon Forest and working at the hut.

There had not been any changes during the harvesting, but that was the same for the work at the hut as well.

I continued with the tree dehydration, Cruz-kun trained and hunted with Ojii-san, and my younger sister and the others did needlework.

There were enough trees, but Ojii-san cut down a lot of them and brought them over, so I couldnt continue onto the next step. 

Because of that, many trees had been deposited into my Item Box.

Cruz-kun was fighting against various monsters during training.

As expected, a short sword wouldnt do when fighting many monsters, so he was also using the wooden sword that I made.

However, ordinary wooden swords were fragile, so I wanted to do something about that.

My younger sister and the others were doing needlework, but it had been some time since they bought the fabric, so there was no longer any more remaining, which was why they were now processing hides, and making sturdy clothing and leather armor used for hunting.

Time flies, and it had been a month since they stayed at the orphanage, so the day they would once again stay there had come.

Last time, I went by myself to go get them, but this time, I went with the usual members.

Last time, I went to Ojii-sans house, but this time, the appointment was the site where the construction of the hut had been scheduled.

There, we sorted the materials and parts that were proof of subjugation that were loaded onto the wolf cart.

The materials were a lot of the furs from last time.

There were a lot of proof of subjugation parts that belonged to goblins.

The others were higher-levelled goblins and there were a lot of insect-types.

Most of them were probably the result of Cruz-kuns training.

After arranging the luggage, we promptly departed for the town.

We took many breaks on the way there, just like before, and traveled leisurely.

Sakuya-chan was walking together with my younger sister, Ojii-san with Cruz-kun, and Obaa-san was with Ilya-chan.

No, Ojii-san and Cruz-kun were running around everywhere.

I was taking care of my familiars.

We arrived at the town after noon.

The gatekeeping soldier was surprised by the large number of people, but he didnt really say anything else and we were able to safely enter town.

We walked through the back alley and when we arrived at the orphanage, the children greeted us.

Perhaps someone called for her, as Director-sensei quickly came out of the house and brought Ojii-san and the others inside.

The children led the familiars away, so Cruz-kun and I went to tidy up the wolf cart.

After unharnessing Queen and the others and asking the children who were with them to feed them, Cruz-kun and I headed inside the house as well.

When we entered the room, everyone had already started eating lunch.

「Boy, we ate first.」

「Ah, yes.

Sorry for being late.」

「No, we wanted to quickly eat, so dont worry about it.

However, this soup is as delicious as always~.」

「Thats because its Chars special soup.」

「Thank you very much.

Ehehe, I learned the cooking skill just a while ago, so perhaps that is also why.」

「Hou, the cooking skill, huh.

In that case, no wonder its so delicious.」

「I was able to learn the cooking skill thanks to Shuu-kun and Ojii-san and the increase in foodstuff!!」

「That is also a result of your efforts, but it seems the boy also had a role to pay in that.」

For some reason, the conversation was about me and I was a little embarrassed….

We talked about what we would do after the meal, and we decided to follow the schedule of the previous time, so we left to go to the Adventurer Guild.

This time, Cruz-kun came with us as well, and he was excited to go as he usually didnt step foot inside the guild.

We immediately prepared the wolf cart and departed for the Adventurer Guild.


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