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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Firstly, I chose a tree that will serve as my starting point, and created a landmark by making a pile of rocks at the base of the tree.

, I tried using Magic Detection.

There was no moving mana within range, so there shouldnt be any people nor monsters.

I needed to use it regularly.

Well then, Ill start harvesting!!

I looked around, searching for any dead branches on the ground.

And, I used Appraisal on an herb that caught my eye.

Walking a little further, I soon found herbs and medicinal herbs.

It wouldnt be good to let it go bad, so after collecting enough, lets move on.

TN: different types of herbs are used for different purposes.

They could be for medicinal use or for cooking

Come to think of it, was my Item Box the type where time elapsed Or was it the kind that suspended time Lets test it out by putting some medicinal herbs in.

Shortly after entering the forest, I could see many dead branches around.

These will not rot if they dont get wet, so lets put a lot in my Item Box. 

I was focused on gathering firewood, and I had gone quite far before I realized it.

I could no longer see the edge of the forest.

In a fluster, I went back the way I came and somehow, I did not get lost.

…which reminds me, I had also forgotten to use Magic Detection….

This time, lets not go too far so that I could still see the edge of the forest.

Of course, not forgetting to use detection.

Perhaps I had done that for about an hour, as I was able to pick up a reasonable amount.

I moved to the edge of the forest and took a break.

It would soon be lunch time.

Unlike usual, I had moved around a lot today, so I was hungry.

In the afternoon, lets search for food!!

I thought about what I could collect in the forest. 

There would obviously be berries and fruits around here, but what about mushrooms And were there anything similar to leafy vegetables as well There might be something similar to Japanese yams as well if I looked for them.

From now on, I also needed to look up into the trees as I walked.

My break ended and I returned to the tree that served as my starting point.

This time, I will go deep into the forest.

Truthfully, they couldnt be found at the edge of the forest.

I made marks on the trees with a stone, while using detection.

It would be dangerous to go too deep into the forest, so if I couldnt find anything after advancing a certain distance, I will go back to the starting point, and mark another starting point in a different area to repeat the process.

After doing that several times, I found a fruit that could grow into a tree!! When I tried using Appraisal on it, it seemed that it was edible.

It looked like an apple, but it was pink.

Immediately, I climbed the tree and tasted it after picking one.

It was a bit too sour, but it was sweet and delicious.

After I finished eating it, I harvested twenty fruits for the orphanage, and put twenty in my Item Box as well.

There should be animals who also ate this, and it might go bad in the Item Box as well, so I couldnt pick all of them.

I returned to the starting point and made a mark indicating that there were fruits.

I was thinking that it would be good if I could take some the next time I came.

After going back and forth and continuing to make more marks and going into the forest, this time I found root vegetables.

They were similar to the Japanese yam and potatoes.

Its the first time I saw Japanese yam, but potatoes had appeared on the dining table many times.

Could I use this as a seed potato and grow them at the orphanage

TN: a seed potato is a potato that is used to grow more potatoes

Lastly, I found a fruit that was similar to an orange.

Using Appraisal, I confirmed that it was edible, and tasted it.

The flavor was also the same as that of an oranges.

I secured a somewhat larger quantity of this and decided to end the exploration of the forest.

I was too engrossed in it and it was late when I returned.

This was bad!!

I made a mark at the oranges starting point as well and quickly rushed back.

On the way home, I was repeatedly overtaken by a carriage, but it had become slightly dark, so it was easier to stay hidden than in the morning.

When I reached the town, the sun had set as well, and many voices calling my name could be heard coming from the orphanage.


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