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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After that, my days had passed peacefully.

I went to Ojii-sans place on hunting days, made nails through blacksmithing, and planks through woodworking, while challenging myself to make chairs and tables.

Still, fitness training had also continued, and I also went hunting with Ojii-san.

It was a good opportunity to ascertain my connection with the familiars that usually werent by my side.

And, Ojii-san brought along goblins from who knows where and I fought with them one on one. 

Incidentally, goblins were intelligent monsters that were as tall as children and could use tools such as tree branches, stones, and a sword that they had picked up somewhere.

For most adventurers, they wouldnt lose against them in a one on one.

They were the weakest humanoid monsters, and they became my personal practice partners.

On gathering days, I took my new familiar with me.

It was the Wood Monkey that had been caught for me previously.

Because it usually lived in the treetops, fruit picking was completed in a strangely skillful and quick manner.

The Wood Monkey was in charge of the fruits, so the others were able to focus on harvesting the plants on the ground. 

We harvested medicinal herbs, gathered mushrooms and firewood, and searched for food. 

Recently, our worries regarding food had diminished, but if I put some in my Item Box, it wouldnt go bad, so I just harvested what I could. 

I left the surveillance of our surroundings to Queen.

As expected, having four wolves who had keen senses gave off a sense of security. 

Pii-chan was searching for enemies from the sky.

Only Miu was unable to eat much at the orphanage, so it was time for it to eat. 

After such days had continued for two weeks, my younger sister had become dispirited. 

「You havent been lively recently, whats wrong」

「I want to see Sakuya-chan….」

It seems that my younger sister had felt lonely before Sakuya-chan did. 

Maa, there were only older children at the orphanage, so she was happy with Sakuya-chan who was the same age as her.

Originally, I had thought of taking my younger sister with me when she missed Sakuya-chan, so thats what Ill do.

Lets discuss it with Ojii-san at once.

「Youre going to bring the young cat girl」

「Un, she couldnt meet Sakuya-chan and missed her and I wanted to bring her here, but is that alright」

「Are you bringing just the young cat girl」

「Yes, or, if you dont mind, I wanted to bring Ilya-chan and Cruz-kun as well.」

「Aah, the beast children, huh.」

「Yes, the children who come to Dragon Forest.」

「Lets see….

If its just them, then I dont mind….」

「Its ok」

「Maa, if its all the children in the orphanage, it would be, as one would expect, unreasonable, but its fine if its three people.

Besides, if they come to Dragon Forest regularly, then its not that dangerous.」

「Maa, Queen and the others will be there as well.

But, is it alright to not keep this place a secret」

「Thats true, then should I build a hut or something outside the forest.」

「A hut」

「Umu, if I build it outside the forest, they wouldnt need to enter the forest to meet Sakuya, and we told the town that we lived outside the forest, so its perfect.」

「But, can you build it that quickly!」

「Of course I cant!! First, we need to decide on where we meet, and then build it there, however, boy.」


「So, youre going to build it.

It would be a good chance to practice your woodworking, and it would be useful for the orphanages future repairs or something.」

「No, it would be useful, certainly, but still, for one person to….」

「Who said that you would do it by yourself The wolf boy is coming too, right Its two people!!」

「No, no, it makes no difference if its one person or two people, you know!」

「Anyway, this is necessary!! I dont want to hear any complaints!!」


And so, I had to build a hut for my younger sister….


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