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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Arriving at their house in Dragon Forest, Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan went into the house to make tea, and Ojii-san and I began tidying up the things in the wolf cart. 

I unharnessed Queen and the others, and put the things in the cart in my Item Box.

I told the familiars to move freely, and we entered the house.

After going to the warehouse and depositing the luggage, I was told that I didnt need to take the wheat flour out.


「Umu, because I plan on buying wheat flour at the farm village after this.」

「If youre going to buy it at the farm village, isnt this fine」

「The wheat flour itself is fine, but the process is important.

In the farm villages case, theres no money even if there is food, so there are not a lot of opportunities to earn cash.

Thats why, I buy it.

Also, it was necessary to hunt the monsters in the villages surroundings for safety purposes.」

「Is that so.

Ojii-san is kind.」

「Maa, there arent a lot of strange people in the farm village.」

「Strange people」

「Thats because dumb nobles are troublesome when you go to a large town.」

「Is that so But, the noble in our town is a good person, you know They built the orphanage as well.」

「However, now, the orphanage is poor, right」

「Un, originally, he was Director-senseis acquaintance and he helped out, but that noble got sick or something and it seems that his son () took over, and we became poor after that.」

「Maa, there are various kinds among the nobles.」

「Thats true….」

「Anyways, thats how it is, so leave the wheat flour in your Item Box.

in any case, it wouldnt go bad.」

「Un, then, Ill receive it without reservation.」

And then, Ojii-san and I finished tidying up the luggage, went to the living room where Obaa-san and the others were, and had some tea.

Everyone drank tea, and as I was thinking of returning, Ojii-san told me to wait for a little while and left the house.

After 20~30 minutes, Ojii-san returned.

When we went outside, there was a Big Horned Deer. 

「Since you empty-handed even though you came all this way, I quickly went hunting.」

「You especially went out to hunt! Im usually the one receiving your care, so you didnt need to mind it….

Besides, I have received the wheat flour as well.」

「Dont mind it.

Sakuya had a great trip this time.

Sakuya, do you want to go to the orphanage again」

「Un, Ill go!!」

「You heard her.

Maa, we dont need to be so polite with each other.」

「Then, Ill receive it without any reservations.

Thank you!!」

「Now then, well prepare the wolf cart while its still not dark yet.」

And then, I harnessed Queen and the others and we returned to the orphanage.

On the way back to town, I drained the deers blood while taking a break.

What I had gotten from Ojii-san was freshly hunted, so I couldnt drain the blood.

Arriving at the town, the gatekeeping soldier was surprised that I had prey even though I just sent Ojii-san back.

I deceived him by telling him that it was caught in a trap that I had set. 

When I returned to the orphanage, the boys who saw the deer helped with the dismantling.

Because I had met Ojii-san and the others, we were not worried about meat, and the children had begun to master the dismantling skill. 

It would be good if things continued to be without incident….


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