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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

We completed our errand at the Adventurer Guild, and left the guild with Queen and the others of the wolf cart. 

「What are we going to do now」

「Umu, what should we do….」

「Then, you had, more or less, come to town to buy stuff, so what about going to buy something」

「Alright, why dont we go buy something.」

Saying that, we started walking towards the shops that we were familiar with.

「What do you usually buy at a farming village」

「A lot of it is food.

Mostly wheat and vegetables.」

「Is that so.

Then what about things like salt」

「Already bought.」

「Then, why dont we go buy spices Its a bit expensive, but it would make food delicious.」

「Come to think of it, the orphanages soup was delicious too.」

「That was Char-chans specially made soup using the herbs from Dragon Forest.

She also used spices, so its rarely unpalatable.

「I see.

Then, lets go buy spices for the orphanage as well.」

「Is that ok」

「If its something like that, I dont mind.

Is there anything else that we should buy」

「U~n, I dont know if Ojii-san and the others drink it or not, but maybe alcohol or something And clothes and accessories for Sakuya-chan」

「We drink alcohol.

I see, maybe well drink human alcohol once in a while.

Other than that, Sakuyas present, huh!! Arent you thoughtful.」

Ojii-san said that and was walking around in a good mood.

After walking for a few minutes, we arrived at a grocery store.

We purchased wheat flour, cheese, and spices here.

This time, we have the wolf cart, so even if theres a lot, it wouldnt be a problem.

, we arrived at a liquor store that was a little further away.

Here, we purchased cooking liquor, vinegar, and various types of alcohol like fruit wine and ale. 

was the fabric store.

It was the place where we were buying the cloth for the familiars scarves. 

There were also shops that were selling ready-made clothes, but theres nothing but secondhand goods and items that were fairly expensive, so when we wanted clothes, it would be better to buy fabric.

Even if Obaa-san was unable to make them, there was Director-sensei, so theres no problem.

Ojii-san spent some time browsing and bought several types of fabric.

Or rather, didnt he buy too much

The shopping had come to an end for the time being and we returned to the orphanage.

Ojii-san took the fabric that was Sakuya-chans present and went looking for her.

I went to park the cart behind the orphanage, and unfastened Queen and the others from the cart.

He didnt tell me what to do with the things we bought, so for now, I put them into my Item Box.

Looking around the orphanage, the orphanages children were playing with the newly acquired familiars.

Monsters were usually feared, but perhaps it was because they got used to Pii-chan and the others, as their adaptability was too high.

Maa, if they get along, then thats good….

I couldnt find Ojii-san and the others outside, so I went inside.

When I entered, Director-sensei, Char-chan, and Obaa-san were drinking tea in the living room.

Nearby, my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and Ilya-chan were playing with the pair of Horned Rabbits.

Ojii-san barged in and gave her the fabric present.

Sakuya-chan received it delightfully.

My younger sister and Ilya-chan were happily looking at the cloth that Sakuya-chan received.

Aah, Ojii-sans back seemed lonely….

In the end, the three people left Ojii-san behind and went to where Director-sensei and the others were….

It couldnt be helped….

「Ojii-san, teach us how to use the sword outside.

There should be some kids that want to learn it.」

「U, umu, thats right.

You should move your body at a time like this!!」

Saying this, we went to the courtyard.

When the two of us were swinging our swords, the boys gathered, and did it with us.

Just Ojii-sans, and for some reason, Cruz-kuns fighting spirits were amazing….

And, that sword swinging continued on until dinner time.


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