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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

When we entered the town, we were the center of attention. 

That would be the case, since there were many familiars around us.

A kid like me was there and they were wearing a red scarf, so it seems that they knew that they were the orphanages familiars, but several people who seemed to be adventurers were staring at us. 

It wouldnt be good if something happened, so lets hurry up and go through the back alley to get to the orphanage. 

Speaking of, I remembered something.

「I forgot to mention this, but it seems that the number of bad adventurers have increased recently, so please be careful.

Sakuya-chan too, make sure to not go anywhere by yourself.」

「Fumu, there are adventurers like that」

「The gatekeepers told me that.

It seems that they had picked fights with the townspeople many times as well.」

「Is that so.

Sakuya, take care to not be by yourself, ok」

「U, un….」

「Baa-san is, maa…you will be fine.」

「My, my, Ojii-san, what do you mean by that」

「The literal meaning.

Those who would pick a fight with Baa-san dont exist, and even if there were, youre the stronger one!!」

「My, my, you said it, didnt you」

「Ok, ok, dont fight, you two! Sakuya-chan will be scared.」

「My, my, Im sorry.」

「U.umu, sorry.」

「Seriously, like husband, like wife.

Look, were almost there!!」

Saying that, the orphanage could be seen in front of us. 

When we arrived at the orphanage, the children who noticed us gathered around. 

The children were very curious about the familiars that have increased, as well as Sakuya-chans group whom theyre meeting for the first time. 

Perhaps she heard the disturbance that weve caused, as I could see Director-sensei coming out of the house.

I had everyone wait until Director-sensei arrived, and greeted her.

「Director-sensei, these people are the hunter ojii-san….」

Come to think of it, I did not know Ojii-san and Obaa-sans names….

…maa, it should be fine.

「…Obaa-san, and Sakuya-chan.

And, this is the orphanages Director-sensei.」

I made the introductions.

「Nice to meet you.

I am the director of this orphanage.

Thank you for always taking care of Shuu, and giving us so much meat.」

Saying this, Director-sensei bowed her head.

The surrounding children all gave their thanks and bowed. 

「Fumu, its not a big deal.

He also keeps Sakuya company and lends us his familiars.

Besides, the meat too was because we had excess of it.」

「Thanks to the boy, things have gotten lively recently.」

「Im happy to hear that.

You should be tired after coming from so far away.

Its not tidy, but please take a rest inside.

Have you eaten lunch If you havent, though simple, I will prepare it for you.」

「Then, well take you up on your offer!! What will you do, boy」

「After I unharness Queen and the others from the cart, I will go eat too!!」

「Then, Shuu, we will go in first.

Ill ask Char to prepare lunch.

Well then, I will give you a tour.」

And so, Director-sensei brought Ojii-san and the others into the orphanage.

I released Queen and the others from the cart, and asked the children to look after them. 

After tidying up, I followed after Director-sensei and entered the orphanage. 

And, everyone, including me, had a simple lunch. 

Beside me was, for some reason, my younger sister who had followed me after I arrived at the orphanage, did not mind talking to Sakuya-chan who was sitting on the opposite side. 


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