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Happy Wednesday!

This is the last chapter of the year, enjoy.  I hope everyone will have a better year in 2021, Happy New Year!

「Un Going to the orphanage」

「Yes, Director-sensei said that she wanted to thank you in person, but its difficult for her to go to Dragon Forest, so she wanted Ojii-san to come.

Maa, though it seems that were confusing the order of things by having the person we thank come to us….」

「That is something that couldnt be helped.

Since humans are frail creatures.

Besides, Director-sensei is at an advanced age, right Then, Dragon Forest would be all the more dangerous for her.

Of course, children coming is not something to be praised about either….」

「T, thats, maa, it was because it was a state of emergency….

Then, you can come to the orphanage」

「Lets see, then the timings perfect, why dont I bring Sakuya with me!!」

「Sakuya-chan too!」

「Umu, I was thinking of having her go to a human village once, but if theres an acquaintance, then Sakuya will feel relieved too, right」

Certainly, having someone she knew at a place shes never been to before would give her peace of mind.

「Then, will you go to the orphanage right away」

「No, Im going to take the chance to get some shopping done in town, so I need to make some preparations.」


「Its the first time that Sakuyas leaving the house, so I need to make the arrangements for going out, and Im going as a hunter, so it would be good to bring some prey, right」

「Come to think of it, youre a hunter….」

「Dont forget that!! Also, its the perfect timing, so maybe well go after making the cart.」

「Cart, you say, not a horse-drawn carriage, but a wolf-drawn carriage」

「Since the trees will also be dried soon, we should use it to carry the prey.」

「Thats true, besides, if youre a hunter, you would have something like a cart.」

「In that case, lets go to the orphanage after finishing the cart!!」

「Then, Ill let Director-sensei know that youll come after a little while.」

And so, Ojii-san and I started making the cart that he will take to the orphanage.

As Ojii-san said, the trees that we cut down were dried, so they had become wood. 

TN: this sounds a bit weird, but basically, in order to turn a tree into wood for woodworking, the moisture in the trees that have been cut down needs to be gone before it can be processed.

Originally, you would use tools like a saw and a plane to process it into wood, but as expected of a fantasy, Ojii-san did it using magic. 

TN: a plane is a tool that shapes wood

The magic he used was elementary level magic, so I too was processing it while practicing magic.

As expected, the first one did not turn out well, but it was a simple process, so I immediately became familiar with it.

We made the first one into a plank and put it into my Item Box.

it was because I wanted to use it to repair the orphanage.

It seems that recently, the cold wind had been blowing into the cracks more and more, so the timing was perfect. 

Originally, the making of the wheel would have been difficult, but the cart this time was not that big, so we sliced a thick tree into round pieces, and using that, we made the wheels. 

When we make a carriage in the future, I wanted to try wrapping it in leather in place of the wheels rubber, and we will make a spring for the suspension. 

This time, it was a small-scaled one, so Ojii-san did not take that much time to make the cart.

ly, we talked about the apparatus that connected the wolves to the cart, so Obaa-san was making it.

We reconstructed it so that no matter who pulled the cart, be it people or wolves, it would be fine.

time, I wanted to try making something that even I could make.

「Then, Ojii-san will go hunting tomorrow and everyone will go to the orphanage with me the day after tomorrow.

And youre fine with staying at the orphanage, right」

「Umu, Im fine with it.

Only, if Sakuya doesnt like it, we might go back.」

「Thats something that cant be helped.

Its her first time living with humans.」

「Maa, actually, if she doesnt try it, she cant say anything about it….

Now then, Ill do my best for tomorrows hunting!!」

「No, no, please dont be too enthusiastic and hunt something strange, ok!」

「I know.

Come on, quickly go home before it gets dark!!」

Was it really alright

「Then, Ill be going now.

See you the day after tomorrow.。」

「Umu, be careful.」

And so, I returned to the orphanage, and made preparations to welcome Ojii-san and the others.


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