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Happy Monday!

Here the chapter, enjoy.

The number of familiars had increased.

I learned how to take care of my knife, received lessons in taijutsu and magic, and received a large quantity of meat.

…was this normal At the very least, not telling Director-sensei was a bad thing, right However, Ojii-san and the others living in a place that was hidden away meant that it would be better to keep their matters a secret, right

First, lets try confirming it with Ojii-san and the others.

「Ojii-san, are you guys hiding from people」

「What is it, so suddenly」

「No, youre obviously taking care of me, so I thought that it would be better to explain various things to Director-sensei, but you even went so far as to put up a barrier to conceal yourselves, so I was wondering if you needed to keep it a secret from people….」

「Aah, so thats the reason.

Lets see~, I want to, more or less, conceal the fact that were wind dragons.

Besides, even if you told her about the house, she wouldnt be able to come here, so maybe it would be better to not tell her….」

「I see~, then, would it be better to not tell Director-sensei either….」

「No, she is the Director-sensei, which means she can be considered as your foster parent, right Then in that case, it would be better to explain to Director-sensei only.」

「Ehh But, you said that Ojii-sans matters and this house are both secrets….」

「What is to be kept a secret are the fact that were wind dragons, and this house.

It should be fine to say that I am a hunter, who is a former adventurer, living near Dragon Forest or something.」

「Aah, is that so.

Then, it should be fine to hide the fact that youre wind dragons.」

「Thats right.

In the first place, you wouldnt have been able to see through our true forms either if you didnt have the Appraisal skill, and you can enter this barrier because it has registered your mana, but normally, it shouldnt have been discovered.

It is because you had mana detection.」

That night, I immediately told Director-sensei about what happened up until now while keeping some things vague.

「In other words, youre saying that the meat that we received so far was given to you by a hunter that you got acquainted with in Dragon Forest」

「U, un….」

「Why did you not tell me such an important thing until now!!」

「I, Im sorry!! Um, I kept it a secret because Ojii-san told me to, and because in the beginning, I had only received meat….

The meat too, he had, more or less, gone hunting with the familiars, so it was the result of him helping me….」

「Even so, if you received meat, you cant not tell me, right」

「Im sorry.」

「So, he is helping you even now」

「Um, now, its a little complicated and hard to explain….」

After that, I continued to tell her while concealing the important parts.

About the lives of the three people, Ojii-san, Obaa-san, and Sakuya-chan.

About the increase in familiars.

About how there are familiars over there for Sakuya-chan

About learning carpentry, blacksmithing, magic, and the like.

「In other words, in return for looking after that child named Sakuya-chan, you received various things from them」

「Generally speaking, is it something like that Rather than saying Im looking after her, its better to say that Im lending my familiars to her though.

The three of them live by themselves, so they can be said to be Sakuya-chans friends.」

「Come to think of it, its a bit late to ask this now, but is it safe for them to live near Dragon Forest」

「Un, it seems that a long time ago, Ojii-san had obtained a barrier magic tool, so neither people nor monsters could approach.

Maybe I was able to enter by chance because I was with my familiars….」

「If thats the case, then I wonder if its safe Nevertheless, I need to meet them once and thank them.」

「Isnt that not possible At the very least, Director-sensei cant go to Dragon Forest, right」

「Thats true, as one would expect, I cant go….

Then, perhaps Ill ask Char.」

「Char-chan cant leave the orphanage either, right Come to think of it, he did say that he would occasionally go shopping, so what if he dropped by at that time….」

「It would be awkward to have him come when were the ones thanking him, but I wonder if theres any other way….

Then, Shuu, can you try helping me ask Ojii-san」


And so, it was decided that we would invite Ojii-san to the orphanage.


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