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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

I used Appraisal and was surprised.

Ojii-san and the girl were wind dragons.

「What, so surprised.

Nn Did you use Appraisal」

「Y, yes.

Um, your race is….」

「Aah, dont mind it.

We got tired of living in the dragon village, and are leisurely living away from the village.」

No, no, its impossible to not mind it, ok!! Theyre dragons, you know! Their existences were so far away that I couldnt imagine how strong they were!!

「So, what are you doing A child like you by yourself in a forest, its dangerous.」

「I was hunting.

These children are here, so if its the edge of the forest, then its not that dangerous….」

「A child like you is hunting by yourself!」

「Um, Im not alone though….」

「If youre talking about your familiars, its no different from being by yourself!! …it cant be helped, Ill go instead!!」


「In exchange, you keep Sakuya company.

She usually only has us to talk to, so she probably wants to chat with other people occasionally.」

「Alright, you guys come with me too!!」

「Pyui!」「Kyu, Kyuu~?」「Kuu~n」

「Ah~, un, go with him.」

When I said that Pii-chan, Miu, and Queen ran after Ojii-san.

Now then, as I was wondering what I should do, an obaa-san came out from the house.

Of course, she was a wind dragon as well. 

「My, my, Ojii-san went out」


Immediately after the obaa-san called out to us, Sakuya-chan, who was beside me, ran over and clung onto her.

「My, my, Sakuya-chan is a spoiled child.」

Obaa-san said that and rubbed Skauya-chans head.

「The child over there too, how about having some tea with us」

「Ah, yes, I will do so.」

Unconsciously, I gave such an answer.

When Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan heard my reply, they went into the house, so I followed after them and went inside.

I walked in and was dumbfounded.

I thought that this house was as big as a typical house, but clearly, the size of the room did not match.

This room was much more spacious than what the exterior depicted.

No, if the room was just spacious, then it would surely seem like an optical illusion, but there were several doors, and it was strange no matter how you looked at it.

I was confused.

「Ufufu, were you surprised We changed the size of the room using space magic.」

Obaa-san laughed happily, as if the prank was a success. 

「Well then, sit down and wait a little bit.」

Obaa-san said this and walked through the door.

I sat in a chair in front of the big table that was in the middle of the room.

Sakuya-chan sat down somewhere far away from me while looking down.

「Um, Sakuya-chan, Ojii-san, and Obaa-san, the three of you live together」


「I see, what do you usually do」

「Read books….」

「You have books! What kind do you read!」

I was surprised that she had books and asked her in a loud voice.

Sakuya-chan was surprised and curled into a ball.

「Ah, sorry.

I live in an orphanage and were poor, so I have never read things like books!! And theyre expensive….」


「Un, what kind of books do you read」

「Um, things like story books and books about magic….」

「You have books about magic too! I wonder if you can let me read them too…」

「I dont know….」

「My, my, youre already getting along」

Obaa-san came out from the place that seemed to be the kitchen while smiling, handed out what seemed to be tea to everyone and sat in a chair.

「Thank you for getting along with Sakuya-chan.」

She said this, and joined in on our conversation. 


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