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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

My magic had gotten slightly better.

I was now able to walk around the orphanage, and even during the day time, I was able to practice by myself.

First of all, the basic attributes, earth, water, fire, and wind, all struck their respective targets and I was able to use offensive magic.

I couldnt openly practice, so the power was unconfirmed.

Thats why, I was practicing my invocation speed, accuracy, and abilities.

And, I realized that what I had thought was recovery magic was not exactly right.

It was similar to it, but to be exact, it was cell revitalization.

How did I know, that was because I who regularly circulated my mana and my younger sister on whom I used recovery magic on every day had a higher physical ability than the other children.

In the beginning, I thought that it was because my younger sister was a beastman, but her strength and speed was not inferior to the older wolf clan boy, and when I circulated mana as I moved as a test, my physical ability had visibly gone up.

In other words, because of mana circulation, ones cells would be revitalized and their physical ability would improve.

As such, ones natural healing ability was expected to rise.

Our ability was high probably because we circulated mana every day, so our strengthened state became normal.

Because of that, this was not recovery magic, but body strengthening magic.

If it was this magic, it would probably be ineffective when applied to people who were severely injured or were sick, so I needed to come up with a new recovery magic so that I would have it at a critical moment….

Another problem had come up.

The matter of the orphanage not having money.

Compared to when I came here, the number of children had doubled to twenty children.

However, it seems that the subsidiary aid from the town did not increase.

The older children worked so there was a bit more money, but the meals were much simpler than before.

I was practicing my magic as I wondered if there was anything I could do to help, and I soon came up with a plan.

It was simple.

Just harvest various things from Dragon Forest.

On foot, it would take an hour to get to Dragon Forest, and although it is said that there were monsters, there were rarely any in the vicinity of the edge of the forest, and those who had yet to reach adulthood and novice adventurers often went there to harvest things.

Of course, monsters did come out from within the forest, so it was important to be cautious though.

Thanks to the body strengthening magic, my physical abilities were on par with that of an adults, which was how I had come to such a decision. 

The harvesting objective was, firstly, firewood.

This was because it wouldnt cause any problems no matter how much we had.

We used it every day for the meal preparations, and in the winter, we needed a large amount of it for heating purposes.

It costed money to use.

was food.

It would be nice if there were fruits and berries, as well as things like  herbs and vegetables.

I had no confidence in the vegetation of this world, but I had Appraisal, so itll probably work out somehow.

The last thing was medicinal herbs.

I did not know what could be sold, but I will pick the ones that seemed like they would be worth some money and put it in the Item Box and it should be alright to look into it afterwards.

I did not know where I could sell it, and in the first place, with my appearance (of a three year old child) being able to buy and sell would be strange though….

Come to think of it, Ive never used my Item Box before either~.

The other thing would be hunting.

The forest had an abundance of food, so there were many wild animals as well.

If I could hunt something, that would be great, but my only means of attack was unpracticed magic, so it would be dangerous in the case when I was not able to defeat it.

Besides, even if I could hunt animals, I could not dismantle them, and how would I be able to give it to director-sensei….

It would be possible with berries and fruits, but as expected, it would be impossible for a three year old child to hunt….

Even if I hunted, perhaps I would store it in the Item Box as well.

Alright, the plan was:

go to Dragon Forest

gather firewood

gather food

and do so without being discovered by anyone.

First, I should be able to walk to Dragon Forest if I used body strengthening.

Gathering firewood should not be a problem since there were a lot of dried branches within the forest.

The issue was finding food and doing things covertly.

For staying undetected, perhaps Magic Detection that I learned through the application of Magic Manipulation would be useful.

I had discovered this when I was studying up on the mana infused in the air at the orphanage, and I could somehow perceive peoples mana.

Then in that case, I should be able to detect the monsters who have demon nuclei (cores).

Incidentally, the difference between animals and monsters was dependent on whether they had a demon nucleus (core) or not.

There were several ways in which monsters were born, but the most common one was when an animal was bathed in a large amount of mana and then mutating into a monster.

For now, I will be vigilant of the monsters as I gather firewood and then perhaps search for food.


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