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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Arriving at the orphanage, everyone who greeted us were looking at us with worshipping gazes.

Which wasnt surprising, since we did not bring back prey, but bundles of meat.

I explained to Director-sensei, who had come out from the back, about what had happened at the gate, and had the children bring it inside.

The children were delighted, and were scrambling to carry it.

Since the chunks of meat were this big, we could make jerky or something, so they were happy that they were able to eat meat for a while.

I went to Director-senseis room and reported todays results. 

About how Pii-chan found a new fruit tree.

About Queens stable hunting.

About defeating the Fanged Boar and everyone leveling up.

About being able to carry the Fanged Boar back because we leveled up.

About the gatekeeping soldier teaching us how to dismantle it.

As thanks, we gave the soldier some meat and the fangs.

The Fanged Boar was a monster, so we could earn money when we defeat it.

Parts of the body were used as proof of subjugation and those parts differed depending on the monster.

In the Fanged Boars case, it would be the nose.

Only, the place where you exchanged the proof of subjugation for money was the Adventurer Guild, so we, who were not adventurers, could not exchange it for money.

Since the soldier was not an adventurer either, he wouldnt be able to receive any money even if we gave him the nose, so we gave him the fangs that could be made into a weapon or armor.

We brought the meat, bones, demon nucleus (core), and the hide back to the orphanage.

The meat will be eaten and the bones would be made into soup stock or given to Queen and the others to gnaw on.

There were no demon nuclei (cores) in the orphanage, but it will become the fuel needed for magic tools, so I wanted to hold on to it.

We could sell it when in a pinch and earn some money.

The hide could be sold as well, but I wanted to make armor out of it when Cruz-kun became an adventurer in the future.

After that, things calmed down and we were able to continue hunting and harvesting. 

The familiars had put in great effort.

Thanks to Pii-chans search, we found fruit trees and prey, and it also guided the way, so things were very efficient.

Queen played an active part in hunting.

Every day, she hunted several prey.

When big game appeared during the hunt, Miu too dealt it a fatal blow using Thrust, and everything concluded without me using magic.

The prey too, perhaps it was because we were further away from the main path, as there were a variety of them.

Including the birds, rabbits, deer, and wild boar up until now, there were also racoons, foxes, monkeys, wolves, and the like.

We had obtained pelts as well, not just meat, so it seems that we could safely live through the winter without freezing.

Also, though it was the outer edge, it was far away from the main path, so there were more monsters as well.

Maa, its the outer edge, so there wont be any strong monsters though….

There was an increase in insect-type monsters.

We were pretty surprised when an insect about the size of a human head attacked. 

They werent that strong, so defeating them wasnt difficult, but theres no point in doing so since there was no meat on them.

However, when it came to the crustaceans, I held on to their pretty shells.since I could probably make armor out of them as well.

TN: crustaceans are arthropods that are mostly aquatic creatures, though there are some that live on land, and a carapace (shell) is a part of their body structure.

Some well known animals include crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, woodlice, barnacles, etc.

Only a small demon nucleus (core) was removed.

We were able to hunt 2~3 Fanged Boars a week.

We could steadily hunt them, plus, Fanged Boars appeared often.

Several months passed by like this, and my level finally surpassed level 10 as well.

It seems that Queen will reach level 20 soon, and the cubs had gotten bigger as well, so I was thinking that we could all go hunting. 

Today too, I was walking to Dragon Forest while thinking about such things.

Today was hunting day, so only my familiars were by my side.

Thinking of going to a new hunting ground, I headed towards the outer edge like usual.

Before long, I arrived at a clear and clean river, though it was not that big.

Walking along the river, I entered the forest.

After a short while, I felt that something was out of place.


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