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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

「Magic is so powerful.」

「Thats true, you didnt need us to attack it, did you」

「Onii-chan, amazing!!」

Everyone was praising me who killed the Fanged Boar in one blow.

「No, there is a level up, so I needed everyone to attack it either way.

Besides, it has too much power and I cant easily use it.」

「Certainly, just getting grazed by such magic would be a good thing and one would die if heavily injured by it.」

「We need to drain the blood soon, so help out!!」


I moved the soil around the Fanged Boar, and filled up the hole once again as if trying to push it out of the ground.

However, Cruz-kuna and Ilya-chan

grabbed on to its forelegs and after pulling on them, it was easily lifted out.


Even the people themselves were surprised.

「The two of you, amazing!!」

Only my younger sister was happy, but I had an idea of whats going on.

They had probably leveled up to level 10.

「Could it be, everyone did not level up」

「Nn Ooh, Im finally at level 10!!」

「Ah, me too!!」

「Me too!!」

「Somehow, after becoming level 10, Pii-chan and Miu got much stronger.

Thats why, I thought that it might be because of that.」

「Come to think of it, Mius horn pierced into it!!」

「Pii-chan found the fruits too!!」

「Yes, Pii-chan was the one who found the Fanged Boar as well.」

We talked as we prepared to drain the blood.

Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan were holding onto the Fanged Boar so we hung it up on the tree.

「If its the two of you, then it seems that you can carry the Fanged Boar back」

「Isnt it fine」

「If we take breaks, then I think it will be alright.」

「I will carry it too~.」

「We will carry this, so the chibi will carry the fruits.」


The Fanged Boar that seemed like it would collect dust in my Item Box seemed to level everyone up, somehow or another.

I needed to get the butcher-san to teach me how to dismantle this by all means!!

We looked for a tall and sturdy tree, and hung up the Fanged Boar that we had finished drawing the blood from.

I confirmed it with Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan, but they said that although it was a little heavy, they could transport it adequately.

My younger sister too was carrying a little more than usual, but she seemed fine.

Level 10, how enviable….

I too want to become level 10 quickly.

I basically put the Fanged Boar into my Item Box, and only when there were people around did the two people carry it on their shoulders.

We returned to town.

When we greeted the gatekeeping soldier like usual, they were once again surprised.

Theyre always surprised when we bring back something new.

「Whats this, you guys, this time, you hunted a Fanged Boar! With this, youre already competent enough to be adventurers.」

「Adventurers can easily hunt Fanged Boars」

When I tried asking, the soldier thought for a bit.

「No, anyone can become an adventurer, but when you reach the point where you can defeat something like a Fanged Boar, then you become a full-fledged one.」

「Is that so!」

「Aah, novice adventurers are scraping by day-to-day, but if they can hunt a Fanged Boar, then their life will stabilize.

The demon nucleus (core) is a matter of course, but things like its meat and hide are sold at a good price as well.」

「We will not sell the meat though!!」


「Of course you wouldnt!! Since you hunted it for the orphanage.

So, can you guys dismantle it」

「Probably not.」

「Then our younguns will teach you.」

「Is that ok」

「Aah, since I want to get our younger ones to practice dismantling.

And while youre at it, learn together with them!!」

「「「「Thank you (very much)!!」」」」

Luckily, we were able to have the soldier teach us how to dismantle it, so this way, we returned to the orphanage after dismantling it near the gate.


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